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Home > Tech News > HUAWEI VR Glass Using Experience
HUAWEI VR Glass Using Experience

HUAWEI VR Glass Using Experience

By  Waldo Judge 2019-12-27 3168 14

[Gearbest Evaluation] VR is no longer a new thing. Now even in shopping malls in third-and fourth-tier cities, there will be one or even several VR experience stores. People can spend dozens of yuan to experience different kinds of fun in the virtual real world. If you ask me what the final form of VR will be? I may not be able to give you an accurate answer, but the movie "player number one" illustrates the possibilities of VR in the future world.

HUAWEI VR Glass is lightweight, and people can take the VR head display with them and enter the virtual game universe created by James Halliday anytime and anywhere. Throughout the development of VR equipment, it is also moving towards the direction of thinning. the first generation of commercial VR headers still need to install positioning and tracking devices in the room, and the subsequent products integrate the positioning and tracking module into the VR headsets. At the same time, with the rapid development of mobile processor performance, VR all-in-one machine is also born. On this basis, split VR glasses have become the best solution for portable VR devices.

HUAWEI VR Glass: technology collides with fashion

People's impression of traditional VR glasses is mostly huge, bulky and cumbersome, while HUAWEI VR Glass benefits from the split design, which separates batteries, processors and other units used for computing and power supply from the mainframe, and provides them with corresponding functions through mobile phones and computers. This design enables the HUAWEI VR Glass to greatly reduce the weight of the fuselage, supplemented by lightweight materials, and the weight of 166g makes the product a lighter wearing experience.


Although the HUAWEI VR Glass uses a lightweight design, but VR glasses should have no less function. The packaging includes virtual reality devices, virtual reality handles, mobile phone data lines and face masks, straps, clips and other accessories. After opening the package, you can see the body of HUAWEI VR Glass.


First acquainted with this product, its appearance reminds the house secretary of the windproof goggles used by cycling. The optical coating technology is used to improve the metallic luster on the surface of the glasses and give the glasses an amazing and fashionable appearance. The front shell lens is molded by compression injection molding process to realize the ultra-thin wall thickness design of large curved surface, which carries nano-scale engraved optical texture, reveals a profound light under the light, and presents a unique flavor of metallic luster during the flow of light. the combination of technology and fashion is often as simple as that.


Can easily destroy a VR device, the answer is leaking light! To solve this problem, Huawei has created a butterfly wing-covered shape based on ergonomic design, which perfectly fits the face shape of most people. After a number of colleagues measured, light leakage will not occur. The skin-friendly protein leather is used to fit the face, and the wrapped part is made of skin-friendly polyester, which is refreshing and breathable and not easy to deform. The mask is also made of low-density material and weighs only 13g. At the same time, in order to facilitate cleaning, the mask is removed by magnetic suction, which makes the cleaning of the mask more convenient. When cleaning, you only need to use a clean cotton piece to wipe the mask. 


In order to make it more comfortable, HUAWEI VR Glass analyzed the parameters such as head circumference, head length, head width and interauricular width, and made more than 20, 000 mannequins. 50 of the 640 schemes were selected for repeated testing and verification, and finally the shape of the embracing mirror leg was obtained. In order to facilitate the storage, a rotating shaft is added on the mirror leg, and the sense of damping improves the texture of the whole mirror leg. At the same time, in order to prevent the glasses legs from grinding the ears, the outer surface of the mirror legs is covered with good elastic TPU soft glue, taking into account the wearing feelings of small head circumference users and children, there is also an elastic bandage in the package, which is embedded into the side holes of the left and right mirror legs through the soft plastic mushroom heads at both ends, so that users will not throw VR glasses out when watching 360-degree video or fierce games.


Revolutionary optical system, can play VR

Without glassesThe integration of fashion and technology gives HUAWEI VR Glass a unique charm, and in the details, it also shows the beauty of HUAWEI VR Glass technology. The optical system is completed in a 100-level dust-free assembly environment, and the high-precision calibration level of 5 pixels is achieved after 70 mirror tube equipment processes. At the same time, the ultra-short focal optical module is composed of three optical lenses and multi-layer optical thin films, and the light is skillfully reflected twice between the three lenses, forming a three-segment folding optical path, which effectively reduces the thickness of the module.

We often say that there are thousands of people and thousands of faces, and the pupil distance of different people is also very different. For this reason, HUAWEI VR Glass uses pupil distance adaptive technology, the pupil distance range is as high as 55mur71mm, covering up to 90% of the population, combined with the actual human eye to watch the movement trajectory, it can fit the vast majority of people's eyes without manual adjustment.

Although many VR glasses support wearing glasses, it is not convenient after all. In order to provide myopic users with the function of adjusting virtual image distance and supporting independent adjustment of left and right eyes, people with myopia of 700degrees can see the picture clearly even if they do not wear glasses. When our colleagues whose eyes are close to 500 degrees take off their glasses and wear them, they can easily see the picture clearly. 

The left and right sides of the  HUAWEI VR Glass degree adjustment

HUAWEI VR Glass are two separate 2.1in Fast LCD displays with 3200mm and 1600independent pixels on the full screen. The PPI, up to 1058 greatly reduces the graininess of the picture. The refresh rate is 70Hz in mobile mode and 90Hz in computer mode. Ultra-high refresh rate brings silky visual perception. In order to get a better look and feel,

HUAWEI VR Glass has installed double semi-open loudspeakers in the middle of the mirror legs on the left and right sides of the, HUAWEI VR Glass, which can hear rich layers of sound without wearing headphones. It also supports 3.5mm headset and Bluetooth headset to meet the needs of users in different scenarios. In addition, HUAWEI VR Glass has also created IMAX cinema and private cinema scenes, VR's unique immersive experience with a 90 °perspective, you can also enjoy IMAX cinema at home.

Phone gives VR a broader scene

Once upon a time, i7 6700K processor plus 1080 independent graphics card could run VR games smoothly. Now, with the improvement of mobile processor performance, many low-load VR applications can also be implemented through mobile phones, of which VR games and VR video are the most prominent examples.

How to turn a mobile phone into VR? "Huawei VR" App+ Huawei mobile phone can solve your worries. In this App, you can download more than 100 boutique VR games and applications for free. At the same time, it has a unique Huawei VR video platform, which gathers a large number of high-quality video sources. It also introduces a number of excellent platform resources, including iqiyi, Youku, VeeR, GVR, and so on. You do not need to look for resources on your own, which can be found in Huawei VR and third-party App.

In operation, HUAWEI VR Glass can interact with the mobile phone through the 3DOF somatosensory handle. Equipped with a 3DOF somatosensory handle at random, the compact body design makes the grip more comfortable. The handle adopts 9-axis sensor and automatic somatosensory tracking algorithm, which can synchronize the hand movement in real time and locate accurately. You can also use the mobile phone to control the actual use of the VR, sliding out from the side of the screen to the center means to return, clicking the screen represents confirmation, sliding up from the bottom represents the "main menu", and sliding up from the bottom for three seconds means "perspective back". When the handle is not there, you can also control VR glasses by using the mobile phone.

If you want to connect to your computer to play more games, HUAWEI VR Glass can connect third-party 6DOF accessories to bring users a new experience of 6DOF interaction, so that, HUAWEI VR Glass can play thousands of VR games on the Steam platform.

When the phone is connected to HUAWEI VR Glass, it goes to the main interface, and the system will guide novice users step by step. If you don't remember the handle or the phone's function buttons, parallel the handle or phone to the glasses will tell the user how to use it.

In terms of games, the house secret experienced "mercenaries" and "fantasy skiing". In the game, the handle can be incarnated into tens of millions to help you better complete the game. In terms of video, both Huawei's VR video and third-party video apps can create an immersive experience, and when you bring HUAWEI VR Glass, you feel like you're in a cinema and have a private cinema without leaving home.

In addition, HUAWEI VR Glass also supports mobile screen casting, which allows you to view mobile phone content in VR. At the same time, it also supports double opening of applications, WeChat on the main screen, browsing Douyin on the secondary screen, and both work and entertainment. When the house secretary saw the huge mobile phone screen on VR for the first time, he could not help but take a step back, and the shock can only be felt after the real use.

When in use, when the mobile phone or computer is connected to the HUAWEI VR Glass, it will actively power the glasses through the cable. At the same time, a Type-C interface is reserved in the adapter, and the charger or mobile power supply of 5V/2A and above can be used to power the mobile phone and HUAWEI VR Glass at the same time. When connecting the phone to the HUAWEI VR Glass, you should pay attention to connecting the interface with the VR font to the adapter and plugging the other end into the phone. If you plug it upside down, it will not work properly.


Thanks to the split design, the HUAWEI VR Glass got rid of the battery and processor, bid farewell to the impression that the traditional VR head was bulky and inconvenient, and the 166g weight would not feel tired even if it was worn for a long time. The breakthrough and innovation in optical display has greatly reduced the volume of the fuselage, combined with folding and storage, so that VR glasses can also be carried with you. The

Split design also breaks the physical boundary between the phone and the VR, turning the small screen into a giant screen, together with two separate 2.1in Fast LCD displays with 3K HD resolution to bring an excellent look and feel. The emergence of HUAWEI VR Glass brings us one step closer to the world of the number one player.

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