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Home > Tech News > Not in compliance with safety regulations? When the power supply is safe, it becomes a volcano.
Not in compliance with safety regulations? When the power supply is safe, it becomes a volcano.

Not in compliance with safety regulations? When the power supply is safe, it becomes a volcano.

By  Beltran Cignetti 2020-02-27 476 30

It is not uncommon to hear that the power supply in the chassis is on fire, either damaging the internal hardware or causing a fire. The most fundamental reason why the power supply caught fire is that the quality of the power supply itself is not up to standard, the workmanship of the materials is poor, and the capacity of the power supply accumulates heat, which leads to the fire. Safety is no small matter, choose the power supply or choose the "safety regulation power supply".

First, what is the safety regulation?

According to the encyclopedia, "Safety regulations are the product safety requirements in product certification, including the safety requirements of product parts and the safety requirements after the composition of the finished product."

Safety regulations should not only be a requirement, a standard, a certificate, a test report can replace or can explain, but also should be a product safety responsibility and activity that runs through the product life cycle.

Second, safety regulation power supply:

Safety regulation power supply, as its name implies, is a power product that conforms to the national safety standards.

This is the safety regulation power supply: Xingu GP600P platinum version.

When consumers choose a power supply, the vast majority of people are concerned about "what 80 Plus certification, with or without active PFC, conversion efficiency, whether the ripple performance is qualified, how the cross load …" The importance of safety regulations is often ignored.

Formal products are subject to strict safety tests before they are put on the market, and sales permits can be obtained only after they are passed. It is no exaggeration to say that if a product does not have the relevant safety certification, not only the quality and performance is questionable, but also there are strict safety risks.

Third, what are the characteristics of safety regulation power supply?

I happen to have a power supply that meets the safety standards-Xingu GP600P platinum version 500W. In order to make people better understand the safety power supply, let's take it as an example.

  1. Whether the power supply nameplate has specification 3C certification and serial number.

The power supply sold in China should have 3C certification. 3C Certification English name China Compulsory Certification (CCC 3C), China's compulsory product certification system, which is a product conformity assessment system implemented by the Chinese government in order to protect consumers' personal safety and national security, strengthen product quality management, and rely on laws and regulations.

Xingu GP600P platinum version of the power supply behind the nameplate has a clear "3C certification logo", careful netizens have found that the upper left corner of this power nameplate also has a "3C certification number". My power supply is numbered as "2016010907902649".

Open the official website of [China quality Certification Center], click "Certificate query" and search the number, you can find the relevant certification information. As follows:

Including applicant, manufacturer, manufacturer, product name, model / specification, standard and other information at a glance. I applied for this power supply on September 19, 2016. The certificate is valid on February 04, 2020, and is currently within the validity period of 3C certification.

There are some fake or small factory power supplies, and there are 3C certified LOGO, but no specific codes are provided, so there is no way to query the source. This kind of products are often sold with sheep's head and dog meat, so we should be careful when choosing and buying them.

  2. Whether there is a certification of "conforming to the use of 2000 meters above sea level and below"

Xingu GP600P platinum version of the power supply nameplate has such a certification LOGO, and consistent with the 3C certification certificate. With such certification regulations, it is designed to remind consumers to use the specification correctly.

  Why does the power supply have such a certification requirement?

We know that the higher the altitude is and the lower the air pressure is, the thinner the air is. The insulating medium between the electrical material and the contact is generally air. According to the research, when the air becomes thinner or reaches a vacuum, it can increase the probability of gas breakdown voltage. In addition, with the increase of altitude, the air is thin, the internal heat dissipation capacity of the power supply also becomes worse, and it is easy to accumulate heat.

Well, many people may have asked, in places like Tibet, where the average elevation is 5000 meters above sea level, can the power supply still be used? As mentioned above, if it is more than 2000 meters, it will not comply with the safety regulations, and the power supply will not be so safe. Therefore, for the sake of safety, people in this area are advised to choose a power supply suitable for high altitude environment.

  3. The tail mark should be affixed with the AC logo and correspond to the nameplate.

How do you understand this? Take the Xingu GP600P platinum version of the power supply, for example, the tail mark is affixed with AC 100PUE 220V, corresponding to the nameplate, in line with the national 220V AC use standard.
In addition, you will see that Taiwan or American power supplies are also marked with AC 100V 240V, which means that they are products with a wide voltage range, which can be used at 110V abroad or 220V at home.

A little knowledge:AC is the abbreviation of Alternating current, which means alternating current. For example, AC220v, means 220v AC voltage.

  3. There are complete primary and secondary EMI circuits.

What is EMI:

The full name of EMI is Electromagnetic Interference, which is called electromagnetic interference. It will be produced with the action of voltage and current, and can be conducted along the circuit or air and other media. It is a kind of electromagnetic phenomenon that has adverse effects on the surrounding electronic devices, electronic systems and even biological or other substances. Therefore, EMI has a great relationship to the stable work of our PC hardware and even to our personal health.

What is the function of EMI:

The EMI filter circuit exists to eliminate EMI. It mainly uses the characteristics of inductor and capacitor elements to filter the EMI, generated between the signals generated by the power or electronic system-signal, power supply, signal-power supply and power supply-to ensure the smooth operation of the whole power or electronic system without harmful electromagnetic interference. To put it simply, it is similar to our common air filter, fish tank water filter and so on.

How to judge the complete first-level and second-level EMI:

The EMI filter circuit in the PC power supply can be divided into the first-level EMI filter circuit and the second-level EMI filter circuit, that is, we often say "first-level EMI" and "second-level EMI", in which the former is generally placed on the AC input socket on the power supply, some directly weld the components on the socket, and some are made into an independent PCB and then connected with the socket. The latter is mostly placed on the main PCB of the PC power supply, and there are more components than the first-level EMI filter circuit, and it is also an important part of the power protection system.

To select the safety regulation power supply, the primary and secondary EMI circuits must be recognized correctly.

Internal disassembly of Xingu GP600P platinum power supply.

From the internal disassembly point of view, Xingu GP600P platinum version of power supply has a complete level of EMI and secondary EMI circuit, plays a good role in protecting the power supply, reducing common-mode and differential-mode interference in the city power, further improving the purity of the input current to ensure the stable operation of the power supply, and can also restrain the burst voltage and current in the city power input, and avoid subsequent circuit components burning out due to the impact of voltage or current.

Some copycat power supplies, in order to save costs, generally save secondary EMI circuits, and some even do not even have primary EMI, or streamline primary EMI circuits. This may not be a big problem at the beginning of use, and it will lead to a series of problems over a long period of time.

  4. Dare to announce the internal working materials of the power supply and let the consumers inspect them.

In fact, this is not the standard of safety power supply, but I think that as a safety power supply, we should have the strength to disclose the internal workmanship and materials of the power supply to consumers and accept inspection.

A very simple example, on the e-commerce purchase page, if you avoid talking about the internal structure and materials, or speak vaguely, you should be careful. Some fake power supplies do not even have the basic information about the materials used.

My gearbest page search Xingu GP600P platinum version of the power supply, there is still a more detailed internal structure and materials introduction, you can go to see.


The power industry has become more and more standardized in recent years, and most of the first-line products are sold on the market through safety certification, but in the hotbed of e-commerce, there are still many inferior power products for sale, including fake PFC, without EMI, miscellaneous brand capacitors, and the most important thing is that there are no safety standards.

Therefore, when we choose a power supply, in addition to weighing the price, performance, power rating, etc., but also to choose a safety power supply, in line with the above standards, we can rest assured. You don't want your phone to be accompanied by a ticking time bomb every day?

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