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Home > Tech News > The concept of TCL cloud scroll screen and triple fold screen is expected to enter the folding screen industry in the future.
The concept of TCL cloud scroll screen and triple fold screen is expected to enter the folding screen industry in the future.

The concept of TCL cloud scroll screen and triple fold screen is expected to enter the folding screen industry in the future.

By  Gilberto Mcgaw 2020-03-06 2605 13

From 2019 to 2020, the folding screen set off a grand event in the industry. So far, many manufacturers, including Samsung, Huawei and Motorola, have launched corresponding folding screen products, among which Huawei and Samsung have developed to the second generation of technology. For example, the Huawei MateXs, that went on sale yesterday, such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which has just been released, whether it is horizontal fold, vertical fold or inner fold or outer fold, the folding screen has become the direction of competition. In a way, this is not only a product, but also represents your own level of craftsmanship, so the folding screen must be done.

Over the past year, the main problems faced by folding screen phones are hinge, screen and application adaptation problems, which together often lead to a decline in the durability and experience of folding screen phones. Especially with the day-to-day folding, the hinge tolerance is also declining day by day, maybe your next fold will become "the last straw to crush the camel." In order to solve the above problems, we continue to invest, and the exploration of the folding screen will not stop.

TCL cloud scroll screen concept machine.

Recently, TCL held an online media communication meeting, which revealed to the media for the first time the layout of TCL folding screen in 2020, which also made the competition of the whole industry more fierce. In TCL's view, with the continuous upgrading of the 5G era, the existing mobile phone form is difficult to meet all the needs of users in the future, and the only solution is a flexible screen. To this end, TCL launched the cloud scroll screen concept machine and the three-fold screen concept tablet, with real products to show the whole industry their unique views on folding screens.

Folding gene of TCL.

Mention TCL folding screen phone, in fact, can be traced back to MWC2019, in this exhibition, TCL showed its own folding screen concept machine to global users, left and right folding design has also become the mainstream design of the industry; in the later IFA2019, TCL brought two folding screen phones that can be folded inside and outside, which can be said to be very skillful in the use of flexible screen technology; then on CES2020, TCL once again showed its own folding screen concept phone to the public. The repeated appearances of TCL folding screen mobile phones and flexible screen technology in global exhibitions have also laid a good foundation for TCL's official mass production of folding screen mobile phones.

TCL display folding screen mobile phone.

TCL display folding screen mobile phone.

TCL can not create a folding screen mobile phone so early, in fact, it is inseparable from the support of Huaxing Optoelectronics. As early as 2017, Huaxing Optoelectronics formally signed the sixth-generation LTPS-AMOLED project cooperation agreement with the Management Committee of Wuhan Donghu New Technology Development Zone, planning to invest in the construction of a sixth-generation LTPS-AMOLED flexible display panel production line with a monthly production capacity of 45000 sheets. The main product is a 3-inch 12-inch high-resolution small and medium-sized flexible foldable AMOLED display panel. Obviously, Huaxing Optoelectronics's technical reserve is a strong guarantee for the rise of TCL folding screen phones.

The New idea of folding TCL.

TCL, which originally planned to show the new folding concept machine on MWC2020, had to change the display of the concept machine to online due to the cancellation of the exhibition. At the online media communication meeting, TCL showed us two foldable products, the cloud scroll screen concept machine and the triple folding screen concept tablet PC, which are different from the foldable products on the market, both of which are pioneered by TCL, which can be said to be of great significance.

TCL cloud roll screen.

Take the cloud roll screen concept machine as an example, its design idea comes from Yunjun Yunshu, so its folding process is more like the roll and comfort process of a cloud. If you often watch costume movies, then the imperial edict must be no stranger, and the process of opening the imperial edict is similar to the process of opening the cloud screen. After closing, the TCL cloud scroll screen concept is a normal-sized phone, but when you expand it, it becomes a mini tablet with a larger screen.

TCL three-fold screen.

If you look at the three-fold concept tablet pioneered by TCL, literally, this is a tablet computer, which, as its name implies, will have a larger screen than a folding screen phone. In this product, TCL uses the design of dragon hinge and butterfly hinge, the addition of two groups of hinges makes its folding more natural and easy to use. Of course, the 70% discount also represents a higher technical difficulty, and how to solve TCL smoothly will be the key to its mass production.

The boundary to be broken by the TCL folding screen.

Depending on the screen size, TCL simply divides some everyday devices into mobile phones, large-screen phones, mini tablets, tablets, and then laptops, desktops and televisions. The birth of TCL folding screen products is also a challenge to the relationship between handheld habits and the shape of mobile phones.


To put it simply, the TCL cloud scroll screen concept machine is breaking the boundary between mobile phones, large screen phones and mini tablets, bringing users an experience that can only be obtained by three kinds of devices through each folding; TCL triple fold screen tablets break the boundaries between mobile phones and tablets. By folding, it can become not only a user's phone, but also a larger tablet with a better visual experience. Breaking boundaries is the original intention of TCL when designing folding screen products, and this concept will continue forever.

TCL cloud roll screen.

What can be in sharp contrast to the design ideas of TCL folding screen products is Apple. When it comes to Apple, we haven't seen its layout in terms of folding screens so far. Although this does not mean that Apple will not dabble in folding screen products, at least it shows that interest does not seem to be that high. Although Apple's layout of the folding screen has not been seen yet, Apple is also on its way to breaking the boundary. Through the hand off function of the Apple device, we can use the iCloud account to continue the same operation from another device immediately after the operation of one device is started. From this point of view, this is also a way to break the boundary, but the two are implemented in different ways.

TCL three-fold screen.

In TCL's view, breaking boundaries should be a form of subtraction. A folding screen phone can be used as a tablet, and the folding screen can be directly satisfied based on the needs of different users of different devices. Especially when the user wants to go out, the folding screen will reduce the burden on the user's backpack, and in the future, as the technology matures, a folding screen phone may even get a laptop-like experience, which is the direction of the continuous development of science and technology.

Folding comes out, application comes first.

What is an excellent folding screen phone? From the user's point of view, we should not only have excellent appearance design and durability, but also be good enough in the application ecology. to put it simply, it is to achieve the coordination of hardware and software. Especially at the application level, due to the special shape of the folding screen, it is difficult for conventional applications to solve the problem of experience consistency, which requires manufacturers to constantly adapt with third-party application manufacturers, and the work is not achieved overnight.

TCL three-fold screen.

TCL has been docking with Google since last year to discuss the application adaptation between the cloud roll screen concept machine and the three fold screen concept tablet. Moreover, at the end of this year, TCL will further launch relevant developer projects overseas to further explore application adaptation issues. It is believed that TCL will build a more complete ecosystem for these two folding screen products when they are officially mass-produced next year.

Write at the end.

Folding is a future-oriented screen form, especially with the outbreak of 5G, it will be a trend to break the terminal boundary to achieve seamless cross-screen experience. And the shape of the folding screen will become more and more abundant, although at present we may see only a few forms, but in the future as the technology matures, folding will become a very simple thing. In TCL's view, the role of folding screen on TCL at this stage is to stretch the brand, and it will be very likely to become an affordable end product for consumers in the future.

From the initial exploration to the continuous lowering of technology and prices in the future, we have reason to believe that the folding screen will break down the terminal fence and open a new door for user experience.

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