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Home > Tech News > The new coronavirus determines human-to-human transmission, how can we protect ourselves at home?
The new coronavirus determines human-to-human transmission, how can we protect ourselves at home?

The new coronavirus determines human-to-human transmission, how can we protect ourselves at home?

By  Gregor Weisman 2020-02-03 2207 8

[PConline News] in the past week, the epidemic of new coronavirus infection has become more and more serious.

As of 24:00 on January 20, a total of 291 cases of new coronavirus pneumonia have been confirmed in China, including 270cases in Hubei Province, 5 cases in Beijing, 14 cases in Guangdong and 12 cases in Shanghai. in addition, suspected cases have been reported in Shandong, Guangxi, Sichuan and other places.

Tuyuan CCTV News.

On the evening of January 20, in the "News 1: 1" column of CCTV News, host Bai Yansong connected with Academician Zhong Nanshan, head of the high-level expert group of the National Health Commission. Academician Zhong Nanshan said that according to the current data, the new coronavirus pneumonia has been confirmed to have the phenomenon of human-to-human transmission:There were two cases in Guangdong. the patient had not been to Wuhan, but the family contracted the new coronavirus after they went to Wuhan. When they returned home, their daughter was infected.15 medical workers in Wuhan have been diagnosed with new coronavirus pneumonia.

Academician Zhong Nanshan said: at present, it has been confirmed that there is a human-to-human transmission, but for the time being, it is an outbreak in one place and scattered in other places, so we cannot say that it has broken out in China. For ordinary people, the most important thing at present is to know how to prevent and raise awareness of the new coronavirus pneumonia:Do not go to Wuhan without special circumstances. If you have a cold, you should go to the fever clinic and wear a mask.

New coronavirus pneumonia is included in legal infectious diseases.

Zeng Guang, a member of the high-level expert group of the National Health Commission, said that it has been less than a month since the onset of the disease, and the expert group is making continuous efforts to isolate the virus and determine the type of virus in such a short time. At present, no infection has been found among young people, children or students in Wuhan, and there is infection in the older elderly. in the early stage of the epidemic, prevention and control measures must be strengthened, and some recommendations of the expert group are given:Everyone will not go to Wuhan now, and Wuhan people will not come out if they can, so as to reduce the possibility of the spread of cases..

Zeng Guang also said that the lethality caused by terrible rumors is far greater than the disease itself, which is the lesson of SARS. Without rumors, it is easy to control the disease. So once again appeal to all of you,Do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors.!

1. This new coronavirus, scientific name 2019 murn CoV, is a close relative of SARS, but only 89% of the similarity.That is, the pathogen is a new coronavirus, not SARS virus.. The new coronavirus is milder than SARS in terms of infection rate and fatality rate.

2. At present, the source of the new coronavirus is not clear, and most of the relevant evidence points to the South China Seafood Wholesale Market, but after the experts of the High-level expert Group of the State Health Commission have traced the source of the virus, we have not yet located the source of the virus. We suggest that we should improve our eating habits, stop eating game and reduce the possibility of infection.

3. The new coronavirus is mainly.There is human-to-human transmission through droplet transmission and contact transmission.We must take targeted preventive measures, especially in the process of going to the hospital when you are ill.Wear a mask.. Hospital doctors are well dressed to prevent infection. At present, 15 medical staff in Wuhan have been infected, so we should pay attention to it.

4. At present, there is no therapeutic drug or vaccine, but it is in a controllable state. The most important thing is to prevent and prevent the spread of the virus.

Based on the relevant data of the current new coronavirus pneumonia, two points are summarized: 1, try to avoid going to densely populated places and wear masks when you go out to reduce the chance of infection; 2, when you get home, you should also pay attention to indoor hygiene problems to avoid being infected.

When you are away from home, wear a mask to prevent infection.

Recently, there has been a surge in mask sales and shops in some areas are out of stock. It must be emphasized that not all masks are useful.

Among the common masks, only medical surgical masks are useful. The medical surgical mask has strong resistance to bacteria and viruses and can be used to prevent influenza. In addition, there are some new masks that have the same effect, such as.Big mobile lung protection..

Broad Mobile Lung Protection is an active electric mask, which uses H13 grade HEPA efficient filter material, which can filter 99.9% PM2.5 in the air and effectively block harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses, dust shavings, hair pollen and so on.

A single filter has 30 peak folds, the folding interval is 3mm, and the folding height is 15mm. Glue line, peak height and folding distance are all carefully arranged, which can greatly reduce energy consumption and improve air purification efficiency.

The biggest feature of big mobile lung protection is to separate the filter from the mask, and the pressurized fan worn by the arm can reduce the burden on the cervical vertebra.

The supercharged fan adopts axial fan, with large cycle power system and three-gear wind speed regulation, the highest air volume can reach 4m ³/ h, and the air volume can be switched freely.

Innovative honeycomb air intake cover, 88 honeycomb holes integrated molding, three-dimensional enhanced air intake, reduce wind resistance, the wind is more rapid. At the same time, the spiral widening air duct design is adopted, which makes the air flow through the fan have a better pressurization effect and make the air flow more smoothly.

When the dirty air passes through the pressurized fan and is filtered clean by the filter, it rushes out along the circular air duct and sent to the nose, which solves the choking problem of the general mask and enjoys clean and good air.

Compared with the traditional mask, the big mobile lung protection has more active air purification ability, high filtration efficiency and comfortable breathing, so it is a good helper to prevent diseases. Broad Mobile Lung Insurance FB2 is currently available in gearbest. The details are poked here. ~.

In addition to Broad Mobile Lung Protection, Broad Blue Sky Atmospheric Defense haze electric masks are also worth buying.

The structure of electric mask against haze in big blue sky atmosphere.

The filter element of the Broad Blue Sky atmosphere Anti-haze electric mask uses H13 HEPA efficient filter material, and the filtration effect is as high as 99.9%. It can filter particles such as PM0.3, pollen, virus, dust, animal hair and other particles in the air. The corrugated folding design reasonably compresses the volume, increases the dust surface level, and greatly improves the use efficiency.

Through the active air supply of the fresh air system, double fans and double filter elements can provide dual power and protection, purify the air 88L per minute, take a big breath and fill the heart and lungs.

The big blue sky atmosphere anti-haze electric mask adopts silicone veneer design, the material is soft, sterile and malleable, it can fit the face shape of most people, and it is strictly sealed like a solid fortress to ensure that all the air in the respiratory tract is filtered by the filter element.

In addition, the Broad Blue Sky Air Defense haze electric mask can be intelligently managed and controlled with APP, and healthy Air big data provides all-round services for our breathing. Visually manage ATMOBLUE electricity, automatically adjust air supply efficiency, and real-time display the filter effect of the filter element, so that the cleanliness of every breath can be seen.

More attention should be paid to indoor air infection.

We need to wear masks to prevent it outside, and we also need to pay attention to preventing infection at home. For example, there are two cases in Guangdong, and the patient has not been to Wuhan, but the family members contracted the new coronavirus after they went to Wuhan. Back home, the daughter was infected.

At present, it is winter, and the doors and windows of the home are often closed, resulting in poor indoor ventilation. If you come back with bacteria and viruses after going out, it may infect your family. To take precautions indoors, in addition to frequently opening doors and windows for ventilation, a more effective way is to use air purifiers that can really kill bacteria, such as.Great air. Purifying machine..

The general household air purifier uses ordinary filter screen to purify, when the filter screen accumulates dust, the purification capacity will continue to decrease, and it is easy to breed bacteria for a long time, resulting in secondary pollution.

Why can Broad Air Purifier do real sterilization? Because Broad has unique patented technology, it can use 6000V DC high voltage to break down bacteria and viruses, and the sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%.

Broad air purifier through triple filtration, to achieve the role of haze removal and sterilization, and provide 400m ³/ h large air volume, the whole house purification only takes 9 minutes.

The first weight.Electrostatic precipitator.. Electrostatic precipitator is the core component of Broad Air Purifier, which can produce 6000V high voltage static electricity when working, but the current is only 1mA, which is smaller than that of mobile phone, and it is safe and reliable. It can filter PM2.5 particles such as dust, fine chips, pollen and so on.

Second weight.Electrostatic sterilization.. The electrostatic precipitator uses tungsten wire, which will release about 6000V high voltage static electricity when working, which can instantly kill bacteria, viruses and so on, and effectively prevent various diseases spread through the air.

In particular, each tungsten wire of the electrostatic precipitator is equipped with an independent resistance circuit, which is not easy to short circuit between the electrostatic tungsten wire and the electrode grid, which is more durable, which solves the problem that the electrode grid is easy to short circuit and will be replaced if it is broken.

At the same time, it has current and voltage constant patented technology, the electrostatic release is reduced by air humidity, ensures the purification effect, reduces the release of ozone, and solves the problem of specific population sensitive to ozone.

The third weight.Filter formaldehyde.. The broad air purifier uses pure coconut shell as the substrate, and after deep processing and three improvements, the adsorption capacity of honeycomb microporous carbon crystal technology is 60% higher than that of ordinary activated carbon, and the pore structure is developed and the adsorption capacity is stronger.

In addition, the electrostatic precipitator can be taken out for washing at any time, the maintenance cost is low, and the purification effect is constant.

Of course, apart from wearing masks when we go out, we should pay attention to clean air indoors, and more importantly, we should take every small preventive measure in our daily life, such as coughing, sneezing, before eating, going to the toilet, etc., and wash our hands with soap and running water. Or alcohol-containing hand sanitizer; avoid contact with livestock, poultry and wild animals as far as possible to reduce the risk of infection.

With the development of the epidemic, what we need to do is not only to rely on the government, hospitals and medical personnel, but also to consciously take preventive measures: wash our hands frequently, wear masks, pay attention to clean indoor air, and so on. this is the best way to protect yourself.

At the same time, we must believe in science, and there is no need to panic, because science is a process of continuous accumulation and cognition of knowledge. although there is no specific medicine for the disease for the time being, the author believes that with the joint efforts of government departments and the public, the epidemic will soon be brought under effective control.

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