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  • Himanshu Yadav
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    Wholeheartedly thank You for available this Notebook in better price
    beautiful design (high quality material)
    13.5 inch best quality screen in this price
    fastest response touch screen
    Battery Capacity 7.4V / 5000mAh is enough for daily usage
    ● 100 percent original, quality assurance
    ● Compact size, portable
    ● Full-Function USB-C,port
    ● dual band Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G
    ● micro USB Slot OTG function
    ● Four-speaker audio
    ● 3.5mm Headphone Jack
    Ultra-low-voltage 64bit platform Intel Turbo Boost Technology

    Intel® Celeron® Processor N Series
    Processor NumberN3450
    Launch DateQ3'16
    Lithography14 nm
    Recommended Customer Price$107.00

    # of Cores4

    # of Threads4

    Processor Base Frequency1.10 GHz

    Burst Frequency2.20 GHz

    Cache2 MB L2

    TDP6 W

    Scenario Design Power (SDP)4 W

    Processor Graphics

    Processor Graphics‡Intel® HD Graphics 500

    Graphics Base Frequency200 MHz

    Graphics Burst Frequency700 MHz

    Graphics OutputeDP/DP/HDMI/MIPI-DSI

    Execution Units12
    Device ID0x5A85
    Package Specifications


    Package Size24mm x 31mm
    Instruction Set64-bit

    Apr 01,2018

  • Steve Farrell
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    Chuwi Hi13 Good but needs a few upgrades
    This tablet is a decent windows tablet. Its not the fastest but it does a decent job of what it should be used to do.

    The screen looks good and is bright.

    Its got four speakers and is reasonably loud but not as good as Chuwi advertises the speakers. Theres a lack of any type of bass and there is too much trebble.

    You can use windows desktop software but don't expect to do any typw of gaming. This tablet is for light use only like browsing the web , watching video watching , listening to music or using social media. There are Facebook and Facebook messenger apps on the windows store but the windows youtube app is not compatible with the tablet.

    The tablet comes with a screen protector installed.

    Theres two versions of this tablet. I think Gearbest is only shipping one version. Chuwi makes one version of this tablet which uses 615MB ram for the graphics and slightly different internals to the second version. I have received the model that only has 167MB ram for the graphics which has an impact on some performance of video watching and browsers which use hardware acceleration.
    The speakers lack some bass. The sound is very tinny and harsh. DFX Audio Enhancer (Now known as FX Audio) Helps a little but no matter what I do with bass boost and equalizer setting it doesn't get rid of the horrible tinny sound. Chuwi should make a V2 of this tablet and make some small but badly needed improvements like improve the speakers. For instance copy the Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 Pro which has a small subwoofer on the back which improves the sound.

    The battery life is noty good on the tablet. To help with battery life I've reduced the screen resolution from 3000 x 2000 to 1920 x 1280. It makes a small difference to performance (makes it very slightly faster). Its only a 13.3" screen and the 3000 x 2000 resolution is overkill. I don't see any pixelisation with the lower resolution either.

    The storage is far too small. They advertise it to be 64GB in size and it is 64GB but when you attempt to do windows update it quickly fills the storage. Also it constantyly fails to do some updates. My solution that worked after trying for 14 hours and fails was to download the Windows 10 creation tool and updated that way which worked. Then do a disk cleaner deleting everything becase the storage was almost completely full after the update.

    Mar 19,2018

  • Claudio D.
    Yes (3) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    Chuwi HI13
    I purchased this 2in1 to use it as a more versatile desktop replacement at home. Windows 10 has been successfully updated to the latest version with the Windows Update Tool.
    The tablet is connected to a 5 GHz WiFi network and it is perfectly usable for everyday tasks like browsing, watching videos, listening music or using office applications. Windows games can be played too, with a noticeable raise of the temperature, as expected. I have been able to use Nox to play some slow paced Android games.
    The screen is great, I normally use it at 25%-50% luminosity which, beside preserving the battery, allows the tablet to stay cool.
    The build quality seems pretty good, except for the back cover finishing. Considering the price of 267€, I would give it 5 stars.
    A couple of times, while having two user accounts logged on the machine simultaneously, I experienced some random flashes of the screen, which I think were due to system being low on resources (memory and/or CPU) and unable to refresh the screen properly. I have never had any issue in different situations.

    The back cover finishing is very delicate and prone to scratches. As a matter of fact, the tablet arrived already scratched.

    Jun 28,2017

  • Boris
    Yes (1) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    The overall performance its not so smooth, if you like smooth, fast, nice animation this hardware cant render it so fast, or without lag.

    At the other hand it can play 4k video from youtube without problem, but when you seeks it take time to load and you feel that machine works at its maximum.

    Very good display.

    There is a problem with battery, at 6 hours working at conference you will need a charger.
    So advertised 10 000mah its realy 5 000mah.

    everything is good, but the performance should be a little higher..
    and battery advertisement is not correct... dont expect long lasting endurance.

    Jan 15,2018

  • Juan Manuel Béc
    Yes (2) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    Muy buena tablet a ese precio - Awesome tablet for this price
    En español al final.

    - Very good aluminium body, very resistant.
    - Very good resolution, with very nice colors
    - Good responsive to stylus with 10 fingers detection
    - Windows 10 ready to use.

    - Cuerpo en aluminio muy resistente
    - Pantalla muy nítida, con bastante brillo, muy buenos colores.
    - La pantalla es bastante precisa, los marcos funcionan bien.
    - Cuando los enciedes ya está preparada par usarse con un usuario admin, así te ahorrar la media hora de windows se esta iniciando.
    En español al final.

    - Only 6 hours of battery life
    - Bad performance at 3000x2000, if you down to 1920x1280 works better.
    - Don't charge at 5V, only extend the battery life, but if you power off don't charge nothing.
    - Sometime not power on with the keyboard attached.

    - Solo 6 horas de batería
    - Lenta, si quieres trabajar sin lag tienes que bajar la resolución a 1920x1280 (algo más de 1080)
    - No carga a 5V, solo descarga más despacio, si la apagas, se enciende el led rojo que indica que carga,pero no carga nada :(
    - Y a veces no se enciende cuando tiene conectado el teclado, si lo quitas se enciende correctamebte, menudos sustos que me he llevado.

    May 21,2017

  • Sebastian
    Yes (2) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    Awesome Low-Cost Convertible!
    It is very cheap, as i paid 280 € with speacial offer
    It has a good performance (i use it for browsing and office applications)
    Stylus is precise, even at the corners of the display and can be attached to the right side via magnets)
    Aluminium housing and round corners at the device makes it look and feel great!
    Display has an amazing resolution and good brightness
    Battery life lasts for 6-8 hours in office or browsing applications (you can extend easily with an USB port C powerbank, i use the AUKEY USB C Power Bank 30000mAh)
    It is kind of heavy, but what do you expect from an 13.5 inch windows tablet?
    The protection foil had some air bubbles included
    Full USB port would have been nice
    Speakers are not good

    May 09,2017

  • Gamegenie
    Yes (2) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    Tablette extrêmement grande, avec une puissance largement suffisante pour une utilisation fluide du Windows 10 intégré. Elle est plutôt légère tout en ayant l'air solide, une protection d'écran a été collée sur mon exemplaire ce qui est pratique. La qualité d'image est vraiment top, pour le son il y'a 4 HP à chaque angle de l'appareil mais le son n'est pas génial. Pour ceux qui ont peur de ne pas comprendre l'anglais, je vous rassure, la langue française se sélectionne directement au démarrage. Pour l'autonomie, je pense que 5/6h d'utilisation multimédia pourront mettre à mal la batterie. Je ne m'attendais pas à un appareil aussi bien pour ce prix.
    La qualité du son, pas de port USB classique, pas de housse de protection.

    Oct 26,2017

    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    Das Gerät besitzt eine top Qualität was die Verarbeitung betrifft. Das Vollaluminiumgehäuse sieht gut aus und macht das Gerät sehr wertig. Das Zusammenspiel mit der Tastatur ist sehr gut sowohl was die Technik als auch was die Optik betrifft.
    Durch das Aluminiumgehäuse und das Glasdisplay ergibt sich bei der Größe ein Gewicht, was von manchem als Nachteil empfunden werden könnte. Für mich ist es keiner. Das Windows ist eine alte Version. Das Update funktioniert, genau wie die Sprachpaketinstallation einwandfrei. Dauert halt ein wenig.
    Ich sehe keine, außer vielleicht das es für Spiele mit anspruchsvoller Grafik zu lsngsam ist. Für Office und Filme bis zur Qualität 4k ist es ideal.

    Mar 22,2018

  • Arif Emre
    Yes (2) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    Chuwi Hi13
    Cihazı wacom mobilestudio alternatifi olarak kullanmayı düşünüyordum. Hem ekran kalitesi çok iyi hemde stylus desteği gayet başarılı olduğu için. Adobe programlarını açması yeterliydi. Gerçekten gayet güzel performans veriyor bu programlarda. İyi kötü oyun ihtiyacını da bir anlamda karşılayabiliyor. Basitçe anlatmak gerekirse Cs go da düşük ayarlarda 1024*768 de akıcı şekilde oynanabiliyor.
    Panel kasaya tam oturmamış. Kasanın altında ufak bir sorun var panelin oturmadığından kaynaklı. Çok büyük bir problem değil ama sınuçta olmaması gerekli. Ekranı cidden çok iyi ancak bu güzelliği gerçekten yaşamak için parlaklığı 50 nin üzerine çıkarmanı gerekli. Yüzde 50 parlaklıkta ortalama bir kullanımda 6 saat civarı gidiyor. Şahsen ben en azından 7-8 saat bekliyordum. Burası biraz hayal kırıklığı oldu. Ama tabiki bu fiyata TR de alınabilecek herhangi bir laptop (netbook) tan çok daha iyi bu konuda.

    Jun 13,2017

  • William Lim
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    List of Items Shipped
    The screen display resolution is very good.

    Upgarde to latest Windows 10 via Microsofrt website went smoothly.

    Even though only runs in Windows 10, but able to install Android NOX emulator to play Android games and runs many apps.

    It's fully complete with keyboard and stylus pen.

    Jun 13,2017