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Home > The Best > The best natural sleep aid for insomnia
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The best natural sleep aid for insomnia

The best natural sleep aid for insomnia

By  Joe Horner 2019-07-10 2752 1

Under the great pressure of life and work, more and more young people are also involved in insomnia. Difficulty falling asleep, sleep quality decline, sleep time reduction, memory and attention are gradually declining. Is there any effective way to improve these insomnia symptoms? Absolutely yes! Here will recommend 6 best natural sleep tips for you.


You may have looked for a lot of treatments for insomnia, serious may take hypnotics. But taking sleeping pills is bad for your health, which is not recommended. You should pursue some natural safety ways as an alternative to taking hypnotics.


Top 6 natural sleep tips for insomnia

The method of relying on food or exercise without relying on hypnotics is the really healthy way. According to scientific research and long-term experience, the following six tips are the most effective natural ways to treat insomnia.

●Keep a normal and natural state of mind

There is no need to worry too much about insomnia, the more nervous, the more forced to sleep, the result is counterproductive. Some people are even more nervous about insomnia for many days in a row, thinking that if the brain is not rested in this way, it will not be a short life, but will also get sick. Excessive anxiety caused by such concerns is more harmful to sleep itself and its health.

●Seek and eliminate the causes of insomnia

There are many factors that cause insomnia, as long as a little attention, it is not difficult to find. The cause is eliminated, insomnia self-healing, because of the disease caused by insomnia symptoms, to seek medical treatment in time. Can not think: insomnia is just a small problem, not a big illness and delay to receive treatment.

●Sleep induction

Listening to alight but rhythmic sound, such as tapes of train running, crickets, dripping and patter of spring rain, or music hypnotic tapes, can help you sleep and set up conditioned reflexes that induce sleep.

●Drink a cup of hot milk

Drink a cup of hot milk with sugar before going to bed, according to research shows that it can increase the secretion of human insulin, increase the entry of amino acid into brain cells, and promote the human brain to secrete sleep serotonin; At the same time, milk contains trace morphine style substances, which has the effect of calming and calming the mind, so as to promote the human body to fall asleep peacefully.



●A suitable sleeping position

Sleep posture need make you feel comfortable, but it may vary from person to person. In the ordinary case, sleep to lie on the side is better. This sleep position is good for the whole body to relax and sleep comfortably.



●Physical and mental relaxation

Go to the outdoors for a walk or take a shower before going to bed, or soak your feet in hot water, doing a foot spa, and then go to bed, which is good for sleeping without any harm.

From the best thing for insomnia listed above, we can see that physical and mental relaxation is the key. In addition, one of the practical method is pedicure(foot spa). Maybe a lot of people have the experience of foot spa, but they don't know that foot bath has the magic effect of treating insomnia. Now, let's talk about it!

The history of foot spa

China is the country with the earliest origin of foot spa, human health is closely related to the foot. A man with feet is like a tree with roots, where the dead roots are exhausted first, and the old feet are the first to fail.


foot spa 

The health and health care effect of feet on the human body has long been valued and studied by the Chinese ancients. In the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, foot spa therapy has a long history. It originated from the ancient times of our country. Which is the accumulation of knowledge and the summary of experience in the long-term social practice. The foot spa has a historical tradition of more than 3000 years.

foot spa 

Why foot spa is the most effective natural sleep aid

The internal organs of the human body all have the corresponding projection on the feet, and there are 12 meridians connecting the internal organs, of which 6 come from the foot. The foot is the beginning of three Yin channels of foot, and the end of the foot three Yin. More than 60 acupoints are distributed on both feet to communicate with the internal and external environment.


If we can persist in washing feet with hot water before go to bed, we can stimulate these acupoints, Improve the course of Qi and blood, relax the meridians and collaterals of the whole body, so as to achieve the purpose of dispelling disease and improve sleep quality reduce insomnia.

In addition, there is no need to take any harmful medicine, which is very safe and natural for our body health.

   natual sleep

If some herbal are added to the bath water, it can also prevent and cure colds, foot diseases, frostbite and joint pain. Such as chrysanthemum, astragalus membranaceus, tuber fleeceflower stem and so on.

The most suitable time for doing foot spa

●Pedicure is best done before going to bed at night, which is good for sleep.

●30 minutes before meal or after meal is not suitable for foot therapy

Before meal to do foot spa will inhibit gastric juice secretion, unfavorable to digestion.

Immediately after meal to do foot therapy will cause gastrointestinal blood volume reduction, affect digestion.


When doing foot spa, the temperature of the water is generally maintained at about 40 Deg.C, the amount of water is better to flood the ankle. Feet in hot water soak for 5 to 10 minutes, and then massage the heart of the feet with your hand. The technique of massage should be correct, otherwise it can not achieve the purpose of dispelling illness and fitness.


Here comes the question, going to a special pedicure or bath center on a regular basis will cost a lot of money, which is unaffordable for many people. This time, a high quality home use foot spa tub can solve the money problem.

foot spa tub 

Gearbest offers a wide range of high-quality foot tub to choose from. Here will recommend you the best foot spa tub in Gearbest.

The best foot spa tub in Gearbest

The “Electric Heating Massage Foot Tub” is the most effective natural sleep aid for you, which is equipped all the advantages a foot spa tub should have.

foot spa tub 

● Infrared sterilization

● Safe PTC electric heating

● 8L capacity

● 55 bubble mouth

● Water surfing massage

foot spa tub 

Except the good points listed above, this electric heating massage foot tub have a simple operation panel, which is very friendly for old people. Further more, this tub use a drainage system, make your cleaning worker easier. The 430x370x295 size is take up little space easy to storage when not use.

foot spa tub 


Isn't this product very practical?


In order to have a healthy body, we still have to strengthen physical exercise. When you are under stress at work or life, it is important to learn to relieve stress, not to rely on drugs, learn to choose a healthy lifestyle. As a result, insomnia will no longer be a nuisance for us.


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