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Home > Tech News > Should the toilet lid be covered or opened? If you look at the lessons of medieval Europe, you can see the answer
Should the toilet lid be covered or opened? If you look at the lessons of medieval Europe, you can see the answer

Should the toilet lid be covered or opened? If you look at the lessons of medieval Europe, you can see the answer

By  Spense Camus 2020-02-11 2372 7

Legend has it that medieval Europe had the "laudatory name" of defecating without bathing for thousands of years. In medieval Europe, Catholics believed that dirty bodies were regarded as closer to God, and non-bathing became a symbol of holiness. They only bathed three times in their lives: born, married and encoffined.

Do not take a bath will accumulate layer after layer of dirt, hair will also lice, the smell of the body will not smell good, in order to cover up the stench of the body, perfume has become a sharp weapon.

Compared with the exaggeration of not taking a bath for thousands of years, it is an indisputable fact to defecate casually. For ordinary people in medieval Europe, the floor was their toilet, and after pulling it, they put it aside with a shovel and it was over. Pile up to a certain extent, fall from the balcony, resulting in indoor and outdoor stench. Later, after the change, the feces were dumped into the river, which is the source of drinking water for the residents.

It is conceivable that more than half of medieval Europeans died of infectious diseases. It was not until the late industrial revolution that large cities with hundreds of thousands of people appeared in Europe. It was precisely because of the lack of public health habits in Europe in the past that infectious diseases began to occur as soon as the urban population exceeded 50,000, and spread to the surrounding villages, resulting in a substantial reduction in population. There is a cycle for several years, over and over again. Thus it can be seen that there are hidden dangers that endanger human health in the feces.

With the development and progress of society, human beings have become more and more mature in the treatment of feces. But many people have great doubts about whether the toilet lid should be opened or not when the toilet lid is flushed after poop. I don't have direct contact with feces. It makes no difference whether the toilet seat is opened or closed.

I believe that many people have the experience of smelling the foul smell when opening the toilet lid to flush the toilet. In fact, it means that it is unhealthy to open the toilet lid to flush the toilet. There are a lot of bacteria in the smelly smell. Especially in the special period when the epidemic is serious and the new coronavirus is likely to spread through feces, the toilet seat must be closed when flushing the toilet!

The third people's Hospital in Shenzhen said on Feb. 1 that it tested positive for RNA in the feces of confirmed patients, meaning that the new coronavirus infection has the possibility of "fecal transmission". In theory, the possible reason for being positive is that a large number of new coronaviruses exist in the oral, nasal and respiratory mucous membranes of patients, enter the digestive tract with swallowing, and finally excrete with feces.

In addition, can fecal transmission really be established? There is no concrete evidence for the time being. What we can know is that."RNA positive" does not mean that it is a live virus.In response to related problems, Zhang Qiwei, a professor at the Biosafety Laboratory of Southern Medical University, said: although no live virus has been detected, but the nucleic acid test is positive, the probability of having a live virus is very high.

Academician Zhong Nanshan responded that the new coronavirus may be transmitted through fecal mouth. Now this problem should be taken very seriously, because the virus is found in the feces, whether the feces transmit the virus or not should be highly vigilant.

In 2018, someone did an experiment on "what is the hidden danger of not closing the toilet seat when flushing the toilet seat". After examination, it was found that there were Micrococcus luteus, Bacillus subtilis and large intestine bacteria in the air after flushing the toilet seat. Such as Aspergillus Niger, Candida albicans, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Mucor, Aspergillus flavus and other bacteria.

In fact, a lot of viruses can be transmitted through feces. Experts point out that some bacteria in feces can cause respiratory infections such as pneumonia and bronchitis, and some microbes can cause skin diseases. and some fungi may also cause diseases such as female vaginitis.

At present, people are most worried about how the virus spreads through feces, mainly in the following two ways: one is that when flushing the toilet, the water impulse will volatilize the germs into the air and inhale them to cause infection. Another way is that infected people or virus carriers do not wash their hands after defecation, leaving feces and virus on their hands, sticking to clothing, contact with food and other places, resulting in infection after contact with other people.

To investigate the causes of infection, it is nothing more than not paying attention to personal hygiene, and there are many examples of diseases caused by poor hygiene. If you do not pay attention to toilet hygiene, in addition to being likely to be infected with a new type of pneumonia virus, it is also easy to cause a variety of health risks. At present, the epidemic needs to pay attention to personal hygiene, especially to cover the toilet seat when flushing the toilet to prevent the bacteria from spilling out of the excreta. In addition, we should also pay attention to washing hands before and after meals, cleaning toilets, maintaining ventilation, and maintaining life safety.

Fortunately, with the development of science and technology, more and more attention has been paid to the cleanliness and hygiene of private parts. in order to prevent a series of problems caused by residual feces around the anus after defecation, human beings slowly use smart toilets to remove bacteria, which can effectively curb virus transmission to a certain extent.

When it comes to the origin of the toilet seat, we immediately thought of Japan. In fact, the first intelligent toilet did not appear in Japan. The origin of the smart toilet can be traced back to Europe in the 18th century. A French furniture manufacturer invented a toilet set with a flushing function. An ordinary toilet is used to go to the toilet, and the other is independent of the toilet with the function of flushing. But the ambassadors' use of this product in European brothels, coupled with the prejudice against French hedonism in countries such as Britain and the United States, led them to think that the product from France was also full of corrupt moral corruption. and completely dislike smart toilet seats.

In the United States in 1964, Arnold Cohen, an American, spent two years developing a pedal-controlled intelligent toilet seat that integrates flushing and drying for his sick father, and obtained a patent. I thought this was a business opportunity, but because Americans are not interested in smart toilets, and Americans think.The problem of going to the toilet is too vulgar.As a result, sales have been bad. He then granted the patent to a smart toilet that Japan's TOTO, did not like in the United States, but was reborn in Japan.

Japan is a country that attaches great importance to the culture of going to the toilet, and among the many gods they believe in, there is even a "toilet god" who specializes in toilets. It can be seen that the Japanese like to soak up. They think that "filth" not only means unclean, but also means that life is coming to an end and causing disaster. We can also see that Japan attaches great importance to the culture of going to the toilet from the separation of the three dry and wet. According to the book, the ancient Japanese toilet is spotless, with incense and prepared toilet paper. When the guests leave, clean the toilet thoroughly and sprinkle it with clean sand. There is also a pitcher for washing hands next to the toilet. So it is not too much for smart toilets that can be thoroughly cleaned to gain unprecedented popularity in Japan.

It is worth learning that the Japanese attach importance to the cleanliness of toilets. To a certain extent, smart toilets can effectively curb the spread of the virus, first of all, curbing the possibility of hand contact, and secondly, washing and drying functions to further wash away residual feces to reduce the prevalence of gynecological diseases.


In this special period, people talk about the "virus" all change color, panic. Health and epidemic prevention experts pointed out that the current route of transmission of the new coronavirus is not only direct transmission, such as cough, talking droplets, direct infection of exhaled gas, and so on, but also contact transmission, such as contact with the virus by hand. and then contact with the oral cavity, nasal cavity and other mucous membranes to cause infection.

But recently, there are rumors of a new mode of transmission: aerosol transmission.

The so-called aerosol transmission means that droplets are mixed in the air to form aerosols, which will be suspended in the air for a period of time and lead to infection after inhalation, that is to say, even if they do not come into contact with diagnosed patients, they may be infected with the new coronavirus. For example, a person with a confirmed coronavirus patient is a neighbor upstairs and downstairs. when the patient enters the elevator without a mask, the virus will remain in the elevator air, and it is easy to be infected when another person goes in without a mask.

With regard to the theory of aerosol transmission, on February 9, Feng Luzhao, a researcher at the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention: at present, the main route of transmission of the new coronavirus is droplet transmission and contact transmission.There is no evidence that the new crown virus is transmitted through aerosols.. The new crown virus is mainly spread by close respiratory droplets, the distance of transmission is very short, usually one to two meters, will not float in the air for a long time. When coughing and sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with paper towels or handkerchiefs and elbows to prevent droplets from splashing.

If really can spread through the aerosol also need not panic, generally speaking, the aerosol colloid point than the surface mass energy is very big, but also has the electric charge, the virus is very easy to be destroyed, the survival degree is not high. In addition, the particle size is generally larger than 10 microns, and the most are more than 50 microns. Ordinary medical masks can stop this kind of particles, and the very small ones will float away with the wind. As long as you wear a good mask, people are unlikely to breathe. ?

The new coronavirus is so menacing that more than 30,000 people have been diagnosed in less than half a month since January 24. The causes of infection are even more varied, and it is difficult to prevent. A man in Ningbo was diagnosed with the new coronavirus, but he did not go to the epidemic area 14 days before the disease and did not know the patient who had been diagnosed before. the patient had brief contact with a confirmed patient in the same vegetable market stall and was infected for 15 seconds.

Coincidentally, a man has no obvious history of going out and has never been to a vegetable market. the investigation found that he and a new coronavirus confirmed patient were neighbors upstairs and downstairs and were presumed to have been infected while riding the elevator together.

While at home, another patient touched the handle of a person who was later diagnosed with the patient and was also infected.


Examples of infection emerge one after another every day, and there are all kinds of strange reasons for being infected. If you do not guard against it properly, you will be hit if you are not careful. In the face of the ever-changing ways of transmission, how can we win the battle against the "epidemic"? In fact, if we don't do a good job of ourselves, we will make the greatest contribution to society. in these extraordinary times, fewer parties, less going out, often open windows, more ventilation, frequent hand washing, wearing masks, personal hygiene, and keeping toilets clean is the lowest cost and the most effective means of epidemic prevention.

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