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Home > Tech News > What are the ways to buy down jackets? can you tell the difference between duck down and goose down?
What are the ways to buy down jackets? can you tell the difference between duck down and goose down?

What are the ways to buy down jackets? can you tell the difference between duck down and goose down?

By  Cynde Trombly 2020-02-19 2008 27

[PConline miscellaneous talk] according to the meteorological department, there will be a mixture of wind, rain and snow in some parts of Gansu in the coming week, with moderate snow, sleet and strong winds. From the night of December 14 to the day of December 15, there are Lesser Snow or sleet or sleet in Longnan, Tianshui, Pingliang and Qingyang, and moderate snow in some places; it is cloudy in other parts of the province and Lesser Snow is overcast in some places. Cliff-style big drop in temperature, the temperature plummeted 5 °C, Gansu friends must pay attention to keep warm ah!

When it comes to keeping warm, the most direct way is to wear more clothes. For many people living in cold areas, down jackets are the first choice for them to stay warm during the winter. For a long time, down jacket has been warmly sought after by consumers because of its frivolity and warmth. And down jackets are very popular fashion not only at home, but all over the world.

But would you know? In fact, the purchase of down jacket is a very troublesome thing, good down jacket and bad down jacket, the two effects can be said to be very different, ordinary people are actually very easy to step on the pit. So how should we choose down jackets? First of all, let's take a look at the fillings of down jackets and its principle of keeping warm.

The filling of a down jacket.

At present, the most common fillings for down jackets on the market are duck down or goose down, with some small feathers. Duck down and goose down can also be divided into white down and gray down. According to the price law on the market, the order is as follows: White down > gray down > white down > grey down. It may be affected by the order of the price, and many people think that the quality of the velvet is also sorted in the same way.

But in fact, in the case of the same quality and cashmere content, whether duck down or goose down, there is not much difference in quality, fluffiness and warmth (goose down is slightly better than duck down). As for why velvet is more expensive, the editor believes that the high probability is that the production of velvet is much lower than that of duck down-- goose down can only be produced one season a year, and duck down can produce up to three seasons a year.

How to keep warm in down jacket? .

Many people think that the reason why the down jacket is warm is because of the down inside, but it is not true that what really keeps warm is the air in the down. Down has a three-dimensional branch-like structure, and its down is flower-shaped, which is composed of a down core and many filaments emitted. And these velvets contain a lot of still air. Because the heat conduction coefficient of air is very low, it forms a natural barrier that hinders the flow of hot and cold air, bringing the effect of constant temperature. .

Cashmere content.

As we said earlier, the down jacket is not completely filled by down, but by a certain proportion of down and feather, which leads to a very important concept: down content. For example, we bought a down jacket filled with 90% white duck down and 10% white feathers, indicating that the clothing contains 90% down. .

Generally speaking, the higher the cashmere content, the better the warm effect. For example, 80% of the cashmere content is warmer than 75%. At present, some down jackets on the market are very cheap, but if you take a closer look, you will find that the down content is very low. If the down content is less than 50%, it cannot be called "down jacket". We must pay attention to it when buying.

Cashmere filling quantity.

In addition to the cashmere content, there is also a reference called cashmere filling. The so-called down filling capacity, as the name implies, is the weight of all the down of a down jacket. Like the down content, the higher the filling amount is, the better the thermal insulation performance of the down jacket is.

Fluffy degree.

The amount of cashmere filling represents the "quantity" of cashmere, and the content of cashmere determines the "quality" of cashmere, and fluffiness is also an important indicator. The fluffy degree of down jacket on the market can be divided into 550600700800 and 900FP. The higher the fluffiness, the more insulated air the down contains, so the better the thermal insulation.

Summary:To sum up, the three most key factors that determine the thermal performance of down jacket are down content, down filling, and fluffiness. Of course, if you have to struggle a little bit, the type of down also has a certain impact, in which goose down is warmer than duck down. .

So the point is, how should we buy down jackets?

1 、. Extreme cold grade (- 50 °C ~-20 °C).

The down filling amount of down jacket should be more than 300g and the fluffy degree should be more than 800.

2 、. Extreme cold (- 30 °C ~-15 °C).

The down filling amount of down jacket should be about 200g~300g, and the fluffy degree should be 650,750.

3 、. Regular class (- 20 °C ~-5 °C).

The down filling amount of down jacket should be about 180g~250g, and the fluffy degree should be 600 to 700.

4. Mild cold grade (- 5 °C ~ 0 °C).

The down filling amount of down jacket is relatively small, but the proportion of down content still has to meet the standard, and the fluffy degree is about 600.

At present, most of the down jackets on the market range from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. When we choose down jackets, we don't mean that the more expensive they are, the better. We still have to choose according to our own warm needs. .

Finally, I would like to remind you that down jackets rely on poor air permeability to produce warm effect, so we must not remember not to throw down jackets directly into the washing machine to wash, otherwise it is likely to cause the down to unite together, no matter how the follow-up maintenance will not be as warm as before. If you really want to clean it, it is best to use the way of hand washing, kneading clean, after washing can not be directly wrung dry, the moisture should be squeezed out, and then flat or hanging to dry, so as to keep the velvet elastic and prolong the warm life.

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