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Yeelight Smart Ambient Light That Brightens Your Life

Yeelight Smart Ambient Light That Brightens Your Life

Looking to brighten your home with the best of technology? 

Coming from the Xiaomi ecosystem, the new 2019 Yeelight ceiling light is available for you. 

The brightness of the ceiling light is fully configurable thanks to the intelligent LED lighting system. You can easily control it from your smartphone or through a connected speaker like Google Home or Alexa with voice commands. 

Large and small models are for different needs of lighting. Jump on this opportunity now and be among the first to receive this new light connected exception!

The Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling Light promises to bring smarter light to your living room! 

This 480mm diameter connected lamp supports voice control to allow you to control the lighting in your home precisely. Its large size is perfectly adapted to diffuse a personalized light in large rooms like the living room.

This mid-size ceiling light offers the same features connected in a smaller format since it is only 320mm in diameter. 

It will fit medium-sized rooms such as a bedroom or a small living room.

Smart light gives you a new experience at home!

Yeelight ceiling lights work with HomeKit and Yeelight applications to turn on, turn off, and control the light without getting up. 

You can easily connect it to your smartphone or connected speakers like Google Home or Alexa. The built-in Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth feature allow you to control the light status from anywhere remotely.

But it's more than just a classic ceiling lamp because its LEDs can display a wide range of colors and intensity of the light to give a totally personalized atmosphere to your interior.

Main features and advantages:

√ Quick installation in 5 minutes

√ Moonlight mode, extremely low brightness, no matter waking or sleep, will not be dazzling

√ Models of sunlight, shade, and light can be adjusted at will

√ Multiple control modes: wall switch, remote control, mobile app, AI speaker, wall switch

√ Adjusting the color temperature and brightness

√ HomeKit support for making the smart device link

√ Adjustable color temperature ranges for different light environments

√ Link with the connected bracelet Mi that automatically turns off the light when you fall asleep

√ Anti-dust and anti-mosquito design with a luminous cavity, goodbye to dust and flying insects

That's not all!

The brightness of the 480 mm lamp is impressive. You can use the warmest color temperature of 2700K. 

The 32W ceiling light can be as bright as an old 120W bulb (non-energy saving old bulb with a metal wire that glows), probably even above 120W brightness compared to old bulbs. 

The overall build quality of the lamp is impressive, and the remote control works perfectly. Nothing squeaks or bends.

You don't have any reason to miss this product. It's such a great product that it's hard for you to find anything better or even comparable for the same price. 

Also, the CRI (Color Rendering Index) is outstanding, and you definitely will notice the huge difference between the product and other cheap lamps ($20 or even less expensive). 

You are just a click away from this remarkable ceiling light that does more than just lighting your room. 

Get your Yeelight ceiling light here at the most affordable price you can ever imagine.

Yeelight YLXD42YL 480mm Smart LED Ceiling Light Upgrade Version (Xiaomi Ecosystem Product)



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