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  • Leif
    WOW!!!! great Torch
    Finally recieved this. build quality seems very noce. Triple O-ring seals and positive feel to the switch and cable. Goodman handle is noce, but assembly of this with inncluded screws required me to use an m4 tap to cut threads in the mount plate for the lamp (holes where there, just threads that needed cutting). This was a quick fix and I had the tap available. Once assembled it looks very nice and is functional.The torch is very very bright, and well focused. Does not hold back compared to much much more expensive usnits available in my local dive shop. This is litterally 1/6 of the price of a comparable unit in the Dive shop and initial impressions are that it has the same or better light output, and the build quality is up to par.If the goodman handle had been properly made, this wold be an unbeatlable torch for the money.

    Nov 01,2018

  • R. Shaw
    This is my second time reviewing this product the first one happened to be a defective flashlight but honestly after dealing with the customer service I have to say it's five stars all day it's a great little product has the most power I've seen out of something this small ever and I intend on caring my new one every day highly recommend this product

    Aug 16,2017

  • j. emenhiser
    This light is fantastic and customer service is top notch, after a couple of days of using the light it stopped working but after talking with customer service a new light was shipped to me with no problems

    Oct 27,2017

  • AF Florida
    The perfect universal tactical flashlight for any outdoors activities or work in confined or dark areas, the charger and batteries are perfect and the multi use holster makes this a great tool

    Dec 12,2017

  • SweetVieve
    I was looking for a very bright flashlight and this one surpasses my expectations, it lights up a large back yard and even leaves spots in my eyes when not looking at the light directly in a room

    Dec 31,2017

  • Heather S
    Great flashlight and great features at a reasonable price, the cheaper flashlights are garbage, i've owned many flashlights and this is the most impressive for its price

    Jun 12,2018

  • Allan G. Farman
    He thinks this is the best flash light he has ever owned and he owns a LOT of flashlights, way better than the Mag Lights and most of the other LED lights out there

    Jun 12,2016

  • T. Figgers
    This flashlight is by far the best, great price it's everything as advertised, i'd buy this light again over any surefire

    Oct 27,2016

  • MegH
    Powerful and came with quality battery, like the different power settings and the low setting is great inside a tent

    Oct 16,2017

  • pjpen
    The brightest flashlight I have ever seen, & casts light a very long way, I like that it has several brightness settings

    Jul 30,2015