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Home > Tech News > Smart city is included in CES display unit for the first time, Lenovo smart city is advancing by leaps and bounds
Smart city is included in CES display unit for the first time, Lenovo smart city is advancing by leaps and bounds

Smart city is included in CES display unit for the first time, Lenovo smart city is advancing by leaps and bounds

By  Bing Hastings 2020-02-06 1478 27

From January 8 to January 11, Beijing time, the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES 2020) was held in Las Vegas, USA. More than 4500 exhibitors from all over the world displayed their cutting-edge products one after another, bringing a splendid science and technology event to the audience.

At this "science and technology feast", Lenovo brought the world's first folding screen. PC Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, the world's first 5G PC Lenovo YOGA 5G and other leading industry-leading PC, folding screen phone motorola razr and a series of smart devices stunning debut, let technology enthusiasts from all over the world shout.

Liu Jun, executive vice president and president of Lenovo Group, said in an interview with the media on CES. , "Lenovo China. __RPA_TRAN_STR__6 , Liu Jun believes that it revolves around customer-centric and smart things. Two transformations. , The future. It has to be accelerated. , Ecology is to break the internal and external boundaries of enterprises, opening up, integration and cooperation, which is an important way to accelerate the landing of transformation.

Lenovo × Imperial Palace co-sponsored products take the lead in customer-centered transformation and speed up in an all-round way  

This year. The Imperial Palace appeared at the CES Exhibition for the first time. Cultural creation. Element. Lenovo exhibited works with the Imperial Palace. Joint name. Products, two customized products that are very iconic in the national style. PC. , " Lenovo Fulai runs YOGA C940 and Longding Qiankun AIO 520X Max " . In the Lenovo exhibition area. , The Imperial Palace, Wenchuang. Joint name. Product area always. There is an endless stream of visitors. Yes. Visitors. Said to Liu Jun, "I like this series. It's so beautiful."

The deep cooperation with the Imperial Palace is a representative of Lenovo's transformation. Aiming at the trendy young people in the city, Lenovo develops tailor-made products for them. Integrate technology and trends into products. And adjust the marketing policy according to their preferences. Lenovo said that it will continue to work with the Imperial Palace and the women's volleyball team, which can represent the Chinese spirit. IP carries out in-depth cooperation.

Liu Jun said that in the past two years, Lenovo's consumer business has made a transformation, that is, a customer-centered transformation. Lenovo has completely opened up online and offline channels in the past two years. The same price online and offline, completely dynamic. Adjust the price so that consumers can experience the product more closely. . " It takes us two years to associate it first. The business model from B to C is completely converted to the business model directly to C, which is more beneficial for us to accurately touch the consumer customer base. " Liu Jun said.

In 2020, Lenovo will continue to accelerate its customer-centric transformation, Liu Jun revealed, relying on the customer-centric transformation. Fiscal year 2019. Lenovo in China. Have the opportunity to create a new high in PC market share. It might. Reach 40% market share. Set an all-time high.

Besides. , Lenovo's innovation at the product level has been widely concerned by the industry. Association. This time. Focus on innovative products such as folding screen computers, the world's first 5GPC and ink screen computers. , Once again leading the new trend of PC industry.

Lenovo is not only exploring the future. PC. In a new way of use, It is also actively trying new forms of mobile phone products, Lenovo's. m Otorola razr. Folding screen mobile phone. In. After folding. But. Make the phone half smaller and portable. Got a great deal. Promotion. Liu Jun said. , 5G version of motorolararz. Will be in 2020. Year. It was listed on the domestic market in the second quarter.

The Alliance of Intelligent things is transforming, opening up a new track and taking the lead

CES 2020. At the exhibition. Many exhibitors exhibited solutions in the field of smart cities. Dai Wei, vice president and general manager of Lenovo's service business in China, expressed delight at this. It's a very welcome change for CES, which shows that we are not only focusing on the consumer side of the front. And Bto. B. And Bto. C. The market. Lenovo wisdom service field. Will be in. Smart city solutions, smart energy, smart agriculture and other areas are launched.

Liu Jun said, for example, that Lenovo's smart service customer service team has only 400 people, but it supports nearly 10 million network-wide product consulting services every year. Behind this is the intelligent Rubik's cube customer service system developed by Lenovo Wisdom Service. "after the experience, I joked that each of our operators was armed to the teeth, very modern, very unimaginably intelligent." Liu Jun said.

Lenovo is currently helping to build a smart city in Shangrao, taking over Shangrao. Call center industrial park. Business, from intelligence. Rubik's cube customer service. System departure. With artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other new technologies. Assist Shangrao to build. New intelligent call center platform.

At present, Lenovo's position in the smart city is called the operating service provider of the new smart city. The target market is the intelligent transition market. . "This market already exists and is booming." Liu Jun said. But the size of the market, professional consulting firms have not yet given the exact number.

Association. Through. Cooperate with the national top design institute to design and consult the whole city from the top floor. To provide customers with a package of services, Such as. Association. In Wenchang, Hainan. Smart city solution based on. Just. Yes. Future. A three-to five-year overall plan.

Liu Jun concluded that Lenovo is in the transformation of intelligence. Market. Up. A few. Advantage in competition. The first is the accumulation of core technology. Lenovo itself is an intelligent enterprise. Lenovo's experience of intelligent transformation can help other customers to complete the intelligent transformation.

The second is the advantage of service delivery. Association in. IT. Service field. Delivery capacity. It's domestic. The strongest, Association. In the whole of China. Common. More than 10,000 engineers, as small as county-level cities, can provide the most landing delivery. And Lenovo not only helps customers build it, Still can. Accompany growth and help customers continue. Operation.

Co-building Ecology: Lenovo is about to open a national service delivery platform

CES2020's judgment on showing the industry trend at the time of the arrival of 5G and AI is already very specific. Vice President of Lenovo Group, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development of Lenovo China. Ah Mu. It is considered that it can be reflected in three trends, scene, integration and ecology.

The first is the scene application. Now more and more manufacturers are willing to present a complete scene experience, so that users can experience the product more completely. Scene experience has gradually become a very important factor that smart device software and services can enter the purchasing basket of consumers.

The second is integration. Hardware manufacturers, software manufacturers and service manufacturers began to integrate with each other to achieve a complete product presentation.

The third is ecology. Among manufacturers, the trend of "you have me, I have you" is becoming more and more obvious, and the proportion of enterprises to present their own products in a single and isolated way is decreasing. There are more and more products in the form of cooperation with each other, which makes the relationship between ecology and ecology. Production. Joint vertical alliance, everyone. Both. Looking for a new balance to meet many of the needs of consumers.

Among them, ecology is Lenovo China. The latest adjustments to be made this year.

Liu Jun believes that ecology is not only a new organizational model, but also a model for the development of enterprises. For example, the IoT world is interconnected. Lenovo wants to do consumer ecology, but it is impossible to do all the products, and it is bound to cooperate with many companies. "We need to build a platform for all upstream and downstream partners to work together. Only by jointly building the ecology can we achieve success."

Lenovo believes that through the cross-border organizational form and the joint cooperation of external ecological partners, let ecology become a booster to accelerate the transformation, and further give ecological partners and many employees more room for growth and leadership.

In the pace of ecological co-construction, Lenovo has been accelerating. Dai Wei warned that Lenovo Smart Service is about to open up Lenovo's service delivery platform across the country and turn it into an open platform. In the face of this very fragmented market, many commercial IT manufacturers can use Lenovo's service delivery platform to provide more comprehensive services for their customers. The ecology of smart services currently includes some solution providers for vertical industries, as well as I. OT. Donovan's equipment.

From this year's C. ES. According to the information revealed by Lenovo at the conference, Lenovo China is realizing the three major business directions of smart services, smart IoT products and smart industry solutions. Own. Intelligent union of things. Transformation; from the business side. In terms of performance, Lenovo achieved success in China. Was. Breakthrough, especially in the field of industry intelligence, Lenovo has become an important force in the intelligent construction of various industries in China.

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