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Home > Tech News > Valentine's Day comes from tragedy? Single dogs want to know all these truths.
Valentine's Day comes from tragedy? Single dogs want to know all these truths.

Valentine's Day comes from tragedy? Single dogs want to know all these truths.

By  Diego Tudge 2020-02-19 1684 26

[PConline Culture] Today is supposed to be a happy and fulfilling day for countless couples, but affected by the new crown virus epidemic, everyone can only stay at home and give up this activity that may have been carefully planned six months ago.

As one of the favorite festivals for young men and women, Valentine's Day of the year is not only on February 14th, but also White Valentine's Day, traditional Chinese Qixi Festival and so on. But even after so many, we often only know the names of these festivals. We may not know much about how they came from and what they mean. Let's talk about the story behind Valentine's Day today.

"Western Valentine's Day" actually originated from tragedy?

This Valentine's Day on February 14 is a holiday introduced into China by western countries, so some people also call it "Western Valentine's Day". If you use the more "official" term, it can also be called "St. Valentine's Day" or "St. Valentine's Day", which originated in Christianity.

There are all kinds of theories about the origin of St. Valentine's Day on the Internet, among which the most widely spread is a miserable love story.

The protagonist of this story is Valentine, who was born in the Roman Empire in the 3rd century AD and is a devout Roman saint. Unfortunately, the Roman emperors were corrupt, incompetent and extremely brutal at that time, which not only led to the country's economic recession, but also often oppressed the people, of which Christians were the main persecution group.

Valentine became bishop of Terni, a small town in northeastern Italy, in 269 AD. Four years later, he was reported and arrested by the Roman emperor. While in prison, Valentine miraculously cured the blind daughter of the warden and fell in love with each other, but when the emperor knew about it, instead of being lenient, he announced that he would be beheaded the next day.

On the morning of the execution, Valentine wrote an affectionate farewell letter to the warden's daughter, signed From your Valentine (from your Valentine), and left this world. On the same day, the warden's daughter planted an apricot tree with red flowers in front of his tomb to express her feelings. That day was February 14.

But this is not the key to making this day a festival. for Christianity at that time, the persecution of these devout devotees better publicized the power of Christianity, so the famous victims were often regarded as saints by the church. Not only showed the Christian spirit, but also the indomitable integrity inspired people. In addition, Valentine had such a sad and beautiful love story, so it quickly spread in Christianity. February 14th was designated as St. Valentine's Day to commemorate him.

Later, after the spread and interpretation of later generations, we think that this day is a very good performance of pure, supreme love, and gradually evolved into the present Valentine's Day.

Poets and businessmen may be the real creators.

Because the above statement is very storytelling and mournful, it is widely circulated, but a more rigorous view suggests that the "love element" in this festival is likely to be fictional.

According to relevant records, Valentine did cure the blindness of the warden's daughter, but in the end, he was killed because the emperor appreciated his talent and hoped that he could give up his faith to serve the Roman Empire. Valentine not only failed to protect himself, but persuaded the emperor to believe in Christianity, which was doomed and was soon executed.

In memory of his strong will, noble character and unyielding spirit, Christians set this holiday, which had nothing to do with love at first.

So why is it Valentine's Day now? This is the masterpiece of poets and businessmen. Chaucer, the father of the 14th century English poet, was the first to associate St. Valentine with love. In 1382, Chaucer wrote in a poem: it is on the beautiful St. Valentine's Day that birds happily look for their mates.

As a famous poet, it has naturally become an example for future generations to learn from, so poets continue to associate love with St. Valentine's Day, such as William Shakespeare, John Donne and other famous poets, which has since become a tradition in English literature.

But the poet only lit the spark, and it was the businessmen who really made St. Valentine's Day a popular Valentine's Day. Shrewd businessmen found that many literary and artistic youth would write love poems to their loved ones on St. Valentine's Day. They quickly targeted this demand and launched so-called Valentine's Day cards and stamps, which received a very good response. And gradually flow to other European countries and the United States.

Even ordinary people who do not understand literature and art like to buy greeting cards with good love messages to enhance their relationship. In 1835, nearly 400,000 Valentine's Day cards were sold in Britain alone. With the popularity of Valentine's Day greeting cards, Valentine's Day is becoming more and more popular among young couples.

Today, under the influence of globalization, Western Valentine's Day on February 14 has become the most influential love festival in the world, and it is also loved and sought after by Chinese young people.

A month later, White Valentine's Day is coming again.

White Valentine's Day, which may not be familiar to some people, is mainly popular in Japan and Taiwan, just on March 14, a month after Western Valentine's Day. There are also several theories about the origin of this festival, mainly the following two versions.

One theory is that it is actually a continuation of St. Valentine's Day on February 14, a holiday set to commemorate Valentine's death for a month. Another saying is that White Valentine's Day was born in 1977, initiated by Japanese dessert manufacturer Wanshengtang Ishimura, to advocate that the recipient should give something back to each other. As a means of promoting candy, the festival was originally called "Candy giving Day". Since 1980, because the sugar used in candy is white, it has been renamed "White Valentine's Day".

As this festival is not very popular in mainland China, so people do not pay special attention to it.

Qixi Festival has nothing to do with love at first.

As one of our traditional Chinese festivals, Qixi Festival must be very familiar with men and women, old and young. We have heard or seen many love stories, film and television works by Cowherd and Weaver Girl since childhood. The scene of Qixi Festival meeting at Magpie Bridge that day has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but like "Western Valentine's Day", in fact, there is no love element in Qixi Festival at the earliest.

Chinese ancients began to have curiosity and even worship about the vast and magical universe. Every day they looked up at the starry sky and observed those distant and bright stars. Qixi Festival's Cowherd and Weaver Girl legend comes from people's worship of natural celestial phenomena.

To put it simply, the ancients corresponded each constellation in the sky to the physical geographical area on the ground. In the ancient star system, "Niu Ju" was composed of six stars, located on the east bank of the Milky way, like two inverted triangles, one up and down, very characteristic, while the small triangle below was located right on the ecliptic, and these stars formed a cow with two horns and three legs, so the ancients called it "Petunia". To the south of it, there are nine small stars where it works, forming the "Tiantian". Looking further south, near the southern horizon, there are "Jiukan" 9 stars, which are lowlands that store water and are used to irrigate farmland. To the east of Niusu is the "Luoyan" 3 star, which is a water conservancy facility similar to a reservoir. The "Vega" three stars are located in the north of Niu, among which the "Vega one" star is the fifth brightest star in the whole day, second only to the "bighorn" star, so it is often directly called "Vega". People call "Pleiades" and "Vega" as "Cowherd and Weaver Girl".

The ancients wrote their discoveries and studies into words, and later some writers gave these things more mystery, which gradually evolved into fairy tales, coupled with folk word-of-mouth, shaping characters and stories from generation to generation. it eventually became a household love story.

Of course, there are several different opinions about Qixi Festival, but basically all of them have nothing to do with love at the beginning. Cowherd and Weaver Girl is just a figure imagined by later generations.

Don't turn Valentine's Day into a "gift giving" day.

According to the customs and cultures of different countries and regions, there are still many unknown Valentine's Day. I remember that once I came across a table on the Internet showing that there is a Valentine's Day every month of the year. I won't go into details here.

With regard to Valentine's Day, a very strange social phenomenon is slowly emerging. Some couples are not rigid, so it is not only "Valentine's Day" that can show their love. Now even Singles' Day, which is reserved for singles, has become a day for couples to give gifts to each other.

Some lovers say that although love is beautiful, the current atmosphere is not good and makes people feel very tired. Valentine's Day gifts, birthday gifts, New Year's Day gifts, Spring Festival gifts, and even Singles Day gifts. Not only the wallet can't hold it, but it's really brain-burning to worry about what to give every time.

Whether driven by the trend or the malicious hype of the merchants, I personally think that Valentine's Day is slowly changing, and the gifts sold online are becoming more and more exquisite and more and more valuable. not giving these gifts has become a very humiliating and tasteless thing, of course, it is also possible that some people put pressure on themselves.

In any case, the ancients gave the meaning of love to these festivals which had nothing to do with love, which shows that human beings yearn for the purest kind of love, pure and eternal. In this impetuous fancy world, still want to calm down, do not forget the original ideal and ambition. No matter whether it is a boy or a girl, it is better to say that I love you than to send anything from the bottom of my heart.

I would also like to remind you that we are in a special period of the epidemic. If you can avoid going out or try to avoid going out, making a video call can also convey love. If you really want to give a gift, the mask must be a very good choice! Finally, I hope that the epidemic will be over as soon as possible, everyone is healthy and healthy, come on in Wuhan! Come on, China!

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