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  • dMb
    Yes (0) Color: Milk White
    Good playing value and functionality
    There are 2 motors 1 servo and rx-battery unit. Connectors like L***, but dont know if they works with Original ( pin signals are the same, voltage from 2s lipo 8.25V) .
    There's a remote controller (2.4GHz) with autopair (by the instruction). Rx can steer 4 motors and TX has 4 channel steering too. No proportional, only up/stop/down per channel. Every channel has reverse switch. Charging by microusb port. First charge took about 3h (initial current 0.4A).
    Provided 2 printed, good looking instructions. No Cons.
    There is BMC on main PCB.
    Nice mix classic and techn*** bricks with electric motors functionality.

    Sep 07,2018

  • Martin
    Yes (0) Color: Blue Dress
    Qualität und Passgenauigkeit der Steine und Pins ist super!
    Die Qualität und Passgenauigkeit der Steine und Pins ist super, fast besser als von der Konkurrenz. Hab mir das Set eigentlich nur aus Neugierde wegen dem Receiver und der Fernbedienung gekauft und wahr mehr als positiv über die Qualität der Steine überrascht. Die Legoplatten/ Steine halten sehr fest zusammen. Auch die Technic Teile passen sehr genau. Des weiteren sind Technic Teile dabei die es so bei der Konkurrenz nicht gibt, z.B. Lochbalken mit Löchern auf allen 4 Seiten oder Lochbalken mit Pin an den Kopfenden. Unterm Strich ein sehr guter Baukasten :-)

    Mar 08,2019

  • Arjan Singh Nirh
    Yes (0) Color: Blue Dress
    My niece is in a club at her school dedicated to learning about robotics and artificial intelligence.This turned out to be the perfect toy for her at the age she is at for this club, a very fine toy, our future robot overlords will be delighted that we began teaching our children about their future coming betters so early in life

    Oct 17,2018

  • KoolMama
    Yes (0) Color: Blue Dress
    For a kid and adult too, I am assuming they placed the batteries there to make the robot more stable as the weight is near the ground, but I just wish toy makers would stop using this C and D size batteries since they don't come rechargeable

    Dec 18,2018

  • F.Iablonski
    Yes (0) Color: Blue Dress
    The fun doesnt stop once the robot is built because thanks to the app, the pieces of the kit themselves seem sturdy and well made which means this toy should stand the test of time

    Sep 18,2018

  • Julia Carter
    Yes (0) Color: Blue Dress
    The deep mans voice of the robot does not sound annoying but might be a little startling for younger kids ; it took my toddler some time to adjust to it, lovely toy

    Sep 12,2018

  • Marty C.
    Yes (0) Color: Blue Dress
    Made a fantastic gift for my techy boyfriend, he's so much fun to drive around and introduce to friends, first robot toy I've purchased an it was a real winner

    Aug 28,2018

    Yes (0) Color: Blue Dress
    I'm an engineer myself and having worked with an industrial robot myself, and the plastic screws are hard to turn in for a child, it's a very worthwhile toy

    Sep 07,2018

  • mom of a toddler
    Yes (0) Color: Blue Dress
    This has been the first smart robot toy of any kind that I have purchased, after a few hours, good product and buy for anyone looking to have some fun

    Oct 30,2018

  • EdisonNJ
    Yes (0) Color: Blue Dress
    It sound like a asian boy wining rather than a robot voice ... kinda weird, but overall it is a kool toy just not the best quality

    Aug 17,2018