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  • Andre
    Faca CIMA 1/ CIMA 1 Fixed Edge Knife
    Uma faca de caça pequena com tamanho de 21 cm e 8,5 cm de tamanho de lâmina. Faca de um tamanho muito bom e fácil de manusear. Tem bom tamanho e peso para tarefas de corte e batoning em troncos estreitos. É bem resistente e tem um ótimo fio de corte na lâmina. Tem uma espessura de lâmina de, aproximadamente, 4 mm. Tem uma boa empunhadura, com cabo em micarta, muito confortável. Acompanha uma bainha de Kydez com clip de aço e uma alça para colocar no cinto. O encaixe da faca e bainha é um pouco folgado e por isso faz algum barulho. A faca tem um bom encaixe na bainha o que não permite uma queda acidental. Uma faca com excelente custo x benefício.ENGLISH:A small hunting knife with a size of 21 cm and 8.5 cm of blade size. Knife of a very good size and easy to handle. It has good size and weight for tasks of cutting and batoning in narrow trunks. It is very resistant and has a great cutting edge on the blade. It has a blade thickness of approximately 4 mm. It has a good handle, with cable in micarta, very comfortable. It comes with Kydez sheath, a steel clip and a place to put on the belt. The fit of the knife and sheath has a little gapped space and it makes some noise. The knife has a good fit in the sheath which does not allow an accidental fall. A knife with excellent cost x benefit.
    O encaixe da faca e bainha é um pouco folgado e por isso faz algum barulho. ENGLISH:The fit of the knife and sheath has a little gapped and it makes some noise.

    May 17,2018

  • Greymarshes
    Bought it as a joke
    I bought it as a joke (price was low) since I have a neigbhour who is well into more expensive survival knives. When it arrived it were sturdier than I would thought it would be. I am assuming its a copy of some other knife. The handle is decent enought. I didn't notice any sore edges or anything. The blade weren't 'razor sharp' but it was good enough for a quick fieldtest. I gave it to my 13 year old son for our camping activities and we went out and just bashed at it with batoning and cutting. It went through a couple of logs that were slightly smaller than the blade (so we could baton it succesfully) and it didn't brake, didn't lose any parts of the edge or anything. I would say, if you just want a cheap knife to test out or use as a reserve or give to a child as first knife where you won't get a heartattach if he/she happens lose it, or missuse it so it gets unusable.. go for it.
    I wouldn't recomend it for real survival, mayby when I see it survived years of abuse ^^

    Dec 06,2015

  • Aleksei
    Копия известного ножа, длина клинка 98 мм,заточенной части 86мм, толщина в обухе 4,5 мм, ширина 31мм.Спуски от обуха, сведен в 1 мм.Исполнение "Full tang".Удобные насечки под палец.Накладки из микарты, хорошо обработаны, качественно собраны на рукоять.Упор на рукояти выступает более чем на 5 мм.Мягкие продукты хорошо режет, твердые разламывает в силу толщины лезвия. Сталь 7Cr17MoV.легко правится.Неплохой маленький ломовитый нож, подойдет для силовых работ.Вес ножа 225грамм. Удобно сидит в руке, но для большой ладони будет маловат. Ножны хорошо сидят на поясе, а вот нож в них болтается, но пока не выпадает,думаю, если бежать, то возможно и потерять, может это мне попался такой экземпляр.

    Jun 06,2018

  • Xavier
    Solide! super rapport qualité/prix
    Couteau ressemblant fortement à un RAT3 ou ESEE3 pour les connaisseurs. Étant déjà en possession d'un ESEE3 ce qui choque à la première prise en main c'est le poids, il est beaucoup plus lourd. En effet la lame est plus épaisse ce qui au final est peut être un plus. Idem pour le manche.Bonne prise en main. Le manche est propre, bien fini et ne glisse pas. Aucun jeu les vis ne dépassent pas. Brise glace arrondi et épais.L’étui est en plastique. Pas une super qualité, rien à voir avec du kydex... Par contre le blocage est impeccable il faut bien tirer pour le retirer aucun risque de perte en cour de route. Tranchant rasoir en sortie de boite. En ce qui concerne le revêtement de la lame il faudra voir sa tenue au fils du temps.Au vue du prix je suis très satisfait de mon achat. Couteau que l'on a pas peur d'utiliser et d'abîmer pendant une randonnée. J'avais déjà eu de bons échos et je confirme.

    Jan 07,2019

  • Jean-Noël
    Mon premier couteau à lame fixe de chez gearbest. Première impression, c'est du costaud. Le couteau : Bonne prise en main. Le jimping sur le dos de la lame semble très efficace. Il coupe très bien et la lame full tang inspire confiance. Il pèse 203 gr. Chaque modèle à son propre numero de série inscrit à la base de la lame. Il donne l'impression d'être construit comme un char d'assaut :-) L'étui : L'étui est en plastique moulé, et le clip de ceinture en metal . Il est reversible droite gauche en dévissant et retournant le clip de ceinture. Il retient bien la lame même si elle fait un peu de bruit dans l'étui quand on marche. Il pèse 134 gr.
    Pour le moment rien de négatif ;-)

    Sep 29,2017

  • DDees
    Great camping knife!
    I picked one of these up a little while ago and liked it so much I ordered a second and have learned to really like these! I have used these for basic field craft, food prep, fire starting and even some carving on some birch I have been making primitive tools with and these handle the job as well as any knife I have owned. I have taken to using one as a vehicle emergency knife or a B.o.B. knife to try and cut costs on some of the things I have been putting together and have all the confidence these will work out awesome! If you want a good knife but don't want to spend a ton of money, get one, they are pretty hard to beat!
    Needs sharpening fairly often but sharpens easily and takes a shaving edge with little effort. The spring steel clip on the sheath can be a little bothersome when it won't stay on your belt while trying to draw the knife but I will be making a leather belt loop anyway so not too big a deal to me.

    Aug 17,2017

  • Jon
    This is my favorite knife, period.
    Fits well in hand Sharp from factory (shaved my arm) Perfect size and design Great handle scales Works well for bushcraft tasks Excellent knife for the money, will buy another if this one ever breaks, but I doubt it will. I was very surprised at the quality of this knife for only $20. I had lower expectations because of the price but was i impressed. I removed the metal clip from the sheath and set it up for horizontal belt carry and it works great. I don't own any really expensive knives, and I don't think I'll need to after buying this. 5 stars!
    Not really any, sheath is weakest part but still, in my opinion, is pretty good.

    Jun 26,2016

  • Graham
    Great bushcraft fixed blade
    The Cima 1 is a kind of hybrid between the Ontario Rat 3 and the Rat 4. Most compare this knife to the Rat 3, but the blade thickness and the handle length is equivalent to the Rat 4. Therefore, you have the perfect balance between the two, in a very well-made knife. One of the best aspects of this knife is that you would not be afraid to use it and the although the blade steel is 7Cr17Mov (equivalent to 440A), the heat treat and the overall finish on this knife is perfect. I highly recommend this knife to anyone that wants something a little bit different to a Mora at a fantastically cheap price.

    Oct 03,2016

  • JOE C.
    Excellent clone.
    This knife is an excellent quality copy of the RAT -1. The knife is actually slightly longer allowing the hand to fully grip the handle. The knife is wider then the original and appears stronger in build. The handle material is also of excellent quality. I have five of these knives. I also have a RAT 1 and the ESEE 1. I like this knife better then either of the other two. The price is unbelievable considering the quality of this knife. Even if you like the original better try one of these. You can not go wrong for 21.26 USD. Once the secret is out the price will explode.
    None that I can find.

    Mar 26,2016

  • Pawel
    heavy-duty knife
    + It was designed for law enforcement, military and outdoorsmen who require compact cutting power. + I would definitely recommend this knife to anyone in the market for a low-cost, high quality EDC / Outdoor knife. Yes, it's similar to Ontario RAT-3. Just Buy it and You won't be disappointed! Of course this will never be a jungle knife, but all smart people knows that. For survival purposes it's Okay, but should be a 2-3 cm longer. On photo I put comparison with other knives (GB, Ganzo 704.
    - Metal clip - too heavy

    Oct 04,2016