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Home > Tech News > Wow! Can you build a home entertainment system in less than 4,000?
Wow! Can you build a home entertainment system in less than 4,000?

Wow! Can you build a home entertainment system in less than 4,000?

By  Gay Pizano 2020-02-24 571 0

For most families, the living room is more entertaining than functional. We will choose to eat in the dining room, sleep in the bedroom and use the computer in the study, while the living room is a place for families to get together to get tired and chat, watch soap operas, sing songs and other entertainment.

Family entertainment is nothing more than watching TV / movies, playing games, singing karaoke and listening to songs. In order to meet these entertainment items, we have to spend a lot of money to buy and toss with a variety of equipment, often looking back to find that it is really time-consuming and laborious.


As a domestic first-line audio enterprise, Tianyi Audio, in order to meet the various needs of consumers' home entertainment, has created a new generation of living room entertainment weapon for the modern light and luxury living room-- a multi-functional compound audio product-- to enjoy the No. 1, playing all kinds of home entertainment functions needed by modern people, and redefining the modern living room entertainment mode with numerous equipment, cumbersome wiring and streamlining one by one. Open a new era of national entertainment!

Audio-visual singing is readily available, and its function is so powerful that it has to be unnatural

Enjoy the No. 1 multi-functional family movie K system, to the maximum extent to meet the entertainment needs of users, such as listening to high-fidelity music, watching high-definition movies, watching entertainment variety, playing exciting games, etc., for users to create a diversified, rich, professional family entertainment center, a set of less than 3,000 yuan of equipment can build your private KTV and private cinema, create and ignite more fun in life.


The system has eight input options, rich interfaces, no matter how many devices. Users can access USB drives, TF cards, computers / notebooks, televisions, Blu-ray DVD, set-top boxes, game consoles and all audio source devices with optical fiber / coaxial / analog output according to their needs.

2.1 Digital Karaoke, the effect is comparable to that of high-end KTV

Karaoke is an indispensable function for a family entertainment system, and Tianyi has an inherent advantage in this respect. Friends who are familiar with the Tianyi brand know that the "human voice incentive" technology launched by Tianyi in 1995 has obtained international patent certification and is known by the industry as "the ancestor of household karaoke".

Enjoy the No. 1 built-in karaoke system, which is not comparable with ordinary products. It uses a sophisticated DSP processor, preset 10 vocal styles to be called, so that the big white voice can also sing a good voice. More professional dynamic howling suppression function, no longer because of the howling to cover the ears, so that the singer devoted himself to the sea of music to show his voice. The 2.1karaoke sound effect of the system makes the human voice more mellow and the low frequency more energetic, giving singers the shocking experience that only high-end KTV has.

Wireless Bluetooth transmission, massive Internet music can be heard if you want

Changxiang 1 supports wireless Bluetooth transmission, which means that users can use mobile phones, ipad, notebooks and other devices to open music players such as KuGou, and can enjoy real-time high-quality music playback. Weekly popular music charts, you can listen to it if you want! In addition, the system has built-in automatic reconnection function, which eliminates the annoyance of users' repeated operations.

It is worth mentioning that Changxiang No. 1 uses Torchcore's flagship Bluetooth audio chip ATS2825. The chip is a high-performance Bluetooth dual-mode Bluetooth audio solution designed for the middle and high-end Bluetooth market. Soc, highly integrates MCU, DSP and RF in a single chip, which has the characteristics of small size but deep internal power, while ensuring high-quality music playback while still maintaining low power consumption.

128gU disk / TF card plays without damage to create your own music center

The No. 1 entertainment system supports 128g U disk and TF card for local playback. It supports a wide range of signal formats, including high-quality lossless music signals such as WAV, FLAC and APE, as well as high compression signals such as MP3 and AAC. In other words, it supports all the popular lossless formats on the market.

What is special about the local playback of the system is that the signal is directly output by source code transmission, and the original digital audio signal is transmitted to the next stage amplifier circuit lossless, which completely avoids the SRC (sampling rate conversion) system processing which is harmful to sound quality, and ensures the low distortion and purity of the signal to the maximum extent. This kind of signal processing method can only be mastered by manufacturers who have rich experience in HI-FI design, it can greatly improve its sound quality, greatly reduce the burr in the sound, make the sound more smooth and delicate, richer details, more distinct levels, and create a music feast for you.

Build 2.1 living room cinema system, high-definition blockbusters can be seen if you want

In the era of high-definition and large screen, LCD TV has reached the level of 4K HD in picture quality, but its own sound quality is really urgent because of the blindly pursuit of "ultra-thin". Watching a music variety show, there are no details, let alone watching a movie, how can you have a "shocking experience"?

With Changxiang No.1, this problem can be solved very well. It supports HDMI ARC audio return, as long as the TV also has a ARC interface, a HDMI line can be connected to achieve sound and picture synchronization.

In addition, Chang Huan 1 supports SW signal output and power output. In addition to the 8-inch active subwoofer standard in the system, users can add a passive subwoofer to feel a more amazing shock.

A high-definition TV, a free one, so that it can form a small 2.1 living room cinema system, the film bullet rainforest, ground shaking, boxing hand-to-hand combat can be seen. " Why do you have to go to the cinema in the hot sun when you go to the cinema?


Support APP control and enjoy the music world at will

APP seems to have become the standard for modern consumers to measure the convenience of an electronic product. As the number one in the modern living room entertainment consumer market, it is natural to support APP control.

This APP is independently developed by Tianyi (supports Android and iOS systems) and has a concise and beautiful interface. It can read the preset music of the mobile phone and APP to play local songs on the mobile phone. At the same time, it can manage and connect the playback device and switch sound sources freely. The utility model is very simple and convenient in the process of use.

Home aesthetics. , Appearance is more important

Home aesthetics is more and more popular among young people. These labels such as minimalism, delicacy and advanced sense have become the focus of young people's preference for home decoration. As one of the focuses of home entertainment centers, the sound system is also a part that can not be ignored for young consumers.

Changxiang No. 1 multi-functional home film K system is divided into fashion version and elegant version, both of which are composed of amplifier, speaker and subwoofer. The only difference lies in the speaker:

Fashion version, the matching speaker is a patented bookshelf speaker. The design of the speaker is very unique, it is shown in the form of speaker + tripod, the wiring posts are cleverly hidden at the bottom of the invisible chassis, and the whole system is exquisite and simple. The horn adopts double 3-inch full-frequency unit and log fiber paper basin, which is both rigid and flexible. Although the volume is small, the response speed of sound is sensitive and fast, and the sound is naturally light and mellow.

Enjoy the No.1 Fashion Edition

Yazhi version, with the speaker is children's flute S3. The child flute S3 is a chic HI-FI box with a 3-beat 4 "treble + 4" mid-bass horn unit and a bold and lively aircraft engine shape design, which is popular in the European market. No matter where it is placed, it is like no matter where it is placed, it is eye-catching, meets the needs of pre-modern home fashion and elegance, and adds advanced and unique charm to your music world. Compared with the fashion version, its low frequency is more abundant, making people feel a more open sound field.

Enjoy the elegant version of No.1.

You should have such a shocking experience.

Instead of complaining endlessly about life stress and work troubles, it is better to put aside all unhappiness and listen to a piece of music for the soul. With it, a glass of red wine with music is not difficult, start a session about the enjoyment of the soul;

Summer inflammation, unbearably hot, rather than braving the scorching sun to drive to the cinema to chase blockbusters, it is better to turn the living room into a private cinema. With it, high-definition blockbusters, television, variety shows can be seen to meet the needs of the family.

Family reunion, friends get together, instead of booking rooms in the major KTV, it is better to upgrade the entertainment function of the living room in one step. With it, at home at any time to respond to the call of friends, free karaoke singing non-stop;

Instead of giving valuable gifts to retired parents, it is better to let them regain the fun they had when they were young. With it, parents can listen to music, watch movies and sing gently at home.

Instead of paying high prices for children to study in piano shops / training institutions, it is better to give them enough opportunities to show themselves. With it, family concerts can be held every day to give children a stage for performance: singing, hosting, reciting and speaking.

Enjoy No. 1 is the first choice for your family entertainment.

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