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Home > Tech News > Staying up late may be genetic! Share my measured method that is the easiest to fall asleep
Staying up late may be genetic! Share my measured method that is the easiest to fall asleep

Staying up late may be genetic! Share my measured method that is the easiest to fall asleep

By  Giovanni Galluccio 2020-02-24 1185 13

Staying up late has basically become "popular" in the post-90s and post-00s, and it is no longer a problem to see the streets at two o'clock in the morning. Some friends who work harder can also watch the sunrise by the way and win the late-night marathon every day. But stay up late followed by easy aging, decreased resistance and other health problems are also common. Is it a habit for night owls to stay up late? Or is it a pace of life or a helpless choice?

In fact, staying up late may also be a disease. Michael Young, a 2017 Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine, has found that many night owls sleep late, not because of their habits, but because of a genetic mutation that will be passed on to the next generation. In other words, night owls may be a disease, or even a genetic disease.

And netizens have a lot of views on "night owls", such as the real version: the mobile phone can not be put down and the computer can not be put down. There is also a fine version of the play: because I am an actor during the day, I only belong to myself at night, I can really be myself, very relaxed, and I can even tighten the instep of my feet when I walk at home, feeling like a white swan.

There is also a reference comment page: it is no good to stay up late and stay up late. It is better to get into bed as soon as it gets dark and wake up with the sun in the morning. Haruki Murakami.

So there are different opinions on the issue of staying up late, but what we all say is quite reasonable. Well, I would also like to share my views: there are a large number of people who really can't sleep, such as those who suffer from insomnia or mental anxiety, and some children who have to stay up late to finish their homework because of too much homework. Or, like me, "comrades-in-arms" who work a lot; But more people are tied up by mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices, delaying people who sleep. They always like to poke their mobile phones before going to bed and are reluctant to leave the virtual world of computer games. Michael Yang, the Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine, explains why he likes to stay up late in a scientific way.

Stay up late to practice immortals for a long time, the body will naturally not adapt to go to bed early, that is, the biological clock is disrupted. Although some friends are determined to go to bed early after physical problems, they can't sleep after "quitting their hands". After a search on the Internet, the editor found a lot of "folk recipes" for falling asleep, such as listening to songs, eating Valium tablets, emptying his mind, and so on.

In order to prove whether these three methods are effective, I also spent three nights testing one by one, and the conclusions are as follows: listening to music is best to listen to musical instruments (that is, light music, the piano works best). Music can make your brain completely relax and enter a state of rest, of course, to avoid listening to some not-so-quiet music, because you may want to follow the roar or the more you listen to it, the more you get irritable. As for taking diazepam tablets, this method is the least recommended, which not only hurts the body but also leads to dependence; finally, the method of emptying the mind is not applicable to people who sleep less or think too much, because it is impossible to do it at all. or a little sound will wake up and you won't be able to go into deep sleep. In addition to these, I think the clean and comfortable quilt is also a great sleep artifact. Just imagine, the bed is a mess, smelling all kinds of odors, and there may be mites crawling on the body. This sleep experience is really bad.

The harm caused by the habit of staying up late is obvious, and we are there for all to see. The standard sleep time for an adult is 4-6 hours, while for minors, 6-8 hours should be guaranteed. When sleeping at night, there are about two hours of deep sleep. Why do you sleep at night? in fact, it is because your organs need to rest. Overwork during the day makes your organs reach a limit state. Sleeping at night is to let these organs rest and adjust the functions of all parts of the body to relax the brain. Staying up late will bring harm to your body, such as dry skin, memory loss, gastrointestinal crisis, decreased immunity, heart disease and so on.

However, no one wants to be a "night owl". It is often forced by life, and I feel the same way. But a reasonable arrangement of their own schedule to adjust the biological clock, in the conditions permit, as early as possible to rest, nourish the spirit in order to have enough energy to meet the challenges of the new day.

If you still can't sleep, another suggestion is to avoid taking your electronic devices to bed an hour before you go to bed. You can use the time you spend browsing your phone before going to bed to read books, and it's also a good choice to memorize English words. no wonder some people make it easier to fall asleep by decorating the bedroom into a classroom. If you are unable to clear your head and are always tossing and turning in bed until dawn, you can relax by trying to play some regular and soothing music. You can also try to turn off all the lights in the room and close the curtains to create a dark indoor scene, which can also help you sleep. I hope the above sharing will help you sleep and wish you a good dream every night.

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