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Home > Tech News > What kind of 5G terminals will users see in 2020?
What kind of 5G terminals will users see in 2020?

What kind of 5G terminals will users see in 2020?

By  August Kling 2020-01-08 2419 25

2019 is the first year of 5G, which has been said from the end of 18 to the end of 19. In a twinkling of an eye, we are about to usher in 2020, which means that the first year of 5G will officially come to a successful full stop and become a key node of historical development. So, in the past 5G first year, 5G has developed to what extent? At this moment when the first year is about to leave us, let's go back and take a look at the progress of the first year of 5G.

The installation of 5G network is already fast, but it needs to be faster.

Although 2019 is the first year of 5G, we really can't feel the 5G signal anywhere. The main reason is the problem of domestic infrastructure construction. At present, from the perspective of statistical data, the construction of 5G network in China has been in a state of rapid development.

Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei revealed such a set of data at the opening ceremony of the first World 5G Congress on November 20: 113000 base stations have been built in China, and the number is expected to reach 130000 by the end of the year. From the point of view of the speed of infrastructure construction, it is quite good to achieve such results in the first year of 5G, but it is clear that this speed needs to continue to accelerate in order to meet the needs of users in the market.

In response, Li Yizhong, former minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and joint president of China's industrial economy, pointed out at an event that the construction of a 5G network requires about 6 million base stations, with a base station cost of 1.2 trillion to 1.5 trillion yuan, and it will take another 6 to 7 years for the national 5G network to be covered. According to this method of calculation, it is obvious that in 2019, the first year of 5G, although the network installation is relatively fast, but want users to achieve 4G network version of the experience to feel the 5G network, the speed of setting up obviously has not kept up with the development of demand.

But around the world, China's 5G network coverage is among the best. At present, although the 5G network has been commercialized in many countries around the world, the overall network coverage effect is indeed unable to meet the needs of users to use the 5G network freely, which may be a little regret left to us in the first year, but the good thing is, through the progress in the first year, all countries have found the future development direction, it is reasonable to infer that in 2020, the 5G network will usher in a more rapid development.

5G applications still need to be enriched.

From the description in the previous paragraph, it is not difficult to see that the author is more concerned with the current development of 5G. On the one hand, due to the objective difficulties of infrastructure construction, the overall experience of 5G mobile phone users in this first year is indeed not ideal. On the other hand, the application of 5G network, so far there is still not a "hot" application to promote the outbreak of 5G industry.

I remember that many media have used such a real-life joke: after the first batch of 5G users changed 5G packages and 5G phones in 2019, what was the most used app? It's not watching high-definition video, nor experiencing a pleasant gaming experience anytime, anywhere, but measuring speed. Why is that? Because, most of the users who replaced the first batch of 5G mobile phones are trying something new, but due to the problem of network coverage, finding 5G signals has become a favorite "sport" for 5G mobile phone users. What happens when you find it? So I opened the speed measurement software and looked at the high speed running out of the software. Wow, happy!

This sounds like a joke, but it is indeed the current situation of the first batch of 5G users, which precisely shows that the development of today's 5G industry does lack a strong application to promote the development of the industry. Can such a situation be reasonably improved in 2020? Of course the answer is yes!

In 2020, the change starts with the 5G terminal!

Since, in the first year of 5G business, the global 5G network business experience is not ideal, then, in 2020, what kind of change will 5G network business experience usher in? The author believes that this change should start with the change in the ideology of the 5G terminal!

First of all, in 2020, with the gradual proficiency in the construction of 5G infrastructure, the overall construction speed is bound to be much faster than in 2019. It is believed that in most first-tier cities, it will not be a problem to complete 5G coverage. Therefore, friends living in first-tier cities have a good chance to take the lead in experiencing the quality services brought by the 5G network in 2020. With the network, naturally, users will no longer worry about replacing their 5G phones.

Secondly, on the basis of the improvement of network coverage conditions, 5G terminals will also start to sink to the lower market from the top flagship. Through the new solutions provided by the underlying technology suppliers represented by Qualcomm, more intelligent terminals of less than 2000 yuan or even less than 1000 yuan will appear. At the same time, these terminals are not limited to smartphones, including real wireless headphones, VR\ AR headsets, etc., will become new applications in the 5G era, and the cost can be well controlled to make it easier for more users to accept. With a high degree of acceptance, the user base will be larger, and the market scale will expand, followed by the expansion of ecology and the re-tilt of R & D efforts. After increasing the intensity of research and development, I believe that the birth of the first killer application is not far away!

Upstream technology companies provide assistance to the development of 5G industry.

At the beginning of the development of 5G industry, it is bound to start with a large number of 5G terminal equipment. Only the increase in the number of terminal equipment can promote the further expansion of the market scale, and naturally promote the corresponding expansion and development of industry and ecology. A few days ago, big data statistical organizations around the world have raised their forecasts for 5G mobile phone shipments. IDC predicts that 5G mobile phones will reach 400 million in 2023, Nomura estimates that 5G mobile phones will reach 183 million in 2020, and Canalys estimates that 5G mobile phones will reach 1.9 billion in the next five years.

Since the first flashpoint of 5G network is likely to occur in smartphones, how to develop 5G smartphones to become more large-scale naturally requires strong support from technology companies upstream. Looking back in 2019, most of the 5G smartphones on the market adopted the combination of Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and Snapdragon X50 to support 5G network. In early December, Qualcomm launched a 5G mobile platform solution for high-end flagship models Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 + Snapdragon X55, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765max 765G mobile platform for the mid-to-high-end market. After the launch of such a strategy, it means that the 5G smart terminals launched by smart terminal manufacturers in 2020 will expand to the sinking market and once again break through the price bottom line of 5G smartphones, so that more users can choose 5G smartphones that meet their consumption levels.

Qualcomm has always been committed to promoting the rapid development of the 5G industry through terminal equipment and ecology, and Qualcomm has its own plans for the future. At the fourth Qualcomm Snapdragon Technology Summit in early December, Qualcomm President an Meng said that global enthusiasm for 5G development is much higher than at the beginning of the 4G era. Data show that so far, more than 40 operators around the world have deployed 5G networks and more than 40 terminal manufacturers have announced the launch of 5G terminals.

For the smartphone market in 2020, Qualcomm provides support for 5G smartphones in different price ranges. In the field of top flagship 5G smartphones, Qualcomm has launched a mobile platform solution of Snapdragon 865 + Snapdragon X55, which can provide ultra-high performance for top flagship smartphones while ensuring the connection of high-speed 5G networks. it is worth noting that this solution not only supports dual-mode 5G, but also millimeter wave, which can be regarded as a real support for global 5G networks.

In addition, Qualcomm's first Snapdragon 765tick 765G 5G mobile platform for mid-and high-end models integrates Snapdragon X52 modems and RF systems. In addition to the improvement in performance and network connectivity, the greatest significance of the Snapdragon 765max 765G mobile platform is to help mobile phone manufacturers expand the popularity of 5G smartphones and promote middle and high-end smartphones to enter the 5G era ahead of time.

Reference Design of Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 5G Mobile platform.

In addition, as a high-tech company with many years of research and development experience in the communications field, Qualcomm is only the first step in promoting the development of the 5G industry. At the summit site, Alex Katuzan, senior vice president and general manager of mobile business of Qualcomm, also introduced a new concept launched by Qualcomm-5G modular solution. Katuzan said that in order to make 5G terminal devices more popular, but also to help smart terminal manufacturers to layout 5G terminal products with high efficiency and low cost, Qualcomm has launched a 5G modular solution. Qualcomm believes that the modular platform will provide a tool and opportunity for terminal manufacturers, whether they want to enter the 5G mobile phone market or continue to achieve 5G scale.

All along, what Qualcomm has done is to simplify complex problems through technology, and through the modular platform, Qualcomm partners can quickly enter the market in a shorter time. At the same time, modular platform solutions are not only suitable for mobile phones, but also meet the needs of other vertical areas, such as cars, Internet of things and wearable devices. So Qualcomm believes that the modular platform will bring huge opportunities to become a crucial solution next year.

Write at the end.

Throughout history, the iteration of each generation of mobile communication network is directly driven by the development of technology. However, the development of 5G network is different from previous generations, this will be an iteration that will completely change the human way of life, it will affect the ideology of various industries. Therefore, even senior communications technology research and development companies like Qualcomm have to work with partners in various industries to promote the commercial landing of 5G networks. For now, Qualcomm is trying to do its best to help 5G and related industries land quickly. Whether it is Snapdragon 865 + Snapdragon X55, Snapdragon 765 + Snapdragon 765G or 5G modular solutions, it has laid a solid foundation for the rapid landing and development of 5G terminals. After that, when the 5G terminal products are gradually accepted by the majority of users, the corresponding software ecology and killer applications will naturally develop under the ecological effect, and the final realization is the vigorous development of the 5G industry. Qualcomm naturally provides a key helping link in this process! In 2020, 5G is really promising!

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