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Home > Tech News > MS-02 sounds review: Create a three-dimensional sense of encirclement in the whole space
MS-02 sounds review: Create a three-dimensional sense of encirclement in the whole space

MS-02 sounds review: Create a three-dimensional sense of encirclement in the whole space

By  Bartolemo Sade 2020-02-04 967 17

When it comes to home theater equipment, there are too many equipment to choose from. But in the face of only two rooms and one living room, the living room with limited area will carry more functions and uses, freeing up more space for other use. Therefore, the traditional speaker must be small, preferably installed on the wall, or consider buying a SoundBar bar plus subwoofer. Tianyi enjoyed No. 1 for a long time when a new set of small panoramic sound home theater sets produced in 2019 jumped into my eyes. This is the new MS-02 Dolby Panorama small cinema set customized and installed by Tianyi. Although it is stated in the introduction that this product is suitable for commercial places such as hotels, foot baths and micro cinemas, according to my experience, it must be very good to install it in the living room.

After buying the machine and unpacking, open four sturdy boxes in turn. To tell you the truth, the full set of products coincides with the analogy of "sparrows are small but well-equipped". This is a complete 5.1.2 Dolby panoramic sound home theater system: a dignified and exquisite amplifier, seven small and lovely speakers, and a not too large 8-inch passive subwoofer. Full of sound shelves, it can be described as a dazzling array, hehe! But only from the size point of view, really compact, very professional, very delicate and lovely.

  Taking a closer look, the boxes of power amplifiers and speakers are all made of aluminum alloy, processed by fine scrub and wiredrawing, and anodized dyeing process for the products put on a coat of elegant black professional equipment in line with the price. At a glance, it looks like a high-end atmosphere, which is definitely the design style and manufacturing style of a professional factory! Below, please make a systematic understanding of this set of products through my photographic lens and pen.

Panoramic Acoustic Power Amplifier-- MS-02A.

First of all, the core component of the product-Dolby panoramic sound (Dolby Atmos) power amplifier to make a detailed understanding: all aluminum alloy chassis, color LCD screen, and another panoramic sound "Yueheng No. 1" is almost the same. The only difference is that Yuehuan No. 1 is connected to the speaker by a 24-pin All-channels cable, while the MS-02 kit uses split panoramic sound: left / right (R) channel, middle speaker channel, left / right surround channel / left and right top channel and bass channel output terminal.
  The rest, such as four-in-one-out HDMI port with ARC function, analog audio input port, digital optical fiber and digital coaxial input port, Bluetooth input port, USB data input port and USB disk input port, etc., there is not much difference!

Open the top cover of the power amplifier, you can clearly see the internal structure and circuit layout of MS-02: the printed circuit board on the left side of the chassis, which occupies most of the area of the box, is the main circuit board that integrates large-scale DSP sound field processing and Dolby panoramic sound (Dolby Atmos) decoding, as well as multi-channel class D power amplifier and output circuit. The position on the right side of the box is the multi-channel digital power supply part of this amplifier, which is the power source of the machine!

From the main circuit board of the power amplifier, we can clearly see two large-scale integrated chips with a large area symmetrically installed, one is the DSP21487, of Analog Devices (American Analog Devices) and the other is DSP 21489, which is one of the certification schemes of Dolby panoramic sound Dolby Atmos DSP sound field processing technology in the United States!
  The decoder uses Analog Devices (American Analog Devices) the most mainstream fourth-generation SHARK floating-point DSP21487 and 21489 and other large-scale integrated chips to complete Dolby Atmos panoramic audio decoding OK! in fact, the chip can smoothly complete Dolby Atoms 5.1.2 system and Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital+,dts HD dts and other traditional audio stream decoding.

The follow-up circuit uses the industry elite leader-American CIRRUS LOGIC (American Crystal Semiconductor) mainstream DSP sound field processing chip CS48560 to complete sound effects such as sound field virtual and sound field expansion, and is responsible for adjusting the sound effect of the entire system and effectively correcting the sound frequency response curve of each loudspeaker, so that it can better achieve and complete the acoustic sound effect standards required by Dolby Atmos panoramic sound technology.

Among them, the author noticed that the large-scale integrated chip with the largest area and the largest number of feet located behind the circuit board is the si19777cluc HDMI/MHL2.0/3.0 video / audio distribution processor produced by Ledys Semiconductor from Oregon in the United States, which supports up to 32 channel object audio, 4K/30 and 1080Pmax 60. the chip is large, good heat dissipation, full sense of science and technology, and strong visual impact. Is one of the indispensable and important members of high-definition audio and video products.

The power amplifier circuit of this machine adopts class D digital power amplifier. Class D power amplifier has many advantages, first of all, it has a very high energy conversion rate, and its volume is very small, calorific value is small, basically does not need a large radiator. And it has high reliability and stability, energy saving and environmental protection. Sound quality and timbre have also made great progress in the continuous evolution and improvement. With the high-power digital power board on the left side of the amplifier, the MS-02 amplifier can be fully guaranteed to have an adequate power output of 7X30W (8 Ω) + 100W (2 Ω subwoofer)!

Speaker introduction.

  There are a total of 8 speakers for each output of the power amplifier: the all-aluminum alloy box adopts a symmetrical small box structure that can rotate 90 degrees independently, and the directivity of the horn can be adjusted at will to ensure the consistency of sound movement.

  The box adopts an irregular front-straight-back arc structure, which effectively weakens the formation of standing waves inside the box, which is conducive to the fidelity restoration of sound.
The surface of the box adopts fine wire drawing, sandblasting and anodizing dyeing process, and the front is decorated with rigid black professional anti-collision sound steel mesh, which is strong and strong. The size of the box is: 80X170X112 mm, is really petite and lovely in size, exquisite and elegant in vision, and full of professional equipment charm at the same time.
  Two high-power 3-inch full-frequency paper basin speakers are preferably used in the box, both of which are made of pure copper wire wound with large voice coil and natural strong magnetic steel, with an impedance of 8 ohms and a rated power of 30W to ensure clear sound quality, loudness and exquisite sound resistance.


As a voice reduction of the mid-set speakers are also used exactly the same aluminum alloy chassis and machining / dyeing process, both for the 80X170X112 mm box installed two 3-inch full-frequency paper basin speakers, impedance of 8 ohms, rated power of 30W, to fully ensure that the film voice dialogue plump and round and clear restore.

These exquisite and lovely small speakers are designed with standard mounting holes, and are equipped with 7 mounting brackets and screws needed for installation, so they can be fixed and installed with expansion screws directly in the right place on the wall. As each box is very small and delicate, installed in a small room does not appear abrupt, formal and crowded, and will not affect the layout of the room furniture.

To ensure that high-definition movies have enough sound pressure and low-frequency pressure to create the sound field effects, the MS-02 Cinema set specially designed a small 8-inch passive subwoofer, the subwoofer is small in size, but the 8-inch giant ultra-powerful magnetic steel plus ultra-long-stroke large voice coil, as well as elastic rubber suspension system and sturdy thick vibration basin, is enough to create an excellent low-frequency cyclone and shocking sound pressure.


Audition experience..

  Friends who play audio have such a saying: no matter how advanced your technology is, you still have to receive goods by ear in the end. For the identification of a set of audio equipment, the audition link is absolutely important.
  As for the MS-02 cinema system in front of me, maybe we can see how effective it is by listening to this panoramic sound test disc provided by Dolby and the movie with Dolby Atmos.
  However, some necessary settings and debugging must be made for MS-02 before playback:
  First: as the MS-02 cinema system only receives and completes DolbyAtmos panoramic sound decoding and post-processing, and cannot create DolbyAtmos effects out of thin air, the selected sound sources must have multi-channel digital audio source code output that supports DolbyAtmos format, and the selected disc or program source must be in DolbyAtmos (source code) format.

Second: if you want to get a better panoramic sound playing effect at home, you must first read the manual and enter the MS-02 menu to set and adjust the parameters (the manual is described in detail). In the parameter adjustment, the volume of each channel can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the size, layout and acoustic conditions of the living room. Each channel has a volume adjustment range of-10dB-+ 10dB, which is enough to meet your needs for volume adjustment of each channel.

For example, if you feel that the surround sound is not enough and the sound is too low, you can increase the volume alone in the surround channel. By the same token, if you feel that the volume of the sky channel is not enough, you can turn up the volume in the sky channel alone.
  Third: be sure to choose the mode corresponding to the sound source you enjoy: the system provides 5 listening modes including pure tone / music / movie / news and customization. built-in EQ adjustment with a total of 10 bands from-9 to + 9, you can adjust your favorite timbre orientation by yourself, which is very practical for listening to the timbre of lossless music.
  To this end, I dug up this Dolby Atmos effect Blu-ray disc, which is often used in auditions, and selected several program sources with typical effects:

First: try the three-dimensional sense of Dolby Atmos 3D sound moving: when I was selected to broadcast the high-definition audition disc scene of the European Motorcycle obstacle Race, the strong off-road motorcycle engine rang furiously in my ear, and with the movement of the picture, it sped past from far and near, leaving a strong sound of steam explosion all the way.
  When the motorcycle rushed towards me from the commanding heights at full speed, the top horn fired at full power, and the sound was instantly higher than several other speakers and suddenly exploded. I clearly felt that the motorcycle was running all the way down from the distance of the track, skimming over my head, and roaring past me with sand and dust. The movement of pictures and sound effects seems to jump out of the two-dimensional plane and instantly create a vivid three-dimensional space.

Second: try the coverage and shock of Dolby Atmos 3D stereo space: play the air combat scenes provided by Blu-ray auditions, and the TV pictures of fighter planes and bomber engines fill the whole audition space with high-definition pictures, as if the air is shaking. I believe that the general public have never experienced such a space war, but when we personally experienced the moment when the plane took off on the airport runway, We are impressed by the huge roar sound pressure! The sound effect at this time is comparable to that kind of shock!
  As for the air-to-air machine gunfire of the aircraft, there is not only the sharp roar and sonorous burst of metal tears, but also the particularly breathtaking surge of continuous mobile blasting during a strong explosion! At this time, the subwoofer is also quite powerful, especially when the air-dropped bomb explodes on the ground, the devastated land is full of mushroom clouds and decadent explosions, without the help of the subwoofer and the violent low frequency gushing out, then the whole audio-visual environment will surely be eclipsed!

Third: try Dolby Atmos's sense of three-dimensional encirclement: when playing the Crash glass of the program source provided by the Dolby Blu-ray test disc, a boxer hit the glass furiously with all his strength, making several loud crashing and shattering sounds, and the glass flew out in all directions, cutting through the space around me with the roaring wind. I had the illusion of glass fragments flying and dancing around me when I climbed up and down the front and back. My ears jingled, as if pieces of glass fell one after another on the ground around me. This sense of three-dimensional encirclement from the whole space almost wrapped around my body and senses, let me have a kind of immersive skin-cutting feeling, it's really great!

Friends who play in the cinema all understand that home theater equipment should be the most powerful driving force for the overall effect of large-screen TV, and the most competent makeup artist: if the high-definition movie picture is compared to safflower, and the wonderful dubbing effect is like green leaves, only the safflower against the green leaves is the most harmonious and beautiful natural scenery.
  The pursuit of the most authentic and natural sound effects has always been the lifelong goal of sound designers., Dolby Atmos cinema equipment is the best companion for families to watch movies and TV at home with large-screen color TVs.

As the MS-02 set cinema has many additional functions, the author also tries to use Bluetooth, U disk, TF card and other functions to play high-fidelity lossless music. The operation is very convenient and simple.
  As for the sound quality, timbre and listening effect of playing music, the sound is clear and loud. Accurately and responsibly, it should be "regular"! At least its sound field sound effect can beat many SoundBar bars and subwoofers of the same price for a few blocks, definitely killing many popular Bluetooth speakers.

Although this set of panoramic sound sets is mainly promoted by manufacturers of high-end hotel rooms and high-end foot bath places, as the effect of household use is absolutely leveraged, if the manufacturers can order some small professional tripods with chic and exquisite shape and workmanship to sell together with this set of equipment, it will not take up too much space, do not need to bury wires in advance, and are convenient to install. And the actual sound effect is comparable to the traditional home theater, I believe it will be more practical in the living room of small users and become their favorite alternative audio!

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