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Home > Tech News > Here is a gift guide to your satisfaction while there are still a few days to go on Valentine's Day.
Here is a gift guide to your satisfaction while there are still a few days to go on Valentine's Day.

Here is a gift guide to your satisfaction while there are still a few days to go on Valentine's Day.

By  Giovanna Carosella 2020-02-11 999 16

[gearbest] at the beginning of 2020, it is destined to be remembered by everyone, not for others, but for themselves. From the new coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan, to bird flu in Hunan, to the earthquake in Chengdu, every event shook our hearts. Now that it has happened, we have to rush forward with clenched teeth and continue to live our lives.


Here is a gift guide to your satisfaction while there are still a few days to go on Valentine's Day.

Because of the need to prevent and control the epidemic, most people basically do not step out of the door, just because we cherish the health of ourselves and the people around us. In a few days, Valentine's Day is coming. Are you going to spend Valentine's Day at home? My advice to you is to spend Valentine's Day at home, too.

Due to the special circumstances of this year, although the development of the epidemic has been brought under control, there are new infected people, so it is safe not to go out. So since staying at home, this year's Valentine's Day will not be fun? no, you can still have a warm and happy Valentine's Day at home. Gift giving has always been our traditional habit during the festival. if we don't go out to play this year, let's choose some gifts that are suitable for use at home.

If you are not sure what gift to give, you can take a look at my gift list, which includes a variety of products in a variety of forms and ways of play, including those suitable for single play and those suitable for the whole family to use together. there are also the most popular products nowadays. In addition to flowers and chocolates, this year's Valentine's Day can finally give something new.

Nintendo Switch.

During this critical period, I believe most of the people in your family are at home. Since the whole family is here, it is inevitable that it will be a little boring after staying for a long time. The first gift in the gift guide is to recommend the Nintendo Switch, which is suitable for the whole family. This game console has been popular with consumers since it was launched. it can not only get a good game experience, but also increase the relationship with the family.

Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is made up of a mainframe and a handle, which can be used in combination or separately. Its characteristic is that no matter it is combined or separated, there are matching games, so that you can get a different game experience.

Nintendo Switch.

Recently, during the Chinese Spring Festival, Nintendo has also launched a number of games for everyone to choose from, such as the well-made Turing Test. The game tells the story of Turing, a female engineer from the space agency, who went to wooden satellite ball to find the strangely missing ground crew. In this game, whether it is the painting style of robots and future technology, or the mode of deciphering at small levels, or even the gun in the hands of the heroine, there is a delicate sense of painting between every move. If you like adventure games, it will quickly immerse you in them.

Nintendo Switch.

In addition, there is another game for the whole family to play together, which is "Mario Party". The game is designed to allow the whole family to participate in the game. The phone supports up to four people playing at the same time, and built-in games include Monopoly, rowing and so on. After choosing different modes, there will be different ways of playing Mini Game on the page, some of which also support somatosensory operation. In addition, the character designs of these Mini Game are very cute. In addition to adults looking like them, children can also find fun to play with.

Folding treadmill.

Studies have shown that if a person is bored at home all day, it is easy to cause a decline in physical function due to lack of physical exercise. On the one hand, it will affect people's appetite and gastrointestinal digestion, but also may cause anorexia, constipation and other symptoms. Therefore, even at home, it is necessary to arrange a reasonable period of time to do some exercise. In the limited space, how can you maximize the effect of exercise? of course, choose a treadmill, preferably the one that supports folding, so that you can exercise easily at home.


Folding treadmill is not a trendy product, it was born many years ago. Because of its convenient form of use, it is still the best choice for home fitness equipment. Beginners can start with easy running, adapt for a few days, and then adjust to medium speed. When their bodies are fully adapted to the speed of the treadmill, they can make a high-intensity running plan. There are also many brands on the market that have launched folding treadmills with different auxiliary functions. Some support listening to music, watching TV, practicing listening and so on.


Friends who want to buy a folding treadmill as a gift must choose a model that matches the limited size of the venue. Finally, remember to warm up before each run, do some proper stretching to let the muscles gradually adapt to this change, and then walk at a slow pace for 5 minutes, so that the heart and lung function can withstand the change.


When it comes to spending time at home, of course, a good way to spend time at home is to lie on the couch and watch scary movies. However, if you want to get a more shocking viewing experience, you can't do without a projector. I think the birth of the projector must have been invented by people who can't stand watching big movies on small screens. Obviously is a shocking big scene, in the small screen can not see the effect, not to say, those small details can not be tapped clearly. If you have a projector that supports the projection of a 120-inch screen, everything will be different.

Epson (EPSON) EF-100W.

Projectors are different from traditional televisions and do not have to be limited by the size of indoor space. If you move the projector close to the screen, you will get a small-size picture. If you move the projector away from the wall, you will be able to project a large area of the picture. And in addition to large-size projection pictures, most projectors have built-in sound units with good acoustics, which can save you a lot of trouble.

Polar rice H3.

In addition, if you choose to buy a projector as a gift, you can choose more traditional brands, such as Epson, Philips, etc., although the projector of these brands is more expensive, but the quality is guaranteed. If you only pursue projectors that are just enough, you can choose some emerging domestic brands, such as polar rice, nuts and so on. It's not that they are of poor quality, but the price of these brands of projectors is more reasonable, and the projection effect is also very good.

If you can't spend Valentine's Day with your partner because of different places or epidemic prevention reasons, don't worry, just make up for it with gifts. Next, I would like to recommend some gifts that are suitable for a person to stay at home to see if you can guess your mind.

Kindle e-book.

Although staying at home, but learning how to fall behind, books are the ocean of knowledge, it is right to roam in it, and you may be able to pick up some knowledge that has been forgotten. On the other hand, reading can help you calm down, give you clear judgment, and let you learn to understand the nature of the problem, so reading more is a good thing.

Kindle Paperwhite4.

Kindle e-book is a portable reading device launched by Amazon, and the reading experience similar to paper books is widely loved by bookworms. At present, the most popular version on the market is the Kindle Paperwhite4, which was launched last year. There are four gorgeous colors, whether it is a fairy or a straight man of steel, can choose the right one.

Kindle Paperwhite4.

Kindle Paperwhite4 uses a 6-inch 300ppi ultra-clear e-ink screen with a display comparable to that of laser printed books. In addition, the new generation of Kindle e-books set up five reading lights on the screen frame, support 24 levels of dimming, and the brightness is 10% higher than that of the previous generation, so that you can read clearly in the dark.

In addition, I think Kindle e-books are simply an artifact for learning English. Usually, you can buy some original English world classics and read them slowly. If you encounter a word you don't know, you can translate the result directly through the new word prompt function built in the system, and the phonetic alphabet and meaning of the new word will appear on the page. Over time, are you still afraid of learning English?

Huawei VR Glass glasses.

The projector mentioned above is suitable for the whole family, and the next recommendation is the "IMAX Giant screen Cinema" that is suitable for one person. Huawei VR Glass glasses are a portable VR device recently launched by Huawei, with which you can enjoy a private cinema without having to put up with the chatter and baby crying in the next seat in the cinema.

Huawei VR Glass glasses.

I think the volume of Huawei VR Glass glasses is really good, and its shape is less than half that of ordinary VR glasses, so it can show a more shocking effect. To achieve such a thin volume, thanks to the use of ultra-short focus optical module, so that the thickness of the fuselage is controlled in 26.6mm.

Huawei VR Glass glasses.

In addition, Huawei VR Glass glasses are also extremely friendly to myopic users. The glasses are designed with two 0Mel 700 °monocular myopia adjustment modules, which can adjust the degree of myopia between the left and right eyes alone. There is no need to worry that it will be uncomfortable to use, and the adaptive range of pupil distance is as high as 55-71mm adjustment.

Huawei VR Glass glasses.

In addition, you don't have to worry about not finding video resources with VR glasses. In addition to Huawei's own VR video platform, Huawei VR Glass glasses has also introduced video resources from many high-quality platforms, such as iqiyi, VeeR, GVR and so on. It can save you the trouble of downloading videos online and choose what you want to watch with one click.

Fascia gun.

The next gift to recommend is the home artifact fascia gun, its full name is muscle fascia relaxation massage gun. Speaking of fascia gun, some friends may not know what it is, but in fact, fascia gun is used to relax muscles, especially suitable for exercise or muscle relaxation after sitting. The use of the fascia gun is also very simple, as long as you hold it in one hand and aim at the taut muscles, you can achieve the effect of relaxing the muscles.

Fascia gun.

The principle of the fascia gun to relax the muscles is very simple and rough, that is, through high-frequency vibrations, impact the muscles to achieve the effect of physiotherapy. Most fascia guns vibrate at a frequency of 2000 to 3000 beats per minute, and they have a deeper muscle relaxation effect than the fitness foam shaft that is common in gyms. In addition, the fascia gun has a local weight loss effect, by shaking muscle fat in the subcutaneous exercise, so that a large number of fat produce heat energy and out of the body.

Fascia gun.

If you decide to give a fascia gun as a gift, keep in mind that the fascia gun cannot be used continuously in the same place or joint. Because the fascia gun works with high-frequency vibrations, it can cause muscle damage if it is used in the same place for a long time.


The above is my carefully prepared gift guide for you, you can consider which one is more unique. This year's Valentine's Day special circumstances, coupled with the special occasion, do not choose roses and chocolates, give these unique gifts, there is a good chance that you will not be the same as others. Finally, I hope you can win the favor of the recipient.

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