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Home > Tech News > Taking stock of major manufacturers' mainstream fast charging technology gallium nitride GaN may be the best assists.
Taking stock of major manufacturers' mainstream fast charging technology gallium nitride GaN may be the best assists.

Taking stock of major manufacturers' mainstream fast charging technology gallium nitride GaN may be the best assists.

By  Dahlia Bronson 2020-02-19 2213 8

From 2019 to 2020, the Spring Festival is also a customs clearance, for the major mobile phone manufacturers, the outbreak of the epidemic has also disrupted the rhythm of the original product supply and new product layout. Take the just released Xiaomi 10 series, for example, thanks to Snapdragon865, 100 megapixel, 50W fast charging and other configurations, the product power is very strong, but it is very difficult to buy, unlike in previous years, it is also mixed with the impact of the epidemic this year. Pan Jiutang, partner of Xiaomi Industrial Investment Department, revealed that the Xiaomi 10 Pro currently on sale was mainly completed before the Spring Festival, and the follow-up supply may not be available.

On the other hand, when it comes to Xiaomi, many people will think of the 100W fast charging technology released by Lin Bin last year, which attracted the attention of many geek users, at the same time, it also represents Xiaomi's attainments in fast charging. Although the just released Xiaomi 10 series missed 100W fast charging, 50W fast charging still became the leading fast charging technology, and the 65W gallium nitride GaN charger released with it also caught many people's eyes and seemed to find a new partner for fast charging. Today, we will take an inventory of the mainstream fast charging technology (the latest) of several major manufacturers on the market, and interspersed with the new charging technology of gallium nitride GaN to give you a more in-depth understanding.

Xiaomi-50W flash charge.

Before the release of the Xiaomi 10 series, there was a lot of speculation that the Xiaomi 10 series might use the Xiaomi 100W quick charge technology, but it backfired, and it is clear that 100W is not the best time for mass production. We need to strike a balance between battery capacity and fast charging, and the inverse effect of the two makes more manufacturers more willing to give users a choice of large-capacity batteries plus a good fast charging solution, rather than the most extreme fast charging. The 55W fast charging scheme + 4500mAh battery adopted by the Red Magic 5G game phone is also the best proof.

Xiaomi 10 Pro fast charging scheme.

Xiaomi 10's 50W fast charging scheme can be recharged to 100% in 45 minutes, which is basically an ideal charge in the time of washing your face and brushing your teeth. It has to be said that the emergence of fast charging has brought a new dawn for power anxious users. In the past, when there was no fast charging, we can only think that "slow" is also a kind of enjoyment, but now the emergence of super fast charging can make life more orderly. Fast charging can change a person's habit of using the phone. When there is no fast charging, we may be more inclined to go out and take portable battery. With a quick charge, bringing a charger is actually a good choice, which can make the phone "no longer hungry" in a few minutes.

Gallium nitride GaN.

It is worth mentioning that with the 50W fast charge of Xiaomi 10 Pro, Xiaomi has also released a gallium nitride GaN charger that supports 65W fast charge, which can charge the Xiaomi 10 Pro with 50W fast charge in 45 minutes. Before Xiaomi released the gallium nitride charger, many people may not know this concept. Today, I will briefly talk about it for you.

Gallium nitride GaN is a new type of semiconductor material, which is widely used in aerospace and military fields. It has the characteristics of super thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and so on. The charger made with gallium nitride can not only achieve small size and light weight, but also has more advantages than the power charger (non-GaN) in charging power conversion. In addition, gallium nitride GaN charger is not Xiaomi debut, before Anker, Beth, UIBI grapefruit, ZMI and so on have launched similar products, but the launch of Xiaomi gallium nitride GaN charger is tantamount to promoting its popularity process.

Huawei-55W Super Fast charging.

For those of you who are familiar with Huawei's products, I believe you are no stranger to Huawei's fast charging technology. in terms of layout models and audience, 40W super fast charging is currently the mainstay of Huawei, including Mate30 series, P30 series, nova6 series, Honor V30 series, etc., which can be said to be widely praised, but if you talk about the latest, in fact, the 55W fast charging of Huawei folding screen phone Mate X is the first to bear the brunt.

Huawei Mate X Quick charging Scheme.

Huawei Mate X's 55W super fast charge can charge the phone to 85% in 30 minutes. The charging speed is faster and the experience is more extreme. In addition, from the perspective of product planning, Huawei's flagship Mate series and P series flagship have been using 40W fast charging for some time. In this year of fast charging, it is not impossible for the upcoming P40 series to upgrade to 55W fast charging. We can expect that this will further enhance the productivity of the P40 series.

Huawei Mate30 Pro 5G Fast charging Scheme.

At the same time, with the decentralization of 55W fast charging from Huawei Mate X, the 40W fast charging plan is likely to be further decentralized, and we are likely to see it in some lower-priced products in 2020. Especially for some models that use Kirin 810 or Kirin 820 processors (not tentatively issued), due to the strength of the SoC itself coupled with a 40W super fast charging scheme, the power of the end product can be greatly enhanced. Take the Honor X series, for example, this year's Honor 10X series is likely to use this solution, of course, this is just our guess, you can look forward to it.

Vivo--44W quick charging technology.

When talking about the fast charging technology of vivo, we need to focus on NEX series products and iQOO, which are often the latest technology of vivo. Take the vivo NEX 3 and iQOO Pro released last year, for example, they both use 44W fast charging, which can basically charge the battery in 50 minutes. This speed is actually quite ideal for the whole industry, and it is also quite competitive in flagship products.

Vivo NEX quick charging scheme.

Of course, at this time node, in fact, the upcoming release of iQOO 3 will bring a new fast charging solution to vivo. The iQOO 3 will be equipped with a large 4440mAh battery and a 55W fast charge, which will further shorten the charging time. However, since this model has not yet been released, we will still focus on the 44W fast charge, which has been used in many products.

IQOO 3 quick charging scheme.

The release of iQOO 3 will not only become the latest Snapdragon865 flagship model of vivo or iQOO, but will also open a brand new fast charge. It is believed that in the next some models released by vivo, 55W fast charging will become a regular, and 44W fast charging scheme will be further decentralized, bringing production power to more models.

Realme--50W Super Flash charge.

Realme, like iQOO, will release new models this month, and new fast-charging technology will also be unveiled, but due to time constraints, this summary will not be included. The realmeRealme X50 Pro, which will be released this month, will be launched with a 65W SuperDart super flash charge, which is basically one of the highest fast charging models on the market and deserves everyone's attention. Judging from the previous generation of products, the charging time of the realmeRealme X50 Pro with 65W super flash charge is likely to be limited to 30 minutes.

RealmeRealme X50 Pro Quick charging Scheme.

Judging from the models already installed, the previous generation of flagship realme X2 Pro uses 50W super flash charging technology, which can be filled in 35 minutes, which is still very fast. And even in the scene of slow charging while playing, the game can charge 80% in 30 minutes, four times that of ordinary fast charging. And from our year-end review in 2019, we can find that the realme model has a great advantage in fast charging in the corresponding price range, which you need to know.

Realme gallium nitride charger.

In addition to realme's announcement that the realmeRealme X50 Pro will be launched with a 65W SuperDart super flash charge, Xu Qi, vice president of realme, also announced that the realmeRealme X50 Pro will use a gallium nitride GaN charger. And users do not need to buy separately, the whole department will be standard, then you can pay attention. From this point of view, the introduction of gallium nitride chargers by both Xiaomi and realme will promote the use of gallium nitride chargers throughout the industry, and perhaps the upcoming Red Magic 5G game phone will also have a related move.

OnePlus-Warp flash charge 30T.

For now, the Warp flash charge 30T is the latest charging technology for OnePlus phones, and of course, the OnePlus 8 series released in the first half of this year may change that, and you can expect it. From the perspective of fast charging experience, compared with the previous generation of fast charging technology, the Warp flash charging 30T optimizes the battery structure, reduces the charging heat, and improves the charging efficiency.

OnePlus 7T Pro.

But from the point of view of the whole industry, there is obviously no advantage in the comparison of 40W and 50W products, which promotes the innovation of OnePlus in the fast charging of this year's products, as to whether this span is 10W or 20W, it is not known, but I believe OnePlus will not let you down.

In addition, OnePlus has actually done a good job in peripheral accessories such as chargers and headphones, and has been welcomed by a lot of refueling. At present, OnePlus has not launched gallium nitride charger, in view of the promotion of the industry and the maturity of related technology, OnePlus is also likely to launch a corresponding gallium nitride charger this year.

Samsung-45W fast charge.

With the release of Samsung S20 series, Samsung's new fast charging scheme has also been unveiled. This year, Samsung S20 Ultra innovatively uses 45W fast charging, which can be said to give users a better choice. At present, there is not much information about Samsung S20 Ultra 45W fast charging, we can wait for the domestic press conference on February 27th for further understanding.

Samsung S20 Ultra (Picture Source Network).

Write at the end.

From the point of view of the products that have been released or are being preheated, the fast charging of about 50W will be a direction in the first half of this year, and the introduction of a higher power fast charging scheme will further promote the decentralization of technology, and products with low prices can also gradually experience fast charging. Of course, with the release of various flagship new products in the second half of this year, the fast charging scheme may go through another iteration. From the iterative process, the whole industry is gradually moving closer to the figure of 100W. As for when it will reach 100W, let's wait and see.

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