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Some Seem Glamorous But Suffer From Earwax Blockage

Some Seem Glamorous But Suffer From Earwax Blockage

We enjoy picking our ears. Keep picking ears for more enjoyment.

I have a habit of picking my ears since I was a child. I not only pick mine but also like to pick those of my family and friends. Every time I remove a large amount of earwax, I feel oddly satisfied.

I also keep some guys' experience of picking ears. Up till now, every time I read them, I am still excited and eager for earwax removal.

User A:

At Christmas, my grandma said that she found it more and more difficult to hear things clearly when wearing hearing aids. I offered some solutions, but none of them helped her out. Finally, I looked into her ears.

I was scared to death because I found the earwax blocked my grandma's ears. It didn't make me feel disgusted but somewhat excited.
Yep, I loved to pop pimples and pick the ears since I was little, so I became excited in no time.

But the earwax was too big, and it stuck to the ear canal. It was impossible to come out at all. I rummaged everywhere and found a pair of tweezers. I managed to clip out the chunk of earwax with the tweezers.

No wonder grandma couldn't hear the voice, as the earwax was so big!

My comment: Bravo! WOW, having oily ears, I admire that you had such a large chunk of earwax!

User B:

One day, my roommate was taking a shower and suddenly ran out in panic. He told us that one of her ears couldn't hear anything. He was so scared.

The next day, he went to the hospital to see a doctor. According to the diagnosis, the earwax was big and swelled as water entered the ear during the shower.

My comment: Haha, this is so funny. I want to look at your roommate's facial expression!

User C:

I am 39 years old this year.

The first time that I'd picked my ears was in the elementary school when I was ten years old.

Because I was too short, I always sit in the first row. However, I still couldn't hear what the teacher said. My mom took me to the hospital and suspected that my hearing was impaired. 

It turned out that the doctor said the earwax blocked my ears. 

I was so impressed that a huge chunk of black earwax was taken out of each ear. The earwax was as big as a cigarette filter. Incredible!

Since then, I found the world became too noisy and told my teacher I wanted to sit in the last row because my teacher spoke too loudly. (Reasonable!)

Hence, I often pick my ears for fear of the same thing.

My comment: I feel sorry for you, but I want to see the chunk of black earwax as big as cigarette filter!

User D:

My boyfriend likes to do exercise, and usually wears headphones to listen to music. One day he told me that the headphones seemed to be damaged (due to a lot of sweat). He thought the sound was too small to be heard, and the headphones were broken. He wanted to buy new ones.

I didn't believe him. As soon as I put them on, I found that the music was super loud.

I turned on the flashlight and looked into his ear. The earwax had built up and blocked the ear.

I put an ear spoon into his ear and got out a lot of black earwax. It was so gross but exciting. 

Right after the removal, he said that he heard well. Now, I often pick his ears once a week, in spite that he resists. 

My comment: Why have I never removed such a big chunk of wax? I am so upset.

Well, let's get down to business. Although picking the ear pleases you, but it might easily hurt the ear and even causes serious accidents, such as ruptured eardrum.

Cotton swabs were commonly used, but cotton swabs only pushed earwax deeper in the ear canal. Over time, the earwax would harden and block the ear canal.

A lot of ear spoons on the market are similar. They are more suitable for people who are skillful in picking their ears.

If you are clumsy or want to pick ears with each other, choose this visual ear spoon.

When you pick your ears, you can see your ear canal in real time on your mobile phone, and get rid of various problems, including perforation, invisibility, inaccessibility. It is the right choice, especially great for cleaning children’s ears.

It works like this:

The waterproof HD camera at the front of the ear spoon can check the ear canal that you can’t see. Through WiFi, it can present what’s in the ear canal to the screen of the mobile phone, so you can be good at picking the ear.

Don’t be skeptical about the resolution. The six adjustable LED lights on the ear spoon improve the image quality in the dark, so you can clearly see every detail, even the ear hair.

It is simple to operate. The switch of the visual ear spoon is located below the handle. You only need to push it upward, and the indicator light will turn on. The elderly can also operate it without difficulty.

USB/Micro USB/Type-C 3-in-1, so the ear spoon is compatible with various devices — no issue of compatibility.

If you like to pick your ears, you must buy them and enjoy the convenience of technology.

If you only want to clean your ears, you should buy one, too. After all, safety is the most priority.

In the end, I want to share some tips on cleaning the ears:

1. Don't use too much force when you are picking ears. Excessive cleaning may result in ear injuries.

2. Don't stuff things into your ears, such as cotton swabs or toothpicks, etc. These things lead to scratches, eardrum damage or ear bone displacement, or even more severe damage, such as hearing loss, dizziness, and tinnitus.

3. If you have the hearing impairment, bloating, inflection, bleeding, or earache, seek professional help immediately.

That’s all. See you next time.

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