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Home > Tech News > Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headset experience: double noise reduction and enjoy quiet time alone
Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headset experience: double noise reduction and enjoy quiet time alone

Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headset experience: double noise reduction and enjoy quiet time alone

By  Gibbie Magubane 2020-03-09 1884 11

Sound is one of the ways people perceive the world, and beautiful sounds can make you feel better. Of course, there are some voices that are not so popular. On your way to and from the commute, you will hear the passengers in the carriage talking fiercely. In the office, the little sister next to her quarreled with her boyfriend, and you became an innocent "listener". In the dormitory, the roommate is scolding who used up his new shampoo. I'm afraid it's not the sound you want to hear. If you had a choice, would you block it?

Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headset experience double noise reduction and enjoy quiet time alone.

There are always more ways than difficulties, you do not want to hear these sounds, you choose to block these sounds in your heart, and it turns out that it is still useless, so you should change your way of thinking and try the method of physical sound insulation. Businessmen are always smarter than consumers, and they develop products when they see what the market needs. This is not, want to isolate the noise, then start from the headphones, active noise reduction headphones came into being, and then derived a wireless active noise reduction headphones.

Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless headset packing Box.

The Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headset is such a product that supports active noise reduction and physically shields the sounds you don't want to hear, leaving only the sounds you want. Although this headset is insulated from noise, the sound quality has not lowered the requirements at all. The surging bass and clear voice will add color to your voice world.

Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless headset.

Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless headset is a wireless binaural Bluetooth headset released by Honor in November 2019. The headset adopts the in-ear scheme, which is better than other semi-open headphones. The headset is equipped with a moving coil unit with a 10mm diameter and three microphones for noise reduction, which can not only ensure the noise reduction effect, but also enjoy high-quality music at the same time.

You can't hear what you don't want to hear if you take the initiative to reduce the noise.

Wireless active noise reduction headphones are popular products only in the past one or two years, and they have always been in the minority line in the past. On the one hand, the price of active noise reduction headphones is relatively high, mostly between 1000 yuan and 3000 yuan, which is a little high for ordinary consumers. On the other hand, it comes from people's perception of noise reduction headphones, which are designed for workers working in high-intensity noise environments. Later, ordinary consumers no longer want to hear these annoying outside noises and want to pursue a better life, so they begin to contact active noise reduction headphones.

Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless headset.

The price of Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headset is 799 yuan, which is one of the most cost-effective active noise reduction headphones on the market. However, this does not mean that the noise reduction ability of Honor FlyPods 3 headphones will be discounted. Through the design of feedforward and feedback noise reduction microphone, this headset can achieve double noise reduction effect, and the maximum noise reduction degree can reach 32dB, which can provide users with a quieter environment. For example, when I usually go to work, I need to take the bus and then change to the subway. The "lively" atmosphere and the ticking of horns outside the car make me want to listen to music and browse Weibo quietly. The strong noise reduction ability of Honor FlyPods 3 headphones can help me block out these sounds, and there is only my favorite music in my ears.

Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless headset.

In addition, the, Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headset comes with three microphones, which is Honor's first three-microphone noise reduction headset. The headphone adopts the noise reduction technology of "intra-ear FB mic pickup + external double mic fusion noise reduction", which has stronger noise reduction ability than the competition of single mic or double mic.

I never thought that the way to reduce noise was so direct and easy. When you are in subway cars, restaurants and other occasions where the ambient noise is obvious, the microphone outside the headset of, Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headphones can detect the ambient noise and make the headphones emit noise reduction sound waves, thus achieving the effect of reducing noise. Subsequently, the microphone in the headset will continue to capture the excess noise inside the headset and send out noise reduction sound waves again for secondary elimination.

Will the sound quality deteriorate after active noise reduction?

Consumers who do not understand noise reduction headphones may worry that the active noise reduction of headphones will affect the original sound quality of headphones. First of all, there is no basis for such a statement, and secondly, don't forget that the main function of noise reduction headphones is to listen to sound, and the sound quality of noise reduction headphones is as important as noise reduction ability. In the current noise reduction headphone market, there should be no manufacturers who only make headphones with strong noise reduction ability and ignore the sound quality of headphones.

Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless headset.

The Honor FlyPods 3 headset is housed in a small cavity with a moving coil unit of large 10mm size. As we all know, the timbre of the moving coil unit will be warmer, which is very suitable for listening to songs that express human voice, bass and large organization. This 10mm polymer composite diaphragm with large size units can fully respond to the audio signal, thus perfectly restoring the details of the sound. In addition, the tuning of, Honor FlyPods 3 headphones is completed by Huawei Audio Lab. After tuning, the headphones are balanced in three frequencies, and the human voice tone is more beautiful, which can make users feel more musical emotions.

Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless headset.

I chose a few songs I often listen to to test whether this super noise-reducing headset can show what it should be. The first one to listen to is "Light years away" sung by Deng Ziqi. This song is a song that made Deng Ziqi popular again after "Bubble". It is worth listening to.

First of all, the song begins with a piano accompaniment, and the sound from Honor FlyPods 3 is clean and unblurred, as if you can hear the sound of the keys staggered. This is followed by Deng Ziqi's singing. Deng Ziqi's timbre is high-pitched, round and beautiful, with a very high degree of recognition. Deng Ziqi has a characteristic of singing, that is, her nasal cavity resonates more often, and there will be some bass coming out of her nasal cavity, and this headphone just makes her characteristics very stable, and her pronunciation sounds very full and emotional.

Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless headset.

Let's listen to another piece of Cai Qin's "Ferry". As a special audition song, "Ferry" can test the mid-and low-pitched performance of the sound. The song begins with a neat drumbeat, heard from Honor FlyPods 3, where the bass dips are sufficient, and the range of the sound field is accurate enough to tell where the sound is coming from. Then there is Cai Qin's voice, as an excellent mezzo-soprano singer, her voice is very warm, like whispering her story to the audience. I am satisfied with the performance of this headset in the alto area. The human voice is not disturbed by the sound of the instruments in the bass area, and the sound is well separated.

Then I listened to Di Mahi's version of Opera 2, which was mainly to test the performance of Honor FlyPods 3 in the high-pitched area. The violin sound at the beginning will not be explained too much, because as mentioned earlier, this headset is very good for instrumental music. In this headset, you can hear the sound of Dimasi across several ranges, and the treble is very transparent and bright, especially the interpretation of dolphin sounds. The high-pitched voice coming from the headphones reverberates in the whole brain, tactfully without harshness, and the sense of space and three-dimensional is very sufficient. I really want to listen to it all the time.

Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless headset.

  In short, Honor FlyPods 3 headphones are very good for my "taste". Whether it is playing vocal songs or compiling instrumental music, they can accurately show the details of the songs. Especially in the interpretation of vocal songs, the subwoofer is enough, the treble is full and not harsh, and the rich texture of the midrange makes me like this headset better. 10mm large-size units in low, medium and high voice regions can highlight the characteristics between the voice regions, and there is no sound blurring.

Exquisite appearance and comfortable wear will never fall off.

Of course, the appearance of the, Honor FlyPods 3 headset is also good, which adds a lot of points to its high cost-effective attribute. The headset box of the Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headset, which looks like a white pebble, is made by mirror technology and feels very smooth to the touch. The top of the headset box is only embellished by Honor brand Logo, and the letter "HONOR" is very transparent and concise. There is an indicator light on the front of the headset box, which can change different colors according to the different states of the headphones, and everything looks just right.

Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless headset.

Many friends will worry about the comfort of real wireless headphones, Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headphones use in-ear design, elaborate "cone" appearance, can let the headphones deep into your ears, making it more comfortable to wear, whether it is love running or doing other intense sports, will not easily fall off.

Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headset wearing experience.

The Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headset uses soft silicone earplugs in four different sizes, namely L code, M code, S code and XS code. Everyone's ear profile is different, but the advantage is that the Honor FlyPods 3 real wireless headphones are equipped with a variety of headset sizes, you can easily choose the right size, choose the right headset, better noise reduction ability.

Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headset wearing experience.

The Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headset generally feels good, and it doesn't press the ear like other headphones do. In addition, to my surprise, because my ear canal is relatively small, I often feel swollen when I wear other real wireless headphones, which does not happen on Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headphones. Moreover, even if the headphones are pushed hard into the ear canal, it will not cause problems such as dizziness due to negative pressure in the ear canal.

Touch-to-click humanized manipulation.

You can't see a physical button on the shell of the Honor FlyPods 3 headset, so how does the headset work? Capacitive touch sensing devices are built into both sides of the Honor FlyPods 3 headphone cavity. When users need to switch on and off noise reduction function and change songs and other operations, they only need to change the state of the headset by simply clicking and pressing the touch. When the hands are wet, you can still operate the headphones.

Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless headset.

Both the left and right ears of, Honor FlyPods 3 headphones support touch operation, but users can set points and press to achieve different functions. By default, long press the headphone touch area to turn the noise reduction function on or off; in the music playback state, the left and right ears tap twice to achieve song playback or pause, of course, these operations can be changed in the intelligent life App to pause playback on the right and cut songs on the left; in call mode, the left and right ears tap twice to answer or hang up the call.

Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless headset body.

So why don't Honor FlyPods 3 headphones use physical buttons? I think Honor must take into account the integrated design and waterproof function of headphones, there is no physical button, indicating that there is no need to open holes in the headphone shell, tightness is also guaranteed. In addition, the, Honor FlyPods 3 headset uses a capacitive sensor that is more suitable for human touch. When operating the headset, there is no need to push the headset at all, and it will not cause the headset to squeeze the ear canal.

Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless headset.

In addition, the built-in anti-mistouch algorithm in, Honor FlyPods 3 headphones can effectively reduce the number of changes found by mistouching headphones, which is simply a benefit for people who love to touch their ears.

Write at the end.

Generally speaking, the noise reduction ability and sound performance of, Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headphones are beyond my expectation, so much so that it makes me think that it is the best active noise reduction headset at a price of 1000 yuan, and its noise reduction ability even exceeds that of some headphones priced above 1500 yuan. Coupled with its excellent sound performance, I once doubted the price of this headset. Is it really only 799 yuan? However, since Honor is a technology trend for young people, its products focus on innovation, service and extreme performance, which makes sense.

If you want to enjoy your own quiet time without outside interference in a noisy environment, you should try the Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headset, which will only make you listen to the sound you want to hear, and you will be "unknown" to the other noises.

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