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Home > Tech News > Xiaomi has joined hands with Indiegogo to help the Chinese products go out to sea
Xiaomi has joined hands with Indiegogo to help the Chinese products go out to sea

Xiaomi has joined hands with Indiegogo to help the Chinese products go out to sea

By  Ximenes Dogon 2020-01-07 1905 2

"crowdfunding", which is a brand-new business model that appeared a long time ago. Translated from the word crowdfunding, it was originally a mode of raising project funds from netizens in the form of group purchase and pre-purchase. With the development, modern crowdfunding often refers to the release of fund-raising projects and fund-raising through the Internet. If you are a regular shopper on e-commerce sites, you must be no stranger to crowdfunding. However, after experiencing uneven quality crowdfunding projects, users who like to experience novel products in this way gradually gather to some higher quality crowdfunding platforms, among which Xiaomi has quality crowdfunding is a good place.

Who is the Xiaomi that makes crowdfunding bigger and stronger?

Perhaps even the users who often participate in the public funding of Xiaomi products, or who often buy products on Xiaomi, it is difficult to explain who the products of Xiaomi are. The official explanation given to the author is as follows: "Xiaomi is a boutique life e-commerce under Xiaomi, which is born in order to meet people's pursuit of quality life."

The author's understanding of Xiaomi products starts from an e-commerce entrance in MijiaApp. In the earliest days, it only sold some hardware peripherals to users to cooperate with the ecological function of Mijia. I still remember that in April 2017, Xiaomi Youyi became an independent App. At that time, it focused on the concept of "selection". Some products explained that this selection refers to selecting high-quality goods with good quality, high appearance and high performance-to-price ratio among the numerous and complicated products, so as to bring consumers a shopping experience of "saving time, effort, effort and money".

Until today, Xiaomi has become a "Xiaomi-style extreme performance-to-price ratio", Xiaomi mode to do consumer goods high-quality e-commerce platform. Among them, Xiaomi has crowdfunding products to achieve a unique "new strange", attracting more young, dare to taste fresh, love life consumers, and do not bring consumers the feeling of "trampling on the pit"! With such a high-quality shopping experience, Xiaomi has rapidly grown into an e-commerce platform with more than 6000 items in 17 categories, including smart home appliances, daily household appliances, restaurants and diets.

Turn crowdfunding into a killer mace!

If we say that in the early days, the launch of crowdfunding business on most websites is similar to online group buying, just following the trend. So, Xiaomi Youpin really turned crowdfunding into its own killer mace.

Since July 2015, the Xiaomi universal remote control has been launched as the first crowdfunded product, and has achieved 2000 crowdfunding goals in just a few hours. So far, Xiaomi has more than 2.26 million total crowdfunding supporters, more than 472 projects (as of December 20, 2019), the highest number of participants is 179000, and the maximum amount of crowdfunding is 54.99 million. One by one wonderful data, undoubtedly confirmed again and again that Xiaomi quality crowdfunding has become a killer mace.

Why does Xiaomi have products that can turn crowdfunding into a killer product? The main reason lies in the differentiation of Xiaomi products. In this regard, Gao Ziguang, general manager of Xiaomi Youfang, said, "for the boutique e-commerce we want to do, users do not have to choose too much, there are products to take care of the first pass for consumers, there are professional selection and quality control teams to evaluate in all aspects, and the number of products under each category is limited and differentiated as far as possible."

It is not only the channel but also the incubator Xiaomi's excellent "going out" and "bringing in".

It has to be said that Xiaomi has become a boutique life e-commerce platform in China, but obviously, Xiaomi has more than that. As a result, going out to sea to expand business has also become one of the directions for Xiaomi to expand its new business. The first step is to rely on the advantages of the crowdfunding business that Xiaomi is good at.

On December 23rd, Xiaomi Youpin reached a strategic cooperation with overseas crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Indiegogo is currently one of the largest overseas crowdfunding platforms, with 15 million monthly active users from 235 countries and regions around the world. After the two sides have reached cooperation, they will make joint efforts in the areas of commodity exchange, flow support and market co-construction in the future.

Preliminary attempt: "going out" and "bringing in"

The author learned that the cooperation between Xiaomi and Indiegogo actually started a long time ago-- on October 10th, a dual-phone noise reduction headset Pamu Slide with a Qualcomm flagship chip was launched on Xiaomi, with an official price of 599 yuan. Before that, Pamu Slide was a veritable "explosion" on Indiegogo, with $5.95 million in crowdfunding, more than 82000 people and four new crowdfunding records. This is a successful attempt to "bring in".

Since then, on October 30th, Xiaomi has introduced the WalkingPad walker to Indiegogo for crowdfunding. As of December 20, the walker had 3100 supporters and $1.26 million in support. For consumers who know something about Xiaomi, the WalkingPad walker made good results earlier when Xiaomi had products online. This is a bold attempt to "go out".

What is "going out"? What is "bringing in"? How to do it?

This is a problem that both sides have to face after the conclusion of strategic cooperation. The so-called "going out" is to put domestic high-quality "novelty and cool" products online through crowdfunding on the Indiegogo platform, and then promote more domestic brands to go out to sea. On the contrary, "bringing in" is to properly introduce the successful crowdfunding products on the Indiegogo platform to Xiaomi to bring high-quality overseas "novel and cool" products back to China, so that domestic consumers can easily get more and better international products.

In such a process, the role of Xiaomi products is no longer as simple as a single e-commerce channel. Instead, it becomes an incubator, which is embodied in the following aspects:

1. Based on the survey data of overseas users, the definition of seafood is made to ensure that it meets the needs of overseas users.

Two。. Take advantage of aggregation to integrate resources, co-ordinate and lead the entire overseas crowdfunding project, and provide one-stop brand services. From video material to advertising to logistics solutions, to public opinion control and customer service, to the docking of overseas media resources and online celebrities, to the coordination of IGG platform resources, the whole process of overseas crowdfunding, Xiaomi has established and is establishing official cooperation with the top teams around the world to support the project at the top level.

At the same time, with the help of the official cooperation with IGG, 3.Xiaomi Youpin creates the reputation of overseas crowdfunding users, creates some new columns on IGG, builds a position dedicated to high-quality made in China, and aggregates the potential of made in China to go out to sea with crowdfunding to create a win-win situation.

Write at the end.

There is no doubt that the cooperation between Xiaomi Youpin and Insdiegogo platform is a successful case of "sympathetic" cooperation. The two have highly similar platform attributes and user groups. at the same time, both sides have the same understanding of "innovation" and "innovation". Such a solid foundation of cooperation has led to the success of this benign cooperation. Among them, the trial of two types of explosive products confirmed the correctness of the direction of cooperation. In this cooperation, both Indiegogo and Xiaomi look forward to working together to help excellent Chinese products show their overseas vitality, so as to regulate the overseas crowdfunding market and set a benchmark for the industry. .

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