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Home > Tech News > Pico Neo 2 VR all-in-one device debuts in CES 2020
Pico Neo 2 VR all-in-one device debuts in CES 2020

Pico Neo 2 VR all-in-one device debuts in CES 2020

By  Garwin Burson 2020-01-10 1416 25

Throughout the major science and technology exhibitions at home and abroad in recent years, VR has become a familiar face. On CES 2020, Pico, the leading international VR brand, unveiled its new 6DoF VR flagship all-in-one Pico Neo 2 series products. Gearbest also took the opportunity to interview Ms. Zu Kunlun, VP of Pico Market. In the course of the conversation, in addition to introducing new products, she also answered current hot questions.

From 3DoF to 6DoF, bringing unprecedented user experience

In the VR industry, there is a word called 3DoF. Basically, 3DoF can only allow users to rotate their heads in place, that is, up and down, left and right, and back and forth, so users are basically unable to move and walk in the virtual world. In practice, they can only bring mild interactive experience to users. Previously, the application scenarios of VR all-in-one products based on 3DoF tracking technology were mainly for video and games, but it was very embarrassing that 3DoF could not bring a better gaming experience, so the launch of a VR all-in-one device with 6DoF tracking technology was put on the agenda by more VR manufacturers.

6DoF technology is not a new concept, which has long been applied to PC VR devices, but there are few VR integrated machines equipped with 6DoF technology, because 6DoF technology is closely related to the hardware performance of mobile devices. Just as the newly released Pico Neo 2 products are all equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon845 Mobile VR platform, and use the interior space 6DoF and SLAM, supported by the Snapdragon845 VR development kit with more advanced relocation algorithms, when users are in use, the movement of the screen is more consistent with the real displacement, and the stability is further improved.

The Pico Neo 2 handle adopts the brand-new electromagnetic positioning 6DoF technology, and through the electromagnetic and IMU multi-sensor fusion technology, the tracking refresh rate of the handle is greatly improved, the handle delay is lower, and the anti-interference ability to face the complex environment becomes stronger. After this optimization design, Pico Neo 2 has greatly improved the accuracy, delay, stability and other aspects of 6DoF head and hand tracking.

'Our goal is very clear, 'Mr. Zu said.' our goal is to build a VR mobile platform, which has been set since the beginning of the company, 'Mr. Zu said. Because only in this way will it be possible to extend VR to more people. At that time, after the PC VR device adopted the first 6 hands 6 (head display 6DoF, handle 6DoF), we thought we had to use this technology on the VR all-in-one machine, which is actually what we always wanted to do.

We have always thought that the first six hands and six hands will be the future direction, but we have to admit that in the early stage, the technology on the overall industrial chain of the first six hands six is not so mature, so we have been paying attention to this technology for a long time, only to say that we will not take it out until everything is mature and the experience is good enough. So when it comes to the Pico Neo 2 generation, Pico feels that it has found a more mature technology that can make the product's experience truly acceptable to consumers, so we add it to the new product.

When 6DoF tracking technology is added to the VR all-in-one machine, with its excellent tracking ability, it makes the game more real and playable, and can greatly enhance the user's experience in the game., Pico Neo 2 on the CES scene through "OhShape", "Stumper", "Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs" and other popular 6DoF VR games, let the experience feel the charm of VR.

5G will liberate VR productivity

Compared with the PC VR end equipment, the VR all-in-one machine has certain advantages and disadvantages. In actual use, the VR all-in-one machine is easier to use, more convenient to carry, and will not be bound by the wire harness. But in terms of hardware performance, considering battery life and heat dissipation, there is still a big gap between the performance of the mobile processor and the PC, and the image quality processing ability of VR itself is much greater than that of the original traditional media, so the production capacity of VR has not been opened at all. However, with the rise of 5G commercial and 5G cloud computing, performance is no longer a factor restricting the development of VR all-in-one computers.

Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, once said that 5G is suitable for industrial Internet, vehicle networking, telemedicine, VR, and AR. It can achieve fast response and send the filtered data of the edge cloud to the central cloud, which is collected and optimized into the mathematical model of the network, and then transmitted to the edge cloud. VR and AR network need a bit rate of 1G. With the emergence of 5G, high-definition network video will be supported. 5G+VR/AR will have more applications in the future, including video, games, live streaming, tourism, education, medical care and so on.

"5G + Cloud is an infrastructure that has not been fully built yet, but conceptually, what can the cloud do?" Zu Kunlun said that relying on the characteristics of low latency, high broadband and large connectivity of 5G, the future VR all-in-one machine can hand over major operations to the cloud, while retaining certain local computing power, so that the cloud will handle all tasks and rely on the 5G network to send the picture to the VR all-in-one machine, so that the VR all-in-one machine can compete with or even surpass the PC VR device in the experience.

For VR manufacturers, the first biggest player in the 5G era is operators, operators for VR manufacturers, for an industry means the best channels, more capital, more consumer coverage, so operators will accelerate the promotion of technology and experience. To push back the market, there are already operators to purchase and display cloud games, and when 5G is mature, VR, which has been suppressed for a long time, can liberate strong productivity.

Of course, VR is not just a game, VR can do more. When talking about VR, more people will think of games and videos, in addition to these, VR can also be aimed at live streaming, tourism, education, medical and other applications. For example, Pico has partnered with Mozilla to formally introduce Firefox Reality VR browsers, providing more options for application developers based on Web VR.

In addition, in the conversation, Zu Kunlun mentioned an example. "We have a company in the United States that uses the front-facing camera on Pico products to develop an app that allows visually impaired people to see the outside world clearly, so that some people with weak labor ability can return to work," she said. "do something that can really turn your technology into a meaningful application right away. I think this is the real value-added innovation that technology should do."

The ending

On CES, Pico also showed an ultra-light and thin VR head display device, which is only 26mm thick and weighs about 120g. The left and right eyes support an independent adjustment of 0Mel 800 °diopter. The domestic version of Pico Neo 2 will be released in China after the Spring Festival. In addition to the new products on the market, there will be a number of 6DOF VR games simultaneous launch. The editor also believes that with the development of 5G and the progress of technology, Pico has launched more and more amazing products, which also makes VR have a wider range of applications.

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