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  • Marco
    no more need of PC or Tablet, Chuwi does both
    Color:Gray Size:EU Plug
    BATTERY: 11000mAh is a big battery, you could use it all the day whitout wiring to charger. using 50%lighs in windos i could surf internet, watching streaming-video and local videos for more than 8h. using as e-reader ( 25-50% lighs, plane mode, 1 pdf open) i could reach 9-10h. i could work and play forgetting to charge. besides i have a 20000mAh POWER BANCK that i use to charge tablet and stay 2-3 days around without electricity.
    SCREEN: the resolution is very good, 12" is not a wide screen, but is a pleasure watching film on it.
    DUBLE OS: windows is perfect for working and android for social and gaming, have both in the same device is usefull
    FULL SIZE USB: usb3 is very fast and usefull considering the small amount of space on the tablet. full size port are perfect, no nede of cable and adaptor!!
    Micro SD: the space is low (64Gb divided betwn Windows and Android), but microSD help to expand and dubling the storage!
    SIZE: it is big as A4 paper
    PACKAGING: it arrives in a very good bubble-pack, the box is high qulity with rubber where ther is the screen.
    SCREEN: it is not fully laminated, so in the open-air or with a light beside it has soma reflection.
    CABLE: it is a good micro-usb plug, and well fit but it is too short, only 1m

    Apr 15,2017

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  • Luigi
    Really portable notebook substitute
    Color:Gray Size:EU Plug
    Using the Intel Z8300 Soc makes this Chuwi Hi12 a full fledged PC despite its tablet form factor. Unlike previous Atom chip renowned for the laggy performance of the so-known "netbook", this quadcore is fully capable of handling some desktop PC tasks with a impressive 1440 panel and many usb ports. It has replace my current notebook for its portability despite the slighty lower performance.

    -Fairly powerful for photoshop (basic tools) and other photo tools
    -USB3.0 as fast as a normal asmedia controller
    -Heavy duty battery like no other tablet which translates into long runtime
    -rather fast eMMC memory
    -dedicate microUSB for charging
    -plenty of USB ports plus an hdmi
    -Impressive 12" panel with high res and good colours
    -Good quality on stereo output and integrated speaker
    Chuwi Hi12 is rather big for a tablet, at least in the way a tablet is seen by people. Portability is lower compared to a 10" tablet but the work area on the other hand is bigger.

    -Somewhat heavy thanks to big battery I guess
    -Big form factor, more like a 13,3" convertible than a 10" tablet
    -IPS panel show some glow, but nothing to be concerned
    -panel coating is damn reflective
    -Who the hell needs android on that?
    -Not impressive camera performance and quality
    -Wifi suffers from occasional disconnect
    -It doesn't always recover form suspension

    Jul 06,2017

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  • Cosme Carvalho
    Chuwi Hi12 Muito bom custo x Beneficio
    Color:Gray Size:EU Plug
    Acabamento Premium de metal, dando segurança e o deixando muito bonito.
    Fino e também muito leve.
    Qualidade excelente da tela, com bom brilho e ótima resolução.
    Conexões diversas, com USB 3.0 Full, ajuda bastante no dia a dia.
    Windows 10 Home completo. Com a Cortana e todos os demais aplicativos em X86 do WIndows Desktop
    Teclado Magnético completo, com duas entradas USB extra
    Bom preço.
    Bluetooth 4.0
    Conexões Wi-FI
    Boa Bateria de 11.000mah/h com boa duração, podendo chegar a 8h de vídeo com um brilho baixo e economia de energia.
    Vem com duas câmeras, a Traseira mediana, mas suficiente se tratando de um Tablet.
    Carregador mediano, deveria ser um carregador melhor, de carga rápida, pois demora muito no carregamento.
    Conexão de Dados, para internet móvel através de Sim Card ausente, excluindo o uso do 3g ou 4g.
    Não tem USB Type-C de velocidade 3.1. ou para carregamento rápido.
    Câmera frontal fraca.

    May 03,2017

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  • Partho
    Unboxing and fist time starting
    Color:Gray Size:EU Plug
    Good product and user friendly , switching between operating system is also very easy i.e, a matter of few seconds . Some time hangs while playing games and when restarts audio gone . To the audio device has to be restarted . Picture quality is really impressive . Performance is good . I am happy with it . DHL delivered me within three days to me . GearbBest customer support team is also very supportive .
    Good product and user friendly , switching between operating system is also very easy i.e, a matter of few seconds . Some time hangs while playing games and when restarts audio gone . To the audio device has to be restarted . Picture quality is really impressive . Performance is good . I am happy with it . DHL delivered me within three days to me . GearbBest customer support team is also very supportive .

    Oct 27,2017

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  • lord niohoggr
    Color:Gray Size:EU Plug
    +Construction: Nicely looking, relatively sturdy.
    +Performance: I have to admit, that for an Atom X5 processor, this does well. I could use windows and Android quite well for light tasks.
    +Screen: AWESOME visuals. High res, nice crisp image, eyecandy to look at, decent backlight.
    -Battery life: slightly less than what I expected under windows10, though that might be due to some lacking driver optimization. Under Android it is fine, goes for several days with light use easily, heavy use 1-2 days.
    -Speakers: No bass whatsoever, and while I knew that this is a staple of most Chinese tablets, but this was underwhelming because my phone has more oomph with a single, smaller speaker. Jack sounds good though, no overly noticeable buzz.
    -Screen responsiveness: I quite frankly have the feeling as the screen is a little unprecise or as if it was resistive instead of capacitive. I know this is probably because it is advertised as something that is made to be primarily used by stylus, but even with the stylus it takes a long time to get used to it. So if you are getting this to use as a cheapo drawing tablet (as I did), you might want to take a second look.

    One little remark, get a nice case for it. In Australia it is difficult finding a case that properly fits this device.

    Feb 13,2017

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  • Miguel Morais
    Not bad for the price
    Color:Gray Size:EU Plug
    The quality of product is good comparing to others tablets
    The wi-fi range is better than the chuwi hi10 pro and has a decent range
    2 full size usb ports
    12inch screen
    6-7 hours battery time, depends on the use
    Perfect for college/university
    Performance is not the best, especially in games like CS:GO
    I have a demo of CS:GO(
    The speakers are poor.

    Apr 16,2017

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  • Valentinas Goris
    Chuwi Hi12 12.0 inch Tablet PC
    Color:Gray Size:EU Plug
    Nice tablet
    Chuwi Hi12 12.0 inch Tablet PC - GRAY 205366901
    Intel Cherry Trail Z8350 64bit Quad Core 1.44GHz Windows 10 + Android 5.1 2160 x 1440 IPS Screen 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Cameras Bluetooth 4.0 HDMI OTG

    Mar 10,2017

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  • Upuaut Bcn
    Very good for the price
    Color:Gray Size:EU Plug
    The Chuwi Hi12 it's a rock-solid tablet. Shows quality and very good crafting. It's greater than it seems when you have it on your hands (and weights a lot, also).
    - Good Battery.
    - Solid construction.
    - USB ports
    - Easy connection to PC
    - Easy change between Android and Windows
    - Slow start.
    - Wi-Fi reception is better in Windows Mode; in Android, performs poorly.

    Jul 16,2018

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  • chuwi hi12
    chuwi hi12
    Color:Gray Size:EU Plug
    It´s a perfect machine with more than enough characterictics to play, read, write and more.
    4Gb Ram and 64Gb Rom, makes it a usefull tablet. Very fast and stable.
    I love the option to star with Windows or Android.
    Every app I instaled works correctly and very fast.
    No cons. Everything in this tablet works perfectly.

    Apr 23,2018

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  • Mostafa
    Color:Gray Size:EU Plug
    Good tablet. Good screen, Good battery. Good price. There are good accessories for the tablet.
    By the way, it is good for presentation, entertainment.
    I recommend it for light use
    The packing should be better
    The tablet got pressured in shipping that was evident on screen. and I put the screen in place by hand pressure.
    But overall it was good.

    Jun 12,2017

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