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Home > Tech News > Looking at vivo's "concept Road" from APEX 2020: the only thing to surpass is oneself.
Looking at vivo's "concept Road" from APEX 2020: the only thing to surpass is oneself.

Looking at vivo's "concept Road" from APEX 2020: the only thing to surpass is oneself.

By  Andeee Boletto 2020-02-29 1471 27

Vivo unveiled its first concept product, the APEX, on Feb. 25, 2018, while all mobile phone manufacturers were still struggling to figure out how to "make the bangs smaller." Its birth is a signal, not only started the smartphone pop-up camera war, but also launched the off-screen fingerprint technology competition. The APEX phone, which is known as the "concept phone", was initially regarded by many as a "dazzling skill" of vivo. The new technology, which is difficult to produce in mass production, also makes fans sweat for vivo.


Unexpectedly, on June 12, not long after, vivo came up with the first generation of NEX, the orthodox heir to APEX. Lift lenses, screen sound, screen fingerprints, these new technologies led by APEX, have been successfully landed one by one. Since then, the technology on APEX has been continuously carried forward, and the cost of technology has been gradually reduced, so that all vivo mobile phones enjoy the technology dividend brought by APEX.

APEX 2019.

The time came on January 24th, 2019, and APEX 2019 arrived as promised. It is also the time node at the beginning of the year, and it is also an amazing new design. This time APEX 2019 uses the "Super UnionBody" super-integrated body and magnetic wireless charging to show us vivo's ultimate pursuit of highly integrated and wireless technology products. In addition, the press-sensitive key design realized by linear motor not only brightens people's eyes, but also brings a new idea for the ultimate evolution of the integrated fuselage.

NEX 3.

In the wave of 5G technology, vivo and early 2019 brought a new 5G model NEX 3. Lift lens, side pressure button, screen fingerprint. Taken together, these technologies can't help but remind us of the APEX series for posterity to enjoy the cool. APEX is not only a technical demonstration of vivo, but also a weather vane of the trend of the mobile phone industry every year. What we can see from it is the "Big Bang of Technology" when the ingenuity of vivo engineers collides with the needs of users. APEX is not only born for technology, but also for users. What about this year?

APEX 2020.

2020 was destined to be an extraordinary year, and APEX 2020, which was supposed to meet us at the MWC conference, came late because of the epidemic. But the technology may be late, but it will never be absent. APEX 2020 once again vividly shows us a truth: the only thing that vivo needs to surpass is itself.

Only by abandoning the past can we have a new life.

APEX 2020 continues the design elements of NEX 3, but continues to break through itself. The radians on both sides of the screen become an incredible 120 degrees, and the 6.45-inch screen seems to have no boundaries. Not only that, APEX 2020 also uses the "off-screen camera" technology that calls for her to come out shyly. This magical design, which has been "heard of and never seen before", has finally become a reality. Lift lens is the technology that vivo is proud of, but the technology is like sailing against the current, if you don't advance, you will fall behind. Through the keen judgment of the hour and size up the situation, vivo resolutely turned its attention to the off-screen lens, and took a step closer to the highly integrated design.

APEX 2020.

Of course, it is not easy to achieve an off-screen camera. The arrangement and combination of internal components, the guarantee of screen light transmittance and display, pixel arrangement and circuit design, camera light input and imaging quality are all problems faced by APEX 2020. From the actual experience, APEX 2020 has a high degree of completion, which can be said to be a more mature solution on the market at present.

APEX 2020.

Not only that, due to the further contraction of the edge of the screen, the buttons on the side of the fuselage have also become the interactive mode of screen + linear motor, with more cool attributes. Remember the magnetic charging interface on APEX 2019? This vivo brings more powerful 60W wireless fast charging technology to APEX 2020. In vivo's eyes, the smartphone of the future must be wireless and integrated. The button is like this, the camera is like this, and so is the charging interface. It is this clear goal and the right direction of unremitting efforts that let us see today's APEX 2020.

Future images, the world in your eyes should be different.

Taking pictures is the foundation of vivo mobile phone, and it is also the field where cool techs is gathered. From the full-pixel dual-core focusing technology of the X20, to the backlight + wide-angle combination of the X23, and the NEX dual-screen version of "wonderful anyway", vivo phones have been working hard and fruitful in the field of photography for many years. With the application of ultra-wide-angle lens, the research and development of backlighting algorithm, the addition of portrait mode, and the realization of human eye focus, vivo has been surpassing itself and bringing new surprises for users and the industry.

APEX 2020.

This time APEX 2020 is aimed at "zoom and stability", once again challenging the shortcomings of mobile phone photography. It has been a dream of mankind for many years to see clearly and far away. However, due to the size of smartphones, most models use optical + digital zoom. This time the APEX 2020 uses the "four-group lens combination" to achieve high-power continuous zoom and real-time focusing functions at the same time. 5Mel 7.5 times continuous optical zoom, greatly improving the use of mobile phone photography scene. At the same time, combined with excellent picture quality, it shows us more possibilities of taking pictures by mobile phone.

APEX 2020.

5G is today's absolute trend, mobile phones, as people's most intimate intelligent carrier, naturally assume more responsibility. How to shoot a more stable video and how to capture clearer photos are all related to anti-shaking. This time the APEX 2020 absorbs and draws lessons from the anti-shaking advantages of gimbal, bringing an omni-directional anti-shaking experience with front and back tilt left and right. Compared with the OIS optical anti-shake commonly used in flagship aircraft, the stability has been improved by 200%.

Through the accurate tracking of the target subject, APEX 2020 can bring a more stable shooting effect, thus achieving a longer exposure time, making the night shooting effect better. With the "portrait sound focus" function, it can continuously lock the subject of the character to be photographed, and can reduce the environmental noise. It is an indispensable video artifact in the 5G era.

To surpass yourself is to change the future.

From the beginning of the first generation of APEX mobile phones, vivo has been sending us a message: smartphones will develop in the direction of integration and high integration. Whether it is perception, touch, design, function, interaction and other dimensions, without exception, are moving towards this goal. Instead of saying that APEX is a concept, it is better to think of it as a "war book" by vivo to the whole industry and itself. From APEX, we can see vivo's pursuit of technology, the desire to surpass itself, and the determination to change the times.

APEX 2020.

As the same series of products, each generation of APEX has the shadow of its predecessors. They carry the infinite possibility of technology and imagination, and represent the ultimate demands of the industry and users. Perhaps the APEX series, as a concept machine, will not be mass produced, and there are some minor deficiencies, but please give technology time and hope for the future. Maybe the future you look forward to is tomorrow. And the only thing that vivo wants to surpass is himself.

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