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Home > Tech News > In the back seat of the taxi, "I" saw the dream world through the kaleidoscope.
In the back seat of the taxi, "I" saw the dream world through the kaleidoscope.

In the back seat of the taxi, "I" saw the dream world through the kaleidoscope.

By  Con Sheikh 2020-02-03 1330 19

Do you remember the last time you were moved? Maybe a sudden question like this will make a lot of people at a loss. But then again, this manuscript has actually dragged on for nearly half a month, and now I look at some things in a different state of mind. Seeing the Spring Festival approaching, everyone should have finished a year of work and embarked on the road home, but some people can not go back. Recently, with the emergence of the epidemic of "Wuhan pneumonia" to spread across the country, the lively atmosphere of the Spring Festival in 2020 began to be obscured by haze. Just today, the major Spring Festival films are also withdrawing one after another. I was deeply touched by the phenomenon. Seeing that more and more netizens gave up "reunion" in moments, I began to think, what will be the mood of those who are unable to be reunited during the Spring Festival this year? Should it be a pity that I can't go home for the Spring Festival?

Salute to those compatriots who stick to Wuhan, hope you can return safely!

So now let's take a look at the iPhone 11 Pro New year blockbuster "daughter", how will we feel? "daughter" tells the story of a Spring Festival reunion, but now I always think of those who stay in Wuhan or go to Wuhan out of "righteousness" and automatically give up reunion. If everyone can come back safely, I really want to hear the story in their hearts. But in fact, there is no story in the world, and if you have more experience, you will have it.

The total length of the film is only more than 8 minutes, but the time that should have flashed by is particularly long in this story. So how touching can an 8-minute story be? No matter what you think of this film, I hope all of us can work together to become a strong backing for everyone in Wuhan. I hope "daughter" can also bring the best New year wishes to those who can't be reunited. This time, I also want to see the "world" that others can't see and listen to the deepest stories in my heart.

What do I see through the kaleidoscope?

I have to say that this film has aroused my infinite reflection on family affection and even human nature, but the most unforgettable one is the kaleidoscope. At first, the kaleidoscope was just a paper tube that Zhou Xun's mother found casually to coax her daughter, but slowly it became a guardian of many, growing up with her and accompanying her to discover the infinite possibilities of life. After carefully savoring the film, I found that kaleidoscope, like Zhou Xun's mother, has never missed a lot of childhood. Perhaps it is the embodiment of another kind of affection and companionship of a mother to her daughter.

When it comes to "childhood in the back seat of a taxi", some people may feel sad about the experience. But in my opinion, Toto is actually very lucky. At least, she grew up happily. If "I" is Duoduo, what is the meaning of kaleidoscope? How will you feel?

From this moment on, I am Duoduo in the story.
  For as long as I can remember, I will take a taxi with my mother to embark on an unknown journey every day. At that time, the back seat of the taxi was my "growth space". Although it was very small, it was very warm, because I could always be with my mother. Gradually, I began to be curious about the outside world, and I began to remember what someone had said in my ear before. She said, "you can see the world you want to see through a kaleidoscope." From then on, I always liked to observe everything outside the car window through the kaleidoscope, as if I was looking for something. In this way, the journey between my mother and I began to come to an end.

As time flies, I began to do a lot of things for my mother, such as getting along well with passengers and bringing them happiness. That day, I saw my mother being questioned at the railway station, and the aunt said to her mother, "take the child to drive a taxi?" . Wait! Why does this sentence sound so familiar? It seems that someone said it a long time ago. Although my mother didn't say anything, I felt her loneliness. Later, I tried to think about this problem and tried to understand my mother. On the same day, we met an uncle with glasses, and I blurted out my father. In fact, he was tempted to say this sentence, but he is not very exclusive, I also know that he is not a father, but I still want to call this name without scruples.

Since then, the scenery has been changing along the way, so are the passengers around me, and my understanding of the world keeps pace with the taxi track. Perhaps life brings infinite hope, I began to decorate the people and things of the outside world with great interest through this little kaleidoscope, and at the same time saw the world I wanted to see.

In a twinkling of an eye, on the eve of the Spring Festival, I told my mother that I wanted to be a cook in the future and make her delicious dumplings. However, I talked about many kinds of dumplings with stuffing, but I didn't have the stuffing with leeks and eggs that my mother liked. Looking at my mother's face, I knew she might have thought of something. Then we embarked on the journey again. It was getting dark and it was raining heavily outside, and suddenly I saw a passenger. I still wanted to see such a heavy rain at that time, how could anyone be outside? Although her mother didn't want to park and pick up at first, she finally stopped by the side of the road.

However, my mother's tone changed after seeing the old woman who got on the bus, as if they had known each other before. Later, my mother insisted on squeezing in the back seat of the taxi with us and said to the old woman, "Mom, I'm hungry." The old woman is my mother's mother, that is, my grandmother. There seemed to be some vague impressions in my mind, and finally we were reunited. In the rainy street, the family of three ate dumplings with leek and egg stuffing and found the "person" we had been looking for.

For so many years, all I have in my life is my mother, kaleidoscope, taxis and ever-changing passengers. Although I don't understand the real purpose of my mother driving a taxi with me, and I don't know if there should be resentment, what I feel is happiness. Perhaps, what I should realize more is the painstaking efforts of my mother to show me the world.

So, now let me switch my eyes back to reality.

The things outside the window began to be full of vitality, which also brought the hope of life to the audience outside the screen. At this moment, I remembered what my mother once said to me. When I decided to come to Beijing, only my mother supported me for no reason. She told me that girls just want to see the outside world more. Since they have found what they like to do, they should do it boldly, and their mother will always be your strongest backing. As a result, I can better understand Zhou Xun. In a woman's world, providing a platform for her children to see the world for her mother may be the best protection for her.

"Driving a cab with the kids? I can't believe you figured it out! No mother did that! "

Indeed, no mother would run a taxi with her child, if not as a last resort.

From Zhou Xun's point of view, as a single mother, she has let her child lack some precious feelings from the starting point. I think she has a guilty conscience, so she wants to give more love to fill the gap in the child's heart. Forced by life, she has to go out to work, but in this way she may not be able to grow up with Duoduo all the time, so she has to take her children out of the house. But this decision was strongly opposed by Ke's mother, and under constant quarrels, "Zhou Xun" took the child and ran away with anger.

From the perspective of an elderly mother, it seems that there are few fathers in Zhou Xun's life, so she only asks her daughter to find a good family to live a stable life, as long as she is better than her. Don't ask her for success and fame, just ask her to live her life safely. But most of the time, what we want doesn't come true, and the daughter doesn't seem to understand what her mother thinks. She is always fighting, she wants to get rid of the restrictions set by her mother, she does not want to live like her mother. So the phrase "not all women want to live the same life" has an explanation.

After having a daughter, Zhou Xun wanted her to see more scenery. Perhaps, this is to place one's dream on his daughter. She doesn't want her daughter to be bound. She just has to live and feel according to her own ideas. Perhaps "Zhou Xun" said from the bottom of her heart that my mother wants to see a lot of healthy and happy growth, find the direction of life she wants, and live a free life.

"Jiaozi stuffed with leeks and eggs" is a compromise made by a mother to her daughter.

There is a sentence that reminds me so far that I can't have peace of mind. The elderly mother said that she was looking for her family, and she was looking for it all the time. After a long absence, my mother had more white hair and wrinkles, and even the figure became more bent. I think Zhou Xun may have blamed herself at that moment. In fact, everything her mother did was because of love.

When we meet again many years later, I think mother and daughter must have a lot to say, but in the end, many of them are kept in their hearts. But maybe dumplings with leek and egg stuffing is the mother's compromise to her daughter. This is the relationship between mother and daughter. No matter what she does, she will be forgiven by her mother in the end. No more words, no explanations, nothing matters as long as you are around.

After talking about emotion, let's talk about shooting.

"Daughter" is directed by Theodore Melfi, the director of the 2017 Academy Award nominees, and filmed by Lawrence Schell, the director of photography for the 2020 Golden Globe nominees, to show the best results. It should be emphasized that this short film was shot with iPhone 11 Pro throughout the process, and the output effect is comparable to that of professional equipment.

If I hadn't seen the story behind the camera, I really can't believe that this "non-impetuous" film effect is done by hand-held iPhone 11 Pro, which shows that the anti-shake function of the device is very powerful. In addition, a number of reminiscent scenes in the film were filmed with iPhone 11 Pro ultra-wide-angle lenses to show more detail.

Starting from the picture, I was deeply impressed by two pictures in the whole film, one was the innocent smile of her mother after giving her a "kaleidoscope" because she was afraid of crying when she was a child, and the other was a picture of putting a kaleidoscope into a pencil box and touching it. These two shots are respectively close-up, which is worth pondering. It is difficult to explain the whole story in 8 minutes, so there is this kind of "good guess", such as where does Duoduo's cherished pencil case come from?

Write at the end.

Sometimes, ordinary stories are often the most shocking. "daughter" tells the truest story through the simplest device, "iPhone 11 Pro", which brings warmth to thousands of families in the New year. A friend told me that he thought the clip of "dumplings" was the most important one, but I was more yearning for the world outside the "kaleidoscope". There is no denying that these two things have their own uses. Kaleidoscope can be said to be the creative place of the whole short film, while dumplings are the emotional bond that runs through the whole film. On the whole, Apple's Spring Festival blockbuster has brought us too many feelings and moved people's hearts. I'm pretty sure this will be the best story of early 2020.

We should always remember that there is no permanent contradiction between families, do not always miss each other in silence, because there is love, so everything will not become an obstacle. Maybe my impression came a little late. But this time is also just right. Tomorrow is New year's Eve. Have you all been reunited with your families? Finally, I would like to say to those who "cannot go home for reunion", I hope you can be safe and healthy and overcome the current difficulties, because there are many people who love you silently not far away. We will accompany you through this Spring Festival. Come on!

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