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Home > Tech News > What is the experience of buying two 8GB memories for 2699? HOF OC Lab water cooling.
What is the experience of buying two 8GB memories for 2699? HOF OC Lab water cooling.

What is the experience of buying two 8GB memories for 2699? HOF OC Lab water cooling.

By  Fredi Hanlon 2020-02-21 865 5

What kind of experience is it to buy two 8 gigabytes of memory for 2699 yuan? If you are also interested in this question, this article may be of some help to you.

As another flagship product of the Yingchi Hall of Fame series, HOF OC Lab Global Limited Edition Water-cooled memory has met with us. We can get two key information from the product naming: limited edition and water cooling. When the two words come together, they bring a price of up to 2699 yuan (4000MHz).

Some people are bound to ask, is it worth the price based on limited quantities and water cooling alone? And this is the question that this article wants to answer. So this time I chose the model of 4000MHz as unboxingreview to witness with you.

Why choose the model of review 4000MHz instead of 4400MHz or 4600MHz? There are two reasons:

1, after all, it is a global limited edition with a limited number, and it took a lot of talk with the product manager to get such a set of 4000MHz. It's not easy to come by, so do it and cherish it.

2. 4000MHz may have more practical meaning for mass gamers than a feverish model like the 4400MHz or 4600MHz.

The outer packaging of Hall of Fame flavor.

A thousand kinds of products, there are a thousand kinds of packaging, but the outer packaging of the Hall of Fame has always maintained its unique charm. Without the complex and gaudy design, the pure white brand color with the highly recognizable Hall of Fame logo, constitutes this square, simple and beautiful box in front of us.

The Hall of Fame logo on the box is processed by laser technology, showing different gradient colors from different angles.

The surprise in the box.

When you open the box, the first thing you can see is a VIP card with Hall of Fame logo. Since the 4000MHz model is limited to 150 sets worldwide, the number on each card varies from 0 to 150, which has a unique collection significance. The number on my hand is 003.

In addition, the card is marked with memory frequency and capacity.

At the bottom of the card is our protagonist-a water-cooled head and two pieces of memory. Next, I would like to introduce you one by one.

Inheriting the classic design of the Hall of Fame series in the HOF OC Lab water-cooled memory, using high-quality aluminum alloy as the radiator, and after CNC cutting and frosting process, so that the overall show excellent texture.

The radium carved lines on the surface of the radiator and the Hall of Fame logo decorated with gold-plated nickel flakes are also added, with an imaginative appearance and fascinating details.

In the aluminum alloy style, even the screws small enough to fix the radiator can give people an oncoming metallic smell.

There is a screw hole at the left and right ends of the radiator, which is used to fix the water-cooled head.

An advanced water-cooled head.

If you want to talk about the curiosity of this memory, this water-cooled head, which is jointly created by Yingchi and water-cooled cooling manufacturer Bitspower, is one of them. It is composed of a heavy piece of steel and a light guide cover, and you can feel a heavy load when you hold it in your hand.

The front of the water-cooled head has two standard G1hammer 4 "size water holes, which are connected to the water pipe and the appearance is amazing.

The base of the water-cooled head is a large area steel plate polished by mirror, which is very smooth and like a mirror. The advantage of this treatment is that it can ensure that the water-cooled head is fully matched with the memory and improve the heat dissipation efficiency.

From another point of view, we can see the high degree of smoothness of the base, and the fine lines and wires on the table are clearly reflected.

When you see here, some people may ask, what if the water-cooled head is so wide that there are only two pieces of memory? Here's the secret. In order to facilitate installation, the screw hole of the water-cooled head is made into a ribbon, and the user is free to move the screw to aim at the screw hole of the memory, whether it is one, two or four memory, can be perfectly fixed.

The water-cooled head is equipped with a RGB lamp, which can be independently connected with the motherboard through the ARGB interface, and supports the light control software regulation of the four board factories.

Turn on the lights on the machine, the lighting effect is very amazing, dazzling but not charming, bright and translucent.

The installation kit shipped with the package includes a screwdriver, four screws and two thermal conductive silicone.

The heat dissipation silica gel is used to stick to the joint of the water-cooled head base and the memory to ensure their full contact to achieve a better heat dissipation effect.

The tough configuration comes for performance.

Since it is the Hall of Fame memory, there is no doubt about carrying Samsung B-die. B-die is stable in high frequency and has strong overclocking strength, which is why B-die particles are always used in Hall of Fame memory.

PCB uses A1 version for Hall of Fame 10-story custom PCB, (A2 version for 4400MHz and 4600MHz models), which has more advantages in shrinking timing.

Performance testing.

Next, let's move on to our testing session. In order to ensure the contrast, this round of testing starts with 2400MHz, keeping the frequency interval of 800MHz. Because PCB is A1 version, the frequency after 4000MHz is mainly compressed timing.

The platform information will not be discussed, and the specific configuration is shown in the figure above.

Platform information detected by CPU-Z.

Test software: AIDA64, WinRAR decompression, 3D Mark.

Basic test.

With the increase of frequency, the speed of reading, writing and replication of memory has been greatly improved. However, in terms of delay, the delay time of 4000MHz is larger than that of 3200MHz. The main reason here is that after the XMP function is enabled in the motherboard BIOS, the memory timing changes to the default 19mur25Mel 45. This timing is relatively conservative and is designed to ensure compatibility with most platforms and ensure that memory works stably.

In terms of compression testing, from the processing speed, we can see that when the frequency increases from 2400MHz to 3200MHz, the processing speed changes the most, while 4000MHz is limited by timing, although the speed also increases, but it is not as obvious as before.

3D Mark was originally a graphics card testing software, but I gave it a try out of curiosity. Facts have proved that the increase in memory frequency is also helpful to improve the test score of 3DMark.

Overclocking test.

Because the XMP timing of the memory is relatively conservative, in order to fully demonstrate the performance of this memory, we overclock it and further compress the timing.

Frequency 4000MHz, timing 16mur18Mel 18Mel 40.

Keep the default frequency of 4000MHz unchanged, and compress the timing to 16, 18, 18, 40. At this time, the read speed, write speed and replication speed measured by AIDA64 are 54334MB, 56083MB and 48031MB, respectively, and the delay is reduced to 48ns, which is less 2.9ns than under the frequency 4000MHz and timing 16mur18Mel 1840.

The WinRAR decompression speed is up to 19271 KB/s.

3D Mark got a high score of 9922.

Frequency 4133MHz, timing 16MUR 18Mel 18Mel 38.

Due to the small increase in frequency, the overall speed does not change much, but the delay is further reduced to 46.5ns.

The compression speed is slightly increased to 19682 KB/s.

The total score of 3D Mark increased by 5 points to 9927.

Limited to the motherboard and CPU, overclocking part of the test can not be carried out any further. However, the potential of this memory is actually much more than that. Japanese overclocking masters have used 9900K with ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI APEX motherboard to exceed this memory to 4266MHz, and the timing has been compressed to an amazing 12Mel 11MUR 28 and passed the stability test, which shows its strong performance.


As the new flagship product of the Hall of Fame series, HOF OC Lab water-cooled memory can occupy C position and become the focus on the stage, whether it is the advanced design, the dazzling color addition of controllable RGB lighting effect, or the strong performance.

The global limited release also means that it is not here to cater to mass players. The price of 2699 yuan may be the value of faith.

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