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Buying Guide Cell Phones Buying Guide

Cell Phones Buying Guide

The Mobile phone is your reliable companion and indispensable connection to the world, helping you to stay on top of the email and instant message, deliver video and stream music, organize your life with dozens of apps, all at a swipe of a finger. Buying a right smartphone for yourself is a big deal. The operating system, screen display, the camera or its wireless connectivity, which you will treasure most? We come up a simple guide for your.

Topics in this buying guide:
  • What are the types of Cell Phones?
  • 5 features of Cell Phones
  • 4 things to consider before buying a Cell Phone 

  • What are the types of Cell Phones?

    Refer to the system

    At present, the common Android system, Apple IOS system (iPhone OS);  

    Phones with specific functions

    Smart phones can basically meet the needs of customers, but with the increasing demand for some functions, some mobile phones that focus on their selling points on the market emerge as the times require: Camera phone, game phone, three-defense phone, dual-card dual-standby mobile phone, 5G mobile phone and so on.

    5 key features of Cell Phones

    1. CPU functions and common CPU types?
    The most important core component of the mobile phone is the processor, whose performance directly determines the processing performance of the software data. The better the performance of the processor, the faster it is to open the software and load the game, or even decide whether the phone is stuck or not in the next few years. There are four kinds of mobile phone processors: Qualcomm Snapdragon, Huawei Hayes Kirin chip, MediaTek, and Apple's own Apple A-Series chip. 

    2. What is the concept of four cores / eight cores CPU?
    CPU is used to complete all calculations, receive / store commands, process data, etc., and is the core of digital processing. The higher the number of cores, the stronger the processing power of the phone and the faster the speed.
    Can improve the switch time, Internet speed, game loading speed, etc. 

    3. What does the running memory of the phone refer to?
    Equivalent to a stick of memory in a computer, you can run multiple applications at the same time without stuttering.
    The larger the memory, the faster / smoother the running speed. 

    4. What determines the performance of mobile phones?
    Mobile phone performance is determined by the running memory of CPU+, as shown in: 

  • Running multiple APP at the same time does not stutter. 
  • Running large games and playing music videos smoothly.
  • Browsing the web and refresh quickly. 
  • There is no residual image in browsing the picture.
  • When running large games, the mobile phone is not easy to get hot at the same time. 
  • Video playback HD decoding speed.

  • 5. What exactly does the screen resolution refer to?
    Resolution refers to the precision of the screen image. The more pixels the monitor can display, the finer the picture will be.
    For example, the resolution is 2340mm 1080, and the resolution is 1080p HD screen. 

    6. How does the rear camera work? Is it necessary to take a clear picture if the pixel is high? 

    The main camera is used to view the rear camera of the phone (the effect of the main camera is based on the sensor model, aperture size, support for optical anti-shake, and the algorithm optimization of the camera APP), and the rest of the sub-lenses assist with imaging, which will refine the function of taking pictures and adapt to more scenes. 

    At present, the model auxiliary camera mainly includes ultra-wide-angle lens, zoom lens, macro lens, black-and-white lens, depth-of-field auxiliary lens and so on (different models will have different cameras with different emphasis).
    High image number can improve the resolution of photos, achieve a better look and feel, details and film effect.
    It is one of the factors that determine the quality of photos, and the shooting effect also depends on photosensitive elements, lenses and other hardware, as well as multi-camera complementarity, software algorithms and so on.

    4 things to consider before buying a Cell Phone 

    1. Budget:
    How much are you going to spend on a mobile phone?
    Usually the wool comes from the sheep, with full functions, high screen resolution, high camera pixels, thin, light and long standby time, which is usually what everyone wants, but the mobile phone that meets these conditions is also more expensive than the average mobile phone.
    Price is the indicator that buyers are most concerned about.
    Give your own psychological price, and then choose the one that is most suitable for you. 

    2. Choose a brand:
    At present, there are many kinds of domestic and foreign mobile phone brands on the market, consumers should mainly consider the reputation of the brand mobile phone manufacturers, after-sales service, mobile phone quality and related accessories are easy to buy. 

    3. Compare the function, select the appearance, and look at the demand point:
    It is not that the more functions the better, many functions may not be used by themselves, so it is necessary to measure their own needs and make comparisons.
    Know if you have a passion for a particular brand / system?
    Or do you need to take a clearer picture?
    Or is it more smooth to play games without fever?
    Or do you need the latest 5G phone?
    Or do you need to be waterproof and anti-falling?
    Or a big battery?
    Know what your needs are and sort them in order of importance. 

    4. Look at the configuration:
    To buy a mobile phone, you need to pay attention to CPU type, memory capacity, memory, screen size, camera, battery capacity, etc., and choose the highest configuration for the demand point you are most concerned about at the same price.

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