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  • Typer
    Nice but maybe too small
    It's a nice portable keyboard that connects via bluetooth, so it's compatible with pretty much every tablet, smartphone and laptop out there.
    It does work with linux, though it may be a bit troublesome to connect at first. I don't have any specific guide to help you, I just kept trying and after many tries it connected and now it connects straight away, though I do need to reconnect sometimes after it stay inactive for some time (via Setup New Device). It did ask me for a PIN sometimes, but I managed to connect without using one in the end (there's no PIN number provided and the usual 0000, 9999, 1234 didn't work).
    The trackpad is small and works more or less. The numpad, at least in Linux, works as if the Num Lock was not turned on, so you won't be able to use it to type the numbers (and there's no Num Lock).

    The keyboard layout gets it right by placing "CTRL-FN-WIN-ALT", which is not common to find in these bluetooth keyboards. But it's sad that the right shift is extremely small and there's a ".com" key where the right shift should be.
    The '' key is also besides the 'Enter' key instead of above it.

    The keys don't have much travel and it kinda feels like typing on a laptop keyboard. It's not bad, but don't expect anything close to even a membrane keyboard.

    Lastly, the keyboard form is small. Like, really small.
    As you can see from the pictures, the keys uses less space than an Ajazz AK33, which is a 82 keys keyboard. It's also shorter in height as well, with 6 rows using the same space as 5 regular rows. This means that you'll be missing your keys a lot at first. You'll reach the number row when you think you're in the qwerty, you'll hit TGB instead of EFV, you'll hit "End-Insert-Delete" instead of Backspace.
    Takes some time to get used.

    Besides these, the keyboard doesn't have height adjustment, it has 3 small rubber feets that more or less prevents it from sliding around, and it has a on-off switch besides a micro USB port to charge the battery. You can use it while charging.

    It's worth it if you need a portable keyboard, but it's not a good replacement for a real keyboard.

    Aug 29,2018

  • Cajun Connoisseur
    Works perfectly the colors are gorgeous and make sure you download the program for the keyboard !! I am used to a flat keyboard on a laptop so this was a big change and it was a bit difficult to adjust to the curved keys because they are so sensitive.Other then that it's an awesome keyboard and you can really feel the quality because it's heavy and the materials are very good

    May 25,2017

  • clint yankey
    This is my first mechanical keyboard ever, needless to say it was not a very good gaming keyboard, i have just spent an entire day using the Corsair strife RGB and it is literally amazing, i love being able to completely customize the color of each key and how responsive it is to my touch, i highly recommend this if you're into competitive reflex based gaming

    Jan 22,2018

  • Ishtiaq datey
    Bluetooth keyboard
    Works will all devices laptop tablet and phones and on both os windows and Android.
    This is one of the best Bluetooth keyboard small and all keys and touch pad work as mouse.
    Two in one keyboard.
    Very smooth in typing and quick
    No problems at all

    Aug 12,2016

  • Yiannis
    Good price-quality but VERY small
    Nice price and build quality, doesn't seem so cheap. Good plastic Shahi. The mouse pad is quite responsive and useful. Rechargeable battery with mini USB plug.
    It is smaller than expected. The keys are quite small. Not recommended for big-handed people. It could be designed a little bigger.

    Mar 15,2018

  • Nachin SPN
    Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
    Very good keyboard. Easy to connect with PC and very practical.
    It came with a recharging cable. It has a little battery which give it autonomy.
    The touchpad is very useful.
    Thank you Gearbest.

    Dec 27,2016

  • J.O. Childress
    This is my first mechanical keyboard, the rgb on this keyboard look amazing especially because that the white space under that keys, definitely recommend for anyone looking for a mechanical rgb keyboard, only bad thing for me was I felt like the wrist rest was too short

    Nov 23,2017

  • Holly Wood
    The brown switches were released a little later than the reds so I got red, it has per key backlighting which looks absolutely stunning with the red backplate that makes the lights look better, includes macros for every key and you can re-program any key

    Jun 06,2016

  • Best Deal! Buy this!!!
    Just got it to replace my old mechanical keyboard, i like the textured feel to the space bar wasn't expecting that, was pleasantly surprised that the noise level was quieter than my old keyboard, very responsive and all in all a great keyboard

    Aug 24,2016

  • Kosta
    Build quality is decent.
    I had no problems connecting to my phone and tablet.
    Keys have a nice travel distance, something I didn't expect from such a small keyboard.
    The keyboard is surprisingly light
    Does not come with a charger.
    I'm not really a fan of glossy finish on the back of the keyboard.
    Letters on the keys are stickers.

    Jan 18,2017