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TANIX TX3 Max TV Box User Experience

TANIX TX3 Max TV Box User Experience

As science is making progress by leaps and bounds, so the technology is spreading all over the world. Many devices are invented that seem to be helpful towards humans. Many devices are a source of entertainment for humans like smartphones, TV, computers, and etc. A TV box is the one that is becoming much popular nowadays. 

This device has provided many functions and has developed a simple television into a smart TV. This box has changed the sense of ordinary TV. If you are not familiar with this device and you are tired of watching ordinary TV shows, congrats! Now, you are in the right place. 

In this article, I am going to explain one of the most popular brands that are producing awesome TV box models for their users. I will share my personal experience with this device that will help you out to understand this device more easily. 

It is clear from its name that this device is related to TV. It is a small media center that we connect with television to watch a movie and to play games.

Basically, it is used by people to watch their favorite shows or seasons on websites like Netflix and HULU by using their television. It does not require any specific TV to be connected we can connect to any TV we want. 

These boxes come with the Android operating system installed on them through which we can have access to the GOOGLE PLAY STORE. 

Many people recommended me to buy this awesome device so then I decided to buy one of that box for my home use. I heard about TANIX brand that they are providing high-quality TV boxes. 

TANIX is a brand of ORANTH company. This company is providing high-quality products to its clients from 2014. Its head office is based in China. It is one of the leading companies of TV boxes. They have professional workers with more than 20 years of experience that are providing awesome services to them. 

I decided to buy TANIX TX3 MAX TV box from their franchise located in my city. I bought this device only for $40 which is an affordable price.

1)Design of TANIX TX3:

It is really beautifully designed by professionals with high-quality material that gives it an attractive look. It is not much big in size but it is still providing all ports and functions within its small capacity. 

Its dimensions are 13 x 4.13 x 0.59 inches. It is easy for me to carry it as its weight is only 5.8 OZ. 

You will find front LED display on this box. It has a good set of ports which includes LAN, S/PDIF, HDMI, and surprisingly AV on one side. 

On the other side you will also find a USB port alongside with micro SD slot. It supports micro SD cards up to 128 GB. 

It has 4 rubber feet that are not much larger in size but still perform their best duty to protect the device from the scratches. It comes with a complete package which includes a remote which is made up of good quality, a charger, an HDMI cable, and last but not least, a user manual. 

2)Brilliant specifications:

The second factor after the design that makes the product increase its selling rate is the awesome specifications. Having such a great specification within a handsome body really impressed me. 

One of the most important part of the device is its processor. 

TANIX TX3 comes with Amlogic S905W Quad Core Cortex-A53 1.2 GHz which is a good quality chipset. I realize that this good quality chipset has really improved this device performance overall for smooth 4K video playback. It also supports the gaming, display and also basic artificial intelligence.

Android 7.1 is installed on this device which provides a great graphical user interface. I can use this device easily because it is really human-friendly due to Android 7.1 Nougat. 

It has medium-sized RAM of 2GB but it has a good working speed as compared to other TV boxes. 

I use to play heavy games on it and also watch unlimited movies but it never got hanged according to my experience. Its processing is awesome and always responds to me quickly. It works really smoothly without creating any kind of problem. 

I highly recommend this device as I am having a great journey with it. If you are a movie addict, this device is made for you. 

This device has a good WiFi module due to which I can easily connect it to the modem that is placed a little bit far. It provides me almost all WiFi signals coverage even from quite a long distance. 

I can also transfer my pictures and videos through it so that I can watch my memories with my family. This is due to its Bluetooth 4.0 which provides outstanding connectivity with another Bluetooth device. The HDMI cable with it is short in length but it is built up with great quality. 

Simply put, this device really impressed me and also met my expectations. I am really pleased to have such kind of awesome device.


√ Cost friendly

√ Made from high-quality design

√ Fast working processor

√ Good WIFI connectivity

√ Upgraded Android version 7.1

√ Very good interface

√ Easy to connect to TV

√ We can watch 4k videos easily


× Two separate definition menus that override each other

× Sometimes crashed for no valid reason

× Short length HTMI cable

× RAM should be of more than 4 GB

× Does not perform well with some of the intensive games

× Miracast performs poorly. Only it is suitable for picture viewing and streaming music 

I have covered every single point regarding this device which will help you out to understand this device more clearly. As everything has advantages and disadvantages. 

But I will recommend you to go for this device as it has a great performance. I assure you that my personal experience will be helpful towards you. You can buy this device from Gearbest.

Tanix TX3 Max TV Box



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