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  • muellersmattes
    Big red jeep.
    This set is pretty nice to build. It has four-wheel-suspensions, integrated motors in the front and back, remote-locking differentials and flashing headlights. It is slow because of the off-road transmission, but it has some decent climbing power. The wheels are huge compared to standard-size cars. Everything is in high quality (as you would expect from CaDA) and the box design is superb. The four-channel-remote control and battery box (2,4G, micro usb charging) are good to use.Cons: The steering motor tends to jam (just steer the other direction to re-center). The flexible joints between the motor and the front wheels seem to be a weak point when locking the differentials and climbing with high torque.All together, a good product for a good price.

    Jul 14,2019

  • Jan
    Das Modell wurde in einem aufwändigen Originalkarton geliefert, der durch die lange Reise zwar etwas mitgenommen war, ansonsten aber den Verpackungen dänischer Porsches oder Bugattis nicht nachsteht. Der Bau des Modells ist recht anspruchsvoll, da bei jedem Bauschritt vergleichsweise viele Teile verbaut werden. Bei der Konkurrenz wären es vermutlich eher 5 als 2 Anleitungshefte. Das fertig aufgebaute Modell sieht allein schon durch seine Größe imposant aus, hat jedoch kleinere Schwächen im Spielbetrieb (fährt leicht ruckelig, Lenkung muss öfter neu zentriert werden, langsam). Da für mich jedoch der Aufbau und das anschließende Ausprobieren im Mittelpunkt stehen, kann ich das Modell nur empfehlen. Bei der Konkurrenz würde es ein Vielfaches kosten.

    Aug 25,2019

  • Sampson Thomson
    Great for 7-8 year old
    Runs well This was a gift for my son who is 14. We wanted something challenging but no too expensive. He really liked it but said it was too easy. He completed it in 15 minutes. He was also upset that it was not challenging. Part of the truck was one big piece that you build around. I would recommend this for a beginner builder, maybe 7-8 years old. It would be a great set to learn with and the motorized components are great too. Runs long and tough. Hooked up a trailer and it can pull some decent weight.

    May 16,2019

  • Mavis Richards
    Awesome buy!
    My son decided to buy this with his 7th birthday money. It was pretty difficult for him - probably took a good 8 hours - but it was still doable for him! He really loved putting it together, and even as an adult, I was pretty fascinated at all the gears,suspension,and extra parts. Would definitely recommend! Lots of pieces for the money! Great toy for the price. Base can be used to make different remote control vehicles with Lego parts

    May 21,2019

  • Judy Effie
    Better than expected
    My son had a very fun time to assemble this model. It has working differential and engine models! Very good set for young engineers!

    May 17,2019

  • Ira Nicholas
    My son enjoyed building this RC toy. It was just challenging enough for him. Directions were easy to follow and very through

    May 24,2019

  • Griffith Timothy
    Love it
    Gift for 11 year old son, He loved putting it together. Details are really nice. Has enjoyed it!

    May 19,2019