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Home > Tech News > iPad VS iPad Air VS iPad Mini VS iPad Pro: How to Choose?
iPad VS iPad Air VS iPad Mini VS iPad Pro: How to Choose?

iPad VS iPad Air VS iPad Mini VS iPad Pro: How to Choose?

By  Bernadina Kempton 2019-12-28 4107 1

With the release of iPad in 2010, the category of "tablet" was born. The iPad is more portable than a computer, has a bigger screen than a phone, and most importantly, it has the consistent excellent experience of Apple products. This also made iPad gradually become synonymous with "tablet" in the following years, and even dominated the tablet market, even if other competitors launched similar tablet products, they could not compete with iPad.

A few years ago, iPad was updated once a year like iPhone, but in recent years Apple has launched a number of iPad products to meet different consumer needs. IPad Pro with more powerful performance, compact and portable iPad mini, extremely thin iPad Air and so on, have been widely welcomed by consumers.

IPad product line

"Singles Day" is a good time to buy, many consumers will take this opportunity to buy some products that have been waiting for a long time. Because the major e-commerce platforms will release a series of preferential benefits during the Singles' Day holiday, it is unavoidable not to buy them at this time. If you are also going to buy a iPad, during this year's Singles Day holiday, you might as well read this playbook carefully. I believe that after reading it, you will be able to choose a iPad product that suits you.

IPad product line summary

At present, Apple has prepared different products for consumers with different budgets. According to the order of price from low to high, from the entry-level iPad, with a price of 2699 yuan to the iPad Pro, with a price of up to five figures, you can buy satisfactory iPad products no matter what your budget is.

However, the complex product line also causes consumers to have difficulty in choice, and even lose themselves in frequent comparisons. Then let's carefully sort out the iPad product line. I believe that after reading it, combined with your actual needs, you will be able to understand which iPad products are more suitable for you.

Let's first look at the parameters of several iPad models.

IPad (2019):

This fall, Apple unveiled a new entry-level iPad with a 10.2-inch screen and an A10 Fusion chip inside. Coupled with the starting price of 2699 yuan, it can meet most of the daily use needs.


It can be said that the new entry-level iPad has brought you a relatively complete iPad experience, and it is also easy to accomplish some lightweight tasks. If you don't have a large budget, this entry-level iPad can help you enjoy the iPad ecology with the lowest threshold.

IPad Air:

In March, Apple released a new iPad Air. With its 10.5-inch screen, A12 bionic chip, and the over-priced, iPad Air from 3896 yuan, it has been welcomed by many consumers as soon as it is released.

IPad Air

Although it does not adopt the latest comprehensive screen design, iPad Pro's narrow border design language has also been devolved to iPad Air from this generation, and, iPad Air has instantly become the flagship of true fragrance in people's eyes, coupled with the thickness of 6.1mm and the weight of less than 1 jin.

IPad mini:

When it comes to "really fragrant", there is no lack of a new generation of iPad mini. It was also released in March this year, and it is also equipped with a top-notch A12 bionic chip, which is the first time that such a top chip has been used in the iPad mini product line.

IPad mini

It differs from the iPad Air only in that it has a smaller 7.9inch screen and weighs as little as 300g. So if you prefer the feel of a small size, or if you want the iPad to become more portable, then iPad mini must be your best choice.

IPad Pro:

Finally, let's take a look at: iPad Pro, the flagship of the iPad product line. The iPad Pro, which was released last year, has the best performance and the most extreme design, and even Apple has Face ID for the iPad. The slim and majestic iPad Pro, is the biggest leap forward in the iPad product line, and it also shows Apple's expectations for the iPad.

IPad Pro

Of course, such a powerful iPad Pro naturally needs to match the corresponding price. At present, the iPad Pro is available in 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes, with prices starting from 6331 yuan and 7890 yuan respectively.

Good hardware naturally requires excellent software. In June this year, Apple released a new iPadOS 13, which can be upgraded to experience a similar computer-like experience. Such as more powerful and open file management, more intuitive multitasking gestures, etc., let iPad coruscate a second spring.

IPadOS 13

Happily, the above four iPad can be upgraded to iPadOS 13, so the four iPad are almost the same in terms of software experience. What you need to do is to choose a iPad product that suits you according to your actual needs.

Which iPad suits me better?

Before we know which iPad is more suitable for us, we might as well ask ourselves a question: "what are you going to do when you buy an iPad?"

We have seen many users share the details of their use of iPad on the Internet: student parties take class notes through the combination of iPad+Apple Pencil, creators draw a wonderful picture by hand through the combination of iPad+Apple Pencil, and "flying people" commuting between different cities work anytime and anywhere through iPad+ keyboard clips. IPad's good experience and strong scalability have greatly improved their efficiency.

In fact, if we use one word to describe the above usage scenarios, I think "production content" should be very appropriate.

Use iPad Pro to work

The most suitable iPad, for content production is obviously the flagship iPad Pro. First of all, the powerful A12X chip provides the strongest performance power for iPad Pro, and iPad Pro has the most accurate color screen. Coupled with the second-generation Apple Pencil that can be directly attached to the iPad Pro, the new intelligent keyboard clip and other, iPad Pro has become the best helper for content producers.

IPad Pro+Apple Pencil

Many people have compared iPad Pro to MacBook as a new "productivity tool". However, I personally think that it is more appropriate to use "creative tools" to describe iPad Pro. Because compared with the notebook, the most distinctive feature of, iPad Pro is the Apple Pencil,. If you are a fan of painting, PS drawing, or using iPad+Apple Pencil as a pen and paper to use, iPad Pro, you will not be disappointed.

But such a good helper also matches the highest price. At present, the lowest equipped iPad Pro costs more than 6000 yuan, plus smart keyboard clips, second-generation Apple Pencil, and so on, and the whole set costs more than 8000. without 24 interest-free installments, it seems that it is really not easy to do so.

IPad Air

Don't worry, Apple has provided us with a lower barrier product-the iPad Air. Compared with the iPad Pro, its screen size is slightly smaller, Face ID has also been changed to the classic Touch ID, internal chip has also been downgraded from A12X to A12 bionic. However, these will have little impact on us in actual use, because the iPad Air is fully compatible with the first generation of Apple Pencil, and Apple has created smart keyboard clips for it, which is equally easy to use with a complete set.

The entry-level iPad also supports Apple Pencil

Of course, the entry-level iPad can also be equipped with Apple Pencil and smart keyboard clips, so if you want to keep your budget as low as possible while sprinkling ideas on iPad, then the combination of entry-level iPad+ smart keyboard clip + Apple Pencil is also completely OK.

Thanks to the larger overall size, iPad has an amazing performance in terms of battery life, and many consumers even regard iPad as the best entertainment tool. Using iPad to surf the Internet, chase dramas and play games has also become the daily life of these users.

If your usage needs are skewed towards these "consumer content" scenarios, then the more affordable iPad products are obviously your dish. In my opinion, entry-level iPad, iPad mini and iPad Air can meet your actual needs, and you don't need to buy accessories such as Apple Pencil or smart keyboard, you can enjoy the best experience of the industry's top tablet computer by holding iPad.


Of course, different sizes of screens also match different application scenarios. If you just put the iPad on the table to watch the show, then the 10.2-inch entry-level iPad and the 10.5-inch iPad Air are good choices. Because the screen size of the two is larger, the display effect is also very good, and the threshold to start is not too high, it will not be a great burden to buy them.

According to the data provided by Apple's official website, both the entry-level iPad and iPad Air can be used for up to 10 hours, which means there is no problem with using these two iPad to watch TV dramas or surf the Internet.

Use iPad mini to play games

But if you are a person with high performance requirements, or will play some games on iPad, then it must be a good choice to buy iPad mini with A12 bionic chip. With a 7.9inch screen and 300g weight, it can be held by hold when held with both hands, and a larger screen than a mobile phone can also bring a more immersive gaming experience, which is a must for gamers.

How much capacity should I buy?

Different users have different requirements, so they also need to match different storage space.

Let's first summarize the storage capacity of each iPad:

IPad storage capacity

As can be seen from the pictures, iPad, Apple, as the basic model, is equipped with two storage specifications: 32GB and 128GB,; iPad mini and iPad Air, while it has 64GB and 256GB storage; the most luxurious is that iPad Pro, officially provides it with four storage capacities: 64GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.

As we all know, larger storage space is certainly better, but larger capacity also represents a higher price, so it is a good way to match your own storage capacity with actual use requirements.

If you only use iPad to chase dramas and play games on the Internet, and you don't have the habit of downloading high-definition videos, then the most basic 32GB and 64GB capacity can meet your needs. It is not enough, and the cloud storage space provided by iCloud cloud disk can also solve some problems. But if you need to download high-definition video to watch offline, then the higher-end 128GB, 256GB version is obviously more suitable for you.

In addition, there are some users who need to process files on iPad Pro, so I think 256GB and 512GB are sufficient for daily use. Except for some tuhao users, the editor does not recommend that you buy the 1TB version of iPad Pro, because its price is too expensive, and the price difference is enough to buy external storage devices, which can also meet the needs of large-capacity storage.

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