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  • Nerelito Jr Pascual
    Very Good MT-2A Alternative
    I bought this Cofly KX-D010 because it looked quite similar to my Nitecore MT-2A which I bought through a BLF Group Buy. Though the specs says that it takes 18650 cells - and I asked GearBest regarding this and they confirmed that its 18650 - I knew that it takes AAs so I went ahead and ordered one because I loved the performance and build quality of the MT-2A that I can't let the opportunity of owning an MT-2A look-alike that costs much less pass me.

    My KX-D010 arrived this afternoon - 56 days after making the order - and indeed it takes AAs. Please have the specs corrected GearBest.

    I immediately tested it and compared it with my MT-2A and the attached pictures would summarize my observations. The Cofly used an XP-E while the Nitecore used and XP-G so the former's beam is narrower than the latter. I have also attached an image of their beams for reference. The two looks almost the same though the build quality of the Cofly is not as good as that of Nitecore. The user interface of the MT-2A is also much better than the KX-D010. However, given the price of the Cofly KX-D010 which is less than a fifth compared to that of the Nitecore MT-2A, the former is more a bang for the buck.

    Thank you for this great product GearBest!
    Shipping could be improved.

    Jul 04,2014

  • Ivan
    Good quality for the price
    The machining is pretty good, no noticeable flaws. Smooth tailcap threads. Good brightness. Good tint, cold white with maybe a little hint of green. Modes are about 100% and 25%. PWM is high enough, not annoying. Draws 1.65A on high.
    Cheap anodising, worn off in few places

    Aug 23,2014

  • John
    Flashlight nerd
    The perfect beater light. Great to give out as a gift to those that use simple AA akaline or AA nimh rechargeable. Good output and look for the price. Has a solid feel in the hand. 2 or 3 x AA lights always seem to have a higher price but this one is very affordable.
    Could use a more modern emitter but I can't complain about an XPE R3 for this price.

    Aug 28,2014