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HIMO C26 Main Features & Upgrades: What Are the Improvements Compared with HIMO C20? Is it Worth Buying?

HIMO C26 Main Features & Upgrades: What Are the Improvements Compared with HIMO C20? Is it Worth Buying?

Currently, the electric bike market is increasingly expanding as several brands are coming out with impressive designs.

However, Xiaomi has stood out as one of the dominant brands over time due to some reasons. First of all, the brand always releases an upgraded version of its previous models. Also, the brand never stops impressing buyers with outstanding features.

One of such upgraded models is the HIMO C26, which is an upgrade to the HIMO C20 electric bicycle. 

This new model features some spectacular improvements such as an E-Moped Lithium-ion battery, which is light-weighted, safe, and convenient to carry about. Also, HIMO C26 possesses power-saving features because the amazing battery can remain active over 60km.

For more clarity, we’ll be making a comparison between the features of the HIMO C20 and the upgraded model HIMO C26. So, at the end of this review, you can decide if the new model is worth buying over the previously released HIMO C20. Kindly read to the end!  

HIMO C20 vs. HIMO C26: Appearances, Design, Cycling Performances and Battery

 Here, a comparison between the two models of Xiaomi HIMO electric bikes will be made while considering some specific features.

· HIMO C20 vs. HIMO C26: Appearance

While the two models (i.e., HIMO C20 and HIMO C26) are an incredible electric bicycle, due to the larger dimension of the HIMO C26, the new model appears to be more suitable for the adult than the previous model. 

The HIMO C26 comes with a triangular look as the crossbar is well-designed and visible. In terms of height, the HIMO C20 is taller than the HIMO C26, but the latest release possesses all the components present in the HIMO C20. 

In other words, a tall rider will likely appreciate the comfort of the HIMO C20, while the average motorist will relish the improved stability and relatively short stature of the HIMO C26.

· HIMO C20 vs. HIMO C26: Design

In this aspect, we will discuss the weight and dimension. Speaking of the weight, the HIMO C20 and HIMO C26 weigh 21.6kg and 25kg, respectively. 

Considering the size, C20 is 1470mm by 610mm by 1060mm (L/W/H), while the HIMO C26 stands at 1740 by 660 by 1050mm (L/W/H). Hence, if you desire a lengthier bike, then HIMO C26 is your go-to-get option. 

However, if you are concerned about how easy it will be to store your ride, then you are best advised to settle for HIMO C20.

· HIMO C20 vs. HIMO C26: Cycling Performance

In this regard, the distance between the front and the rear wheel from the center of the bicycle is 1070mm and 960mm in HIMO C26 and HIMO C20, respectively. 

And also, the HIMO C26 comes with an electric continuous sailing mileage only of 60km while the 50km is found in HIMO C20. Concerning their maximum speed, HIMO C26 can cover 60km at 25km/hr while HIMO C20 runs at 23.7km/hr on average. 

With these statistics, it is evident that HIMO C26 scores higher, and consequently, offers better comfort and can run more distance in less time.

· HIMO C20 vs. HIMO C26: Battery

Both HIMO C26 and HIMO C20 are designed with Lithium-ion batteries, which boasts 10Ah capacity. Also, this battery is capable of charging faster and retaining power for a more extended period compared to conventional batteries. 

Additionally, when produced to utilize Undervoltage and Overvoltage protection, they can last for several years.

Nevertheless, some significant differences are found in the battery that comes with the two models. For instance, the battery voltage of HIMO C26 is 48V, while 36V is found in HIMO C20’s battery. 

Also, Undervoltage protection is 41±1V and 31V in HIMO C26 and HIMO C20, respectively. With such disparities, HIMO C26 performs better again.


HIMO C26 Electric Bicycle Boasts Competitive Edges Over Other Popular Models

With all the improvements which are found in HIMO C26, undoubtedly, it is an environmentally-friendly means of transportation. However, this model has a competitive edge over many other popular electric bicycles in the world because of the specific attributes which it possesses. 

First of all, not many electric bikes can cover an outstanding distance of 25km/hr with a max 25-degree gradient – HIMO C26 can do it. 

Also, this model comes with a 10Ah Li-ion battery, which is sufficient to run 60km mileage using only electric mode. Compared to several other electric bicycles, aluminum alloy shell is used to construct HIMO C26. 

Hence, it can carry up to 100kg payload. These, among other impressive qualities, set the newly produced HIMO C26 electric bicycle apart from the rest, not to mention its affordable price.

HIMO C26: Performance and Experience

The HIMO C26 is constructed using a lightweight frame. It features three ride modes: Pure Electric mode, the Pedal mode, and a mixed-mode (Moped Mode). 

Depending on a rider’s preference, he/she can choose any of the three modes while riding – one of the reasons why riders consider the HIMO models as highly versatile.

Just like most e-bikes, the HIMO C26 features Shimano 7-speed variable speed drive, which allows users to change speed by merely adjusting the front and rear sprocket wheel automatically. Hence, riders can move on various terrains with different speed. 

All the attributes explained translates into longer battery life, versatility, durability, and increased efficiency. 

Hence, undoubtedly, the HIMO C26 will offer impressive performance and memorable experience to users. Also, those who view HIMO C20 as appearing childish will have no complaint with the lengthier HIMO C26 in that regard.


Final Thoughts

With mind-blowing performances and exciting features, the release of HIMO C26 is one to look out for. 

Although the cost of HIMO C26 might be a little bit higher than that of HIMO C20, the quality, versatility, and speed of the new model will surely make you overlook the small margin in cost. 

Well, it is worth mentioning that an individual’s preference is the most significant factor in deciding the best model between HIMO C20 and HIMO C26. 

And with the comparison stated herein, we believe that the ball is now in your court – choose, please! Finally, if you would like to secure your HIMO C20 or C26 models, endeavor to reach us. We will be glad to help you.

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