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Home > Tech News > How should digital products be disinfected? Don't let them become vectors of the virus
How should digital products be disinfected? Don't let them become vectors of the virus

How should digital products be disinfected? Don't let them become vectors of the virus

By  Ethelind Lissy 2020-02-07 2305 5

In the recent period, I believe everyone can go out and wear masks, wash their hands frequently, ventilate more, and pay attention to personal hygiene. It seems that I have never been so fastidious as I am now. However, many friends have ignored a very important detail, that is, the cleaning of mobile phones, tablets, computers and other digital products.

The State Health Commission and the State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine clearly pointed out in the "pneumonia diagnosis and treatment Program for New Coronavirus infection (trial fourth Edition)" that the transmission route of the new coronavirus is: "the transmission of respiratory droplets is the main route of transmission. It can also be transmitted through contact." Among them, "contact transmission" means that the droplets with virus are contaminated on the surface of objects, and then contact with mucous membranes such as mouth, nose and eyes after contact with contaminated hands to cause infection. these items mainly include door handles, stair handrails, elevator buttons, desktops, public space countertops, of course, including our mobile phones, laptops and so on.

Therefore, we must not be careless about the new coronavirus. However, at this time, the question is, how can we clean our mobile phones, tablets, computers and other digital products?

How dirty are our digital products?

When talking about this part, we take the mobile phone as an example. After all, the mobile phone has become a necessity of life, and it is also the digital product that we use most frequently. So not only is it a new coronavirus, but mobile phones are also home to other pathogens.

Bacteria on mobile phone 

According to a study by Stanford University in the United States, the bacteria and viruses on 30 mobile phone samples are 18 times higher than those in men's bathrooms. Dr. Hu Shengbiao of the School of Life Sciences of Hunan normal University in China also conducted an experiment. He conducted spot checks on 6 mobile phones and 4 toilets, and 6 of them had an average of 6 mobile phones per square centimeter.2500 bacteria.The number of bacteria in the toilet is only 440 at most per square centimeter. In addition, there are as many bacteria attached to the mobile phone.More than 2000 species.The total number of bacteria in 1 / 4 mobile phones is more than 10 times the normal value, of which Escherichia coli, salmonella and influenza viruses are the most common.

Bacteria on mobile phone 

Experiments and studies at home and abroad have proved that mobile phones are much dirtier than we thought. in addition, in daily use, our grease, sweat, dandruff, stains, etc., will be stained on the screen of the mobile phone, as well as the screen of the tablet computer, the keyboard of the computer, and so on. it provides sufficient favorable conditions for the breeding of pathogens. Even if we wash our hands frequently, it is possible to bring pathogens to our bodies by rubbing our eyes, picking our nose and eating after touching contaminated mobile phones. Therefore, daily cleaning of mobile phones, computers and other digital products is very necessary to avoid cross-infection.

How to clean up?

A few days ago, disease control experts demonstrated the mobile phone disinfection process, mainly divided into three steps. The first step is to spray 75% alcohol or alcohol spray on soft cloth and veil, and then wipe your phone. If you are using alcohol cotton pad, you can wipe it directly. Note that it is recommended to use 75% alcohol, which is also the concentration of medical disinfection alcohol, which works best.

The reason why alcohol can be disinfected is that it can go deep into the bacteria, absorb the water in its protein, change the molecular structure of the protein that constitutes the basis of bacterial life, cause protein denaturation and then lose its activity, so as to achieve germicidal effect. If the concentration of alcohol is too high, such as 95% or 99% alcohol, a protective film will be formed on the surface of the bacteria to prevent it from entering the interior of the bacteria, and 99% of the alcohol is generally used to wipe ultraviolet lamps, camera lenses, etc.; if it is too low, the protein in the bacteria can not be dehydrated very well, and the germicidal effect is poor.

The second step is to wipe the alcohol on the phone, wait 15 minutes, and then wipe the phone with clean water. By the way, whether it's alcohol or water, don't pour it directly on the phone to prevent the liquid from entering the phone. In addition, the handset and microphone of the mobile phone should be wiped. In the process of wiping, the shell of the mobile phone should be removed, and it can also be cleaned at the same time. In short, how carefully you take a bath now, you have to wipe your cell phone more carefully.

The third step, finally, wipe the phone clean with a clean veil, soft cloth, etc., to avoid scratching the surface of the phone with hard objects. In addition, in the cleaning process, pay attention to maintain indoor ventilation. Alcohol is flammable, so keep it carefully after use and keep away from open fire.

Steps for disinfection of mobile phones

This cleaning method is also suitable for the cleaning of digital products such as tablets, laptops, mice, remote controls, keyboards and so on. If you can't buy 75% alcohol, 75% liquor can also be used for surface disinfection, but the effect is certainly not as good as that of special alcohol.

If you buy a high concentration of 95% alcohol that can be diluted to 75% alcohol, I'll give you a formula here: (volume of solution you want * 75%) / 95% (can be replaced with other alcohol concentrations higher than 75%) = 95% volume of alcohol required.

For example, the preparation of 550 milliliters of 75% alcohol requires 95% of the volume of alcohol.V = (75%x550ml) / 95% ≈ 434.21 ml. . That is, the configuration of 550ml of 75% alcohol is to add about 434.21 ml of 95% alcohol to an empty cup of 550ml, and then add pure water to 550ml, the concentration of alcohol is about 75%. In addition, this kind of cup or professional beaker with milliliter scale can be bought on all major e-commerce platforms and the price is not expensive.

Incidentally, it is not recommended to use 84 disinfectant for mobile phone disinfection, because this item is corrosive to some components and may hurt digital products. Therefore, 75% alcohol should be the simplest and most direct method of disinfection.

Is there any other way?

In addition to 75% alcohol, there are some physical methods that can be used to eliminate the new coronavirus.

Both "diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia with New Coronavirus infection (trial version 4)" and "pneumonia diagnosis and treatment Program with New Coronavirus infection (trial version 5)" have written that the virus is sensitive to ultraviolet light and heat, and that 56 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes can effectively inactivate the virus, but heating digital products is obviously unrealistic and unsafe.

As for ultraviolet rays, according to popular Science China, ultraviolet rays can eliminate the new coronavirus, and hospitals also use ultraviolet lamps for disinfection, but the effective disinfection areas for medical and household use are different, which should be judged according to specific instructions. Protection and ventilation are needed in the course of use. However, there are many special mobile phone sterilizers on the market, which use ultraviolet rays for disinfection, but the specific power and intensity are different, and the effect remains to be seen. If you use ultraviolet light to disinfect the room, do not leave people in the room, and may produce anaerobic, the room must be ventilated for more than half an hour.

If you can't buy the things you need to disinfect your phone, try to avoid using it outdoors, when you go to the toilet, in public places, and if necessary, use sterilized Kleenex to wipe your phone.


Digital products, especially mobile phones and laptops, have become a part of our lives. Basically, as soon as we open our glasses, the next action is to pick up the phone. Therefore, cleaning digital products is a very important thing, even if the future epidemic is over, daily disinfection is also a good habit. During the period of "anti-epidemic", whether it is mobile phone disinfection or our personal protection, we can't be too careful to some extent.

In addition to healthy living habits, a strong will is also necessary. If the will falls first, panic all day long, no matter how clean the phone is sterilized, it may not be of much significance.

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