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Home > Tech News > Xiaomi TV 5 Pro Hands-on Review
Xiaomi TV 5 Pro Hands-on Review

Xiaomi TV 5 Pro Hands-on Review

By  Alie Iwasaki 2019-12-27 11827 30

2019 is a year for Xiaomi TV to rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength. At Xiaomi's press conference on November 5, Xiaomi announced a set of data. For three consecutive quarters of Q1-Q3 in 2019, Xiaomi shipped about 2.3 million televisions each quarter, ranking first in China. On November 11 this year, Xiaomi TV won the overall champion of TV sales / sales of Tmall, gearbest and SUNING, winning a total of 72 championships. On November 11 alone, Xiaomi TV sold a total of more than 910000 TV sets.


After using Xiaomi TV 5 Pro recently, the Xiaomi TV bought at home a few days ago seems to be less "fragrant". Of course, it is impossible to return the goods, and it is impossible to return them in this lifetime. However, through comparison, I also realized that Xiaomi is the only one that can surpass Xiaomi itself.

Self-surpassing appearance

Before the release of Xiaomi TV 5 Pro, Xiaobian thought that the appearance of Xiaomi TV series was Xiaomi full screen series, and when Xiaomi TV 5 series was released, there was no doubt that it replaced Xiaomi full screen series as a new look. Looking ahead, the Xiaomi TV 5 Pro not only has a screen ratio of up to 97%, the front and back of the body are designed without screws, and the minimalist design makes the Xiaomi TV 5 Pro look simple and elegant.


According to official introduction, compared with previous products, Xiaomi TV 5 Pro effectively reduces the screen frame and BM area, the upper metal frame uses integrated bending technology, the frame not only becomes narrower, the overall visual perception is also more shocking. At the same time, the metal material has a more advanced texture, put in the modern home decoration style not only does not violate, but also echoes with the overall home decoration, set off each other, enhance.


In the fuselage process, Mi TV 5 Pro uses integrated bending, sandblasting anodizing, highlight polishing, die casting and other processes, of which the integrated bending process brings very smooth excess to the edges of the TV, sandblasting anodizing makes the frame have a good sense of touch, such as stroking the sifted fine beach, there is a sense of coarse grain, more is smooth. There is a nickel sheet marked with Pro logo in the lower right corner of the fuselage to highlight the identity of this product.


What's more, the fuselage of this product is as thin as 5.9mm, which may be a little exaggerated to use as thin as cicada wings, but it is so thin that I do not have sense of security, so I am afraid that the panel will be broken with a little effort during handling and installation. Of course, this is just my "delusion". After some twists and turns, the Xiaomi TV 5 Pro is unscathed, but it should be installed according to the prompts during installation and do not turn the TV panel upside down.


Also embodies the fineness of Xiaomi TV 5 Pro in detail design. Above the frame on the right side of the fuselage, there is a depression on which the laser carving technology is engraved with "Designed By Xiaomi". This is also Xiaomi's belief and yearning for continuous innovation in craftsmanship and design, pursuit of self-breakthrough and more attention to detail.

Self-surpassing screen

The biggest surprise of this Xiaomi TV 5 Pro is that it is equipped with a 4K resolution quantum dot screen. The quantum dot screen can accurately deliver light, efficiently improve the color gamut of the display screen, make the color more pure and bright, and make the color performance more tense. Compared with the OLED screen, it has the advantages of lower cost and longer service life. Don't say much, or speak through the actual display effect. (pictures and GIF upload will be compressed, affecting a certain display effect)

I first uses Professor Qian Yuankai's 4K resolution test chart to test. In the 4K TV resolution test chart, you can accurately identify the text, the edge of the big font is sharp, and the small font is not paste at all. The boundary of the color line is clear, the color is bright, and there is a clear distinction between the colors. The resolution table on the picture, even the smallest black and white lines, can be clearly distinguished, not to mention the color block structure, you can see the correct details.


4K TV tone hierarchical reduction test chart, 21 grayscale can be clearly distinguished, there will be no skipping and merging, and the gradual change is too smooth and soft. The gray scale of the hierarchical distribution block can be clearly distinguished, and the dark details and bright details can be vaguely visible. It belongs to the level of good state. In the 256-level grayscale test, it shows the excellent grayscale restoration ability of Xiaomi TV 5 Pro.

In terms of color performance, Xiaomi TV 5 Pro has a wide color gamut of up to 108% NTSC, which brings clear layers of rich colors and bright and moving pictures. We can see that the high-rise buildings in the picture are brightly lit and brightly colored, while the color contrast in the light and shade is strong, and the overall visual perception is excellent. Of course, users can also adjust the color of the picture according to their personal habits. If you like the picture of comparison elements, you can adjust parameters such as saturation manually.

What's more, the whole department of Xiaomi TV has passed the HDR10 + display standard certification. compared with the static original data of HDR10, which can only be adjusted to a fixed brightness for a certain video, the dynamic metadata of HDR10 + can provide signals on a scene-by-scene or frame-by-frame basis, allowing display devices to find the most appropriate HDR display brightness for each video frame. When users watch HDR 10 + certified videos, they can get a better and shocking visual experience.

If you are a fan, you must have had enough of the shadow problems caused by the old TV at home. Replace a millet TV with 5 Pro as soon as possible. The whole series of Xiaomi TV 5 Pro integrates the MEMC chip (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation), which can use the hardware algorithm to estimate the trajectory of the object, and insert a new motion compensation frame into the original picture sequence to make the motion picture look more clear and fluent. In this way, no matter watching football games, car chase scenes or war scenes, there will be no effect of picture drag.


It is worth mentioning that the Xiaomi TV 5 series has a built-in ninth-generation picture quality engine, which makes the picture boundary smoother, the picture more delicate, the transparent three-dimensional sense is stronger, the color is adjusted more flexibly, and the color is restored more realistically. The display effect of Xiaomi TV 5 has been improved in an all-round way. At the same time, the whole department supports 8K video decoding. Although there are not many 8K sources at present, it is believed that with the arrival of 5G and gigabit optical fiber, 8K will become the mainstream in the future.

More powerful performance and smarter Xiao'ai

Whether 4K, 8K decoding, or a variety of algorithms, need strong hardware performance as a support, so Xiaomi TV 5 Pro has become the most powerful Xiaomi TV. Xiaomi TV 5 is equipped with a high-performance TV chip Amlogic T972 jointly developed with Amlogic. The chip adopts 12-nanometer process, Finfet (fin field effect) 3D transistor technology, four-core Cortex-A55 architecture, and the main frequency is as high as 1.9GHz. Compared with the T962 processor, the performance is increased by 63%, and the power consumption is reduced by 55%.


In addition to the powerful processor, the Xiaomi TV 5 Pro is also equipped with 4GB+64GB super storage. Through the evaluation of the TVv6.0.2 version of an Rabbit, we got a total score of 47974, including 7892 for 3D, 15659 for CPU, 19116 for UX and 5307 for RAM, which reached the top level of TV processors at present.

It is understood that the Amlogic T972 chip supports 8K 10bit YUV4:2:0 high dynamic HDR format video decoding with a newly designed AVE-10 video engine and up to 128bit internal data bus processing capacity. The color level of each color channel has been increased from 256in 8bit to 1024 in 10bit, which can show the brightness and color of the picture more exquisitely and accurately.

Xiaomi TV's PatchWall artificial intelligence system believes that many friends will be no strangers. Now Xiaomi will upgrade PatchWall again, turning the TV into a large-screen smart home control center. Why would you say that? Although the previous Xiaomi TV built-in Xiao Ai, but still can not do without the TV remote control, now the Xiaomi TV 5 series is equipped with far-field voice technology, built-in 4 Mic linear array, without a remote control to wake Xiao Ai.

In this way, you only need to lie on the sofa and wake up Xiao Ai by voice. Not to mention now also supports fuzzy search, even if you say to Xiao Ai, "I want to see Deng Chao's wife's TV series", you can directly find Sun Li's TV series for you. Now using Xiaomi TV 5 Pro, is like using a highly evolved "Little Love touchscreen speaker", which is not only more powerful, but also more capable.

So is the remote control useless? Of course not. As the hub of a smart home, Xiaomi TV 5 Pro can now check the status of all smart devices in the home by pressing the "home" button of the remote control, and can further operate. At the same time, Xiaomi TV 5 Pro can be turned into a 24-hour stand-by speaker in the state of interest screen, waiting for your orders at any time.

In terms of content expansion, Xiaomi TV 5 Pro is also large and comprehensive, with 3 HDMI interfaces, 2 USB interfaces, a AV interface, a S/PDIF interface, an analog signal DTMB interface and an Ethernet port. Perhaps the only deficiency is that it is equipped with two interfaces for USB 2.0, which is a bit of a pity that it is not on the USB 3.0 interface. At the same time, the Xiaomi TV 5 Pro retains the easy launch of the Xiaomi TV, and it also works with MIUI11 to launch a more convenient all-round screen, which can quickly launch the screen and play video without stutter, whether it is an iPhone or an Android phone.

Written in the last

Xiaomi TV 5 Pro perfectly explains that Xiaomi itself is the only one who can surpass Xiaomi. In this product, whether it is quantum dot screen, far-field voice technology or more extreme design, it has better display, better function and more powerful performance. At the same time, with the addition of functions such as 8K, I believe that even in the next three to five years, Xiaomi TV 5 Pro will not be left behind because of the progress of the times. after all, Xiaomi TV 5 Pro also has the functions that should be provided by Xiaomi TV in the future.

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