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  • Ralf Köhler
    Yes (4) Color: Silver
    Little familiy information system
    Around Christmas 2017 our tablet PC placed in our kitchen and used by the whole family became too slow and had difficulties with the windows updates, so we decided: a new one is necessary.
    We ordered the chuwi SurBook Mini. 4GB of Ram and 64GB of storage will cover upcoming patches and updates of windows far into the future. It arrived quite soon and was wrapped into several meters of bubble wrap and stored into a large bubble wrap envelope. That was fine for its long journey from China to Germany.
    First, we charged the battery and waited for all the incoming windows updates. After our personal way of installation (user platform) we started using it in everyday life.
    We are satisfied. The bright and high-resolution display is not only comfortable for our eyes, but also pleasing with pure colours.
    The buttons are easy to operate with. They are not wobbly and do their work properly.
    The battery lasts long so it is not necessary to charge the tablet often (normal use, no continuous use).
    It has an own stand on its back side which is well manufactured and gives a secure stand (see picture below). No collapse while using the device. Thanks to the high mechanical load capacity.
    The outside is made of aluminium and thus very stable. Which means it is very handy for everyday life.
    So, our conclusion: We think, it is of high quality. The daily use is for our requirements adequate. We have a higher demand on our everyday life technology. So, this tablet is a good fellow for occasionally daily use.
    As the product is on a top level of quality it is very hard to find something negativ. But here is a little point we found. The usb-3 cable for charging can not be fully inserted in the connector, but it has no influence on charging.

    Feb 25,2018

  • Luís Barbosa
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Fast and well built
    The tablet is quite fast and responsive up to all productive tasks.
    it has great build quality with the aluminium casing and a great screen.
    On the downside I can only find the type-c connection used for charging and peripherals, because it's so deep inside the casing you can use any standard type c cable or adapter. it's a problem for connecting hdmi or ethernet through the type-c since I can't find proper adapters used for any other device.

    Best regards

    Jan 12,2019

  • Sif
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Chuwi Surbook Mini, Great Windows 10 Tablet
    Excellent Windows 10 tablet with great specs and build quality for the price (aluminum body, laminated IPS display).

    I specifically purchased due to the two full size USB 3.0 ports which allow me to plug in a camera and a portable hard drive both at once to back up images whilst on the go.
    Limited usable storage space on HD, but expandable with MicroSD card.

    Dec 29,2017

  • Seb
    Yes (3) Color: Silver
    Awesome tablet for not too many tasks
    The display is great, the battery holds for 4 hours straight movies. The touchscreen is precise but not as sensitive as a mobile phone's one. You need a bit harder pressing.
    I am stunned by the build quality. The back is made of alluminium. Nothing is shaky or squeeky. The stand is extremly stable in ANY position. I did not expect that.
    To be fair, it has that very small price tag BUT i hoped that i can do a little more with it.

    Free space is around 20-25GB. Performance-wise i can watch movies up to full hd, but YouTube and other video-playing websites can get a bit laggy. Using Kodi is possible without any big laggs.

    Jan 25,2018

  • Yes (2) Color: Silver
    Great devise. Bright display, natural colors. Metallic body. Two full-sized USB ports. C-Type charging socket. Slightly heavy, but comfortable to hold.
    No stereo speakers

    Feb 23,2018

  • johnv
    Yes (1) Color: Silver
    works fine
    I bought it together with the keyboard.
    It is a great little tablet, small and portable and very reliable.
    I use it mainly to write texts and watch video
    Never had any problem with that. Doesn't lag at all. Works without any problem.

    Aug 21,2018

  • Thomas
    Yes (3) Color: Silver
    Chuwi Mini Surbook
    Well, it works fast and very responsive.
    The Win 10 license is working good with no activation issue.
    The screen is nice looking with good colors.
    the hinge on this tablet is good and strong
    maybe the wight but it doesn't really bother me

    Dec 05,2017

  • Carina Baeta
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    chuwi surbook mini
    Great quality
    Amazing screen ( I always use at 25%, its e bought)
    Activated Windows 10
    Great buy
    A little bit heavy, but perfectly confortable

    Dec 30,2017

  • Will Turner
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Good value pricing, not a work horse but a useful tablet for working on the move. Seems to be one of the very few which has 2 USB 3 ports and a separate usb c port for charging. Fair boot up times and a about 4 - 5 hours battery time average use
    Needs to be able to buy an extra charger, none can be found. The current usb c charging port is on the slanted edge so you need a usb c connector which is longer by 0.5 mm. To use external charger, like a battery bank you need PD 2.0 type device capable of output 12V/2A

    Jun 02,2018

  • Christian
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Nice hybrid for both work and pleasure
    Good quality and not to heavy. Easy to use as tablet with preinstalled Windows 10 and if you combine with the SurBook Mini Keyboard it is a quite decent PC. Really a good 2 in 1 alternative and the price is right.

    Jun 15,2018