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Home > The Best > The top 4 robot vacuum cleaner for budget under $ 600 in GearBest
The top 4 robot vacuum cleaner for budget under $ 600 in GearBest

The top 4 robot vacuum cleaner for budget under $ 600 in GearBest

By  Sigismondo Eisenhower 2019-07-05 3800 0

iRobot Roomba has become synonymous with robot vacuum cleaner, but we wanted to check which brand is the best and which model is the most suitable for floor clean. iLife, Conga, Roborock, Neato, Mi Robot... In recent years many manufacturers have ventured with their own robot and it can be difficult to discover the differences between them. We test the best-selling models in GearBest and choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner in the category.

Let's start by taking a quick look at the main specification among the four vacuum cleaners.


 Xiaomi Mi Robot

Roborock s50

iLife v5s Pro

Roborock s6

On sale





Size (cm)

34.5 x 34.5 x 9.60

35.3 x 35 x 9.65

30 x 30 x 7

35.5 x 35 x9.65

Battery Capacity:





Charging time





Working time





Dust Box Capacity:





Suction (pa)





APP control










And now let's go into the nitty-gritty.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner - the most effective robot vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi combines iRobot's hardware with Neato's software. The appearance is the same round head as iRobot, and the same laser head bin as Neato is added to the top of the machine. At the bottom of the product are two main wheels and a spherical guide wheel.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner 

In software, the pathfinding method is the same as Neato, and even the specific implementation is the same: first turn the circle in place, let the laser head look around the boundary to determine the boundary, then walk along the boundary, and then start from the starting point. The zigzag route is reciprocating.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner 

Compared to the high-end sweepers on the market, the xiaomi mi robot sweeper is definitely the most cost-effective one.

5200 mAh large battery capacity, 1800Pa suction, just $279.99 on sale in GeaBest , you can have a vacuum cleaner with the same performance as iRobot and Neato.


● Good cleaning performance

● Strong rechargeable battery for large area cleaning

● Intelligent navigation system

● Easy operation and individually controllable via app

● Push messages for errors and problems

● Reset button for troubleshooting and general resetting

● 12 sensors that guarantee precise coordination


● Mi Home App needs many permissions

Roborock s50 vacuum cleaner - the strongest suction power robot vacuum cleaner

The Xiaomi Roborock s50 is an improved version of the Xiaomi Mi vacuum cleaner. Because both are produced by the same manufacturer.

Roborock s50 vacuum cleaner  

The suction power is simply outstanding. Roborock S50 hasthe highest suction - 2000Pa. For the vacuum cleaner, it is already topped. Debris, steel beads, soybeans, dust, millet or any other wastes, Roborock s50 also can a can be absorbed in sudden.

Roborock s50 vacuum cleaner  

The Smartphone App is also worthy of special mention. It can be used to mark and clean areas on a map of the apartment. So far clearly the best app we had in the test, it really makes sense and also works quite reliably.


● Super suction power

● Useful wiping function

● Long battery life

● Several accessories and spare parts in the scope of delivery

● Many smart functions in the app (free of charge)

● Operation possible while on the move due to WLAN integration


● Impatient users may need to pull themselves together a bit when setting up the app and device

iLife v5s Pro vacuum cleaner - the cheapest 3 in 1 vacuum cleaner

iLife has always been leader in vacuum cleaner, and also won the German design award.

iLife v5s Pro vacuum cleaner  

At the same price, most vacuum cleaner just has a suction sweep function. This single technology not satisfied most customers demands. Thanks to the dual-box design, iLife V5S PRO can suck, sweep, and drag.

iLife v5s Pro vacuum cleaner  

iLife V5S pro has a 300ml water tank, which continuous flow at rate of 3ml/min, and the water can be fully loaded with a large house of 180㎡.

Roborock S6 vacuum cleaner 

Most vacuum cleaner height is generally about 9cm. It can't be cleaned deeply under the sofa and table, resulting in cleaning is not complete.

iLife V5S pro body is relatively thin, only 7cm height. It is easy to drill under the bed, sofa and table, even someplace we difficult to deep clean.


● A very beautiful colour with a champagne rose helps to improve the environment.

● Double function, floor scrubbing with water and sweeps

● 0.3 L water tank

● Sensors that avoid hitting walls and sensors that prevent falling from the stands.

● Excellent price, very low compared to other robots.


● No virtual wall  

● It is not possible to program it or use it with a smartphone.

● Not suitable for large apartments.

Roborock S6 vacuum cleaner -- the most intelligent vacuum cleaner

Roborock S6 vacuum cleaneris the updated version of the Roborock S55 and Roborock S50. It comes with a new map management and a careful noise reduction design. Along with a larger suction of 2000pa. Without forgetting the voice control.

iLife v5s Pro vacuum cleaner  

It has also been awarded this year with the iF DESIGN AWARD 2019, German prize for best design.

Roborock S6 vacuum cleaner 

Roborock s6 vacuum cleaner is more efficient and smarter than the previous model. The machine produces more accurate maps, allowing us to more accurately select prohibited areas or clean areas.

Roborock s6 automatically recognize the room and plan the best cleaning map. This allows you to set different times for different rooms, leaving some of them or others out of your daily routine. In addition, Roborock T6 naturally supports the cleaning of virtual areas and walls, as we know from its predecessor.

Roborock S6 vacuum cleaner 

The latest Roborock s6 is compatible with the Xiaomi Mi AI loudspeaker, but it just supports Chinese language.

Imagine that when you have a good h in your life who can help you clean and keep your home clean, what will your life be like? Pick the most suitable vacuum cleaner for you and free your hands.


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