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Home > Tech News > How is my cousin in Wuhan now? listen to his story about a real day.
How is my cousin in Wuhan now? listen to his story about a real day.

How is my cousin in Wuhan now? listen to his story about a real day.

By  Perle Horgan 2020-02-01 812 18

[PConline talk] 2020 is really hard! At the beginning, we encountered such a big hurdle, not only the medical staff and infected patients were fighting the epidemic on the front line, but also the whole country accompanied them through this difficulty with their own strength. On the other hand, I am responsible for staying at home, not visiting, not gathering, not causing chaos, as a contribution to society. But my cousin is not so lucky, he is still in self-isolation, in small talk with him, I also asked him about some new pneumonia self-isolation methods. How to isolate the new type of pneumonia? What are the new preventive measures for pneumonia? I'll share it with you right away.

Our family is in Guangdong, and we originally planned to return to my grandmother's house in Hunan for the Spring Festival at the beginning of the year, but it was shelved because of the epidemic, and the whole family stayed at home without visiting relatives. At the beginning of the epidemic, before the full outbreak, my mother was determined to go back to Hunan for the Spring Festival. She felt that SARS was so serious that there was nothing wrong with it.

When the epidemic first broke out, a group of young people who stayed up late every day and ate junk food every day began to save their lives and put on masks early. on the contrary, it was the elders who had to keep in good health every day that they felt fine.

It was not until the third aunt called my mother that my mother decided to cancel the family visit. The third aunt's home is in Anhui, and her daughter-in-law is from Wuhan. She only went back to Wuhan to visit her relatives in early January. Now when she comes back to Anhui, she feels that she will not go back to Hunan to visit her relatives. At present, the son of the third aunt and daughter-in-law all stay at home and isolate themselves.

It was nothing to stay at home and idle, and I began to chat with them. I could see from my cousin's circle of friends that he was really bored when he was quarantined.

In addition, from their mouth, I also learned about the real days my cousins spent in Wuhan, the methods of their self-isolation, and how they carried out disinfection and related cleaning work during the isolation period.

My cousin said that since the closure of the city, the streets have been empty, few people have been seen, only a few cars are driving on the road. Most of the shops on the street are closed, and at first there were one or two breakfast shops open, but now the restaurants are closed. Maybe you've been stuck in traffic for hours to get to the supermarket and see that there's nothing left.

But now the situation is much better, now most people in Wuhan go to the supermarket to stock food, and now basically see that everyone is wearing masks, and when entering the supermarket, you must take your body temperature.

During the period of self-isolation, neither my cousin nor his wife had a high fever, but their daughter had a high fever, but luckily she went to the clinic to see a new type of pneumonia, so she took it home to continue self-isolation.

When we find that we have a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, we are likely to develop a new type of pneumonia, and the new method of self-isolation of pneumonia can be divided into three parts: home isolation, daily diet and daily cleaning.

Now it is my third aunt who specially takes care of them at home, and usually leaves the meal at the door for them to take, even if they stay in the living room, they wear protective masks. Try not to have physical contact.

Every day, my third aunt will record the changes of their illness for their cousins, such as recording their body temperature once in the morning, noon and evening, and paying attention to whether they are tired, coughing, wheezing, chest tightness and diarrhea, as well as whether they are in a good or bad mental state and whether their muscles feel sore. If so, record the severity.

He also showed me the environment where he is now isolated at home. He is now mainly in the master bedroom, while his wife and children are in other guest rooms. If you stay in your own home for isolation, you should make sure that it is ventilated, so that fresh air can flow into the bedroom and feel more comfortable during isolation.

If you don't have so many separate rooms at home, you should be at least one meter away from each other.

When doing ventilation work, do not open only one window, it is best to double-open the window.

However, my third aunt has always had an air purifier at home, using everyone's TA400-X model. The living room, bedroom, guest room is prepared, it is through electrostatic dust removal, they are very comfortable to use when they are isolated at home. My cousin's daughter's room can also be used, mother-to-child level.

There are relatively few things in every isolated room, and my third aunt only puts some necessary things, such as sterilized wet paper towels, automatic sealed trash cans, water cups and sheets pillows are disposable.

Usually stay at home to chat with them, they will also tell me about their own home isolation interesting things. For example, some people in their community are also in isolation, and some people roll down the window to talk to each other, "Hello?" Roll down the window and have a chat. "it's really funny.

Eating during home isolation is also relatively monotonous, unlike in the past, in order to understand greed, you can drink some milk tea and cola or chew some fried chicken hamburgers. In order to get through this isolation period smoothly, all kinds of food that my third aunt sits at home are mainly for nutrition, such as corn, vegetables, steamed egg custard, steamed fish, ribs, etc., which are also light, and let them eat some fruit every day.

They eat their own food now, and everyone has their own dishes and chopsticks. Washing or continuing to use the dishwasher for high temperature disinfection is guaranteed.

My third aunt also told me that the daily cleaning tasks they are now isolated are also very heavy, such as cleaning every day. Not only do you have to absorb it when you go out and enter the door, but you also have hand sanitizer at home, wash your hands on the back of your hands, wash your palms and wash your nails, and you can also wash your wrists. There is really no way to wash your hands more cleanly and diligently than at this time!

As for the cleaning of the home, it will be wiped with a high-temperature steam mop, dripping some disinfectant on the steam dishcloth, wiping the door handles, cabinets, desktops and sofas all over again, and those wiped by high-temperature steam will not get very wet. Dry soon after wiping.

Home isolation replacement of clothes, bath towels, towels these, my aunt's house is washed with the washing machine, directly with the clothes dryer high-temperature drying. In this way, it seems that the whole process of home isolation is quite smooth. We can see that my third aunt's usual cleaning work in their house is quite in place, which is very rare.

Finally, the new pneumonia prevention measures should reduce going out. It is best to spend this epidemic period at home, wash hands frequently every day, and wear masks when you have no choice but to go out. I hope we can spend this special period safely together and get better!

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