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Home > Tech News > POSEZOO massage gun review: your private fitness therapist
POSEZOO massage gun review: your private fitness therapist

POSEZOO massage gun review: your private fitness therapist

By  Elwira Iakovou 2019-12-27 2117 15

[Gearbest assessment] Today's young people run around in concrete-like cities every day, and the fast-paced life makes many people physically and mentally exhausted. In order to relieve stress, fitness exercise has become the first choice for people, to maintain good health at the same time, but also with a positive attitude to meet new challenges.

I do not know since when, the word fascia gun began to become popular in the field of sports and fitness, it can effectively dissipate a large amount of creatine produced by exercise, work and life fatigue, and has a very good role in relieving body fatigue. In addition to fitness enthusiasts, it is also a good relaxation artifact for white-collar workers who have been sitting in the office for a long time. 

The POSEZOO gun sounds like a very tall thing, but the principle is very simple, that is, the gun head hits the target part of the body to help muscle and soft tissue relax and recover and promote blood circulation. The effect of high-frequency oscillation can penetrate through the deep skeletal muscle, relax the skeletal muscle instantly, and smooth the blood vessels of the meridian nerves and collaterals. So as to solve the pain reaction caused by the nodule and adhesion of the fascia caused by exercise. 

In the past two years, the fascia gun market is extremely hot, and the rich products are dazzling. Among them, POSEZOO Foss is committed to focusing on light fitness equipment and sports massage repair product research and development, some time ago also launched a fascia gun product, the author has the honor to get this product, today to talk to you.

Intelligent display screen original rotation installation

POSEZOO fascia massage gun is different from many products on the market, its own storage box, nylon + leather design, full texture, high-end atmosphere, easy to carry at the same time, gift giving is also very face-saving. The overall blue also has an extremely strong sense of movement. With such sincerity, we are already far ahead of similar competitors.

Open the storage box, the  POSEZOO fascia massage gun and all the accessories are clear at a glance. These include a fascia massage gun, a power adapter, four massage heads, instructions and a card. It also provides four types of massage heads designed for Asian bodies, including spherical head, U-shaped head, finger pressing head and flat head. The box is well protected, every part is just right, and it won't come loose. 

POSEZOO fascia massage gun is moderate in size and won't take up too much space in the suitcase, and the weight of the 1KG is easy to carry on a business trip. The handle of nano-bacteriostatic silica gel is safe and skid-proof, and the handle is comfortable. The whole machine is made of nylon material and has a high-strength fuselage, so there is no need to worry too much about bumping damage in daily use.

The original rotary installation design of the massage head, in order to avoid the use of the traditional fascia gun direct plug massage head more and more tightly, especially after the upper limb training, the arm is weak, it is difficult to take out and replace, and the patented thread structure is designed. Girls and the elderly can also be easily replaced. One of the biggest features of the

POSEZOO fascia massage gun is that it has a 40*34mm LCD LCD screen for mode selection and power display. There is a button on both sides of the LCD screen, the button on the left is the switch button, and the button on the right is the mode selection button. After booting, you can see six working modes, and you can choose according to your own needs.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that in order to prevent the use of the gym from being exposed to a large amount of sweat, resulting in the breeding of bacteria, the POSEZOO  fascia massage gun uses an bacteriostatic massage head and innovatively adds bacteriostatic materials.

Original 5 "breathing massage" + intelligent mode

Said so much, I believe you have a basic understanding of the  POSEZOO  fascia massage gun, and then we will talk about the use experience.

POSEZOO fascia massage gun created five kinds of "breathing massage" + intelligent mode, five kinds of "breathing massage" including warm-up mode, relaxation mode, acid discharge mode, physiotherapy mode and expert mode, while the intelligent mode will adjust the speed of the motor according to the pressure exerted by users in the process of use, and realize the timely change of strength demand in interaction to adapt to a variety of strength needs.

  1. Warm-up mode: strength is still relatively strong, in order to help muscles warm up quickly, activate muscle vitality, can also be used before exercise, equivalent to warm-up, can avoid injuries during exercise.
  2. Relaxation mode: as the name implies, it relaxes tense muscles and relieves the pain caused by exercise or sitting for a long time. We can adjust our strength and find what suits us.

 3. Acid drainage mode: at the beginning to see this model, the author is also confused, after all, I am a writer, and usually do not exercise. In fact, this is to eliminate the accumulation of lactic acid caused by exercise, simply to relieve muscle soreness after high-intensity exercise. Because it is necessary to improve blood circulation through high-frequency vibration, it is more forceful.

4. Physiotherapy mode: according to officials, it is a high-level version of the relaxation mode. In the actual experience, the strength obviously feels stronger, so you should pay attention to it for the first time.

5. Expert model: this is my personal feeling of the most violent model, should be built for professional sports people, ordinary people may rarely use this model.

As for the smart mode, it can be determined according to the pressure of the user in the process of use, the vibration frequency is between 1400 and 3200 rpm, the greater the pressure, the faster the speed. And the provision of this intelligent mode also allows users to control themselves according to their own adaptation, which is very intimate.

At this point, many people may still wonder, what are the four heads in the storage box for? Among them, the spherical head is suitable for massaging large muscle groups such as arms, waist and back, buttocks, thighs, calves, etc.; U-shaped head is suitable for massaging neck, both sides of spine and Achilles tendon; finger pressure head is suitable for meridians, palms and soles of feet; flat head is suitable for relaxing and shaping of a muscle.

As far as the author is concerned, the relaxation mode is commonly used. After turning it on, the vibration frequency is moderate. After about 10 minutes of massage, the overall feeling is much more relaxed. And I prefer a flat head, because the flat head is weaker and softer, not as hard as a round head and a pointed head.

For any electronic product, battery life has always been a concern for consumers. in this regard, the Foss fascia massage gun supports 12 hours of ultra-long range, with built-in 2600mAh capacity batteries, due to many similar products on the market.


Said so, first of all, we have a certain understanding of the fascia massage gun, to sum up, compared with many products on the market, the backlight display screen of the fascia massage gun is a major feature, and excellent battery performance. In addition, it can not be based on everyone's tolerance to choose the mode, to achieve the role of relaxation, with four massage heads can also achieve different results.  POSEZOO  fascia massage gun is not only aimed at exercise and fitness people, office workers can also rely on it to relax and reduce stress and relieve fatigue. Evaluation of

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