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Bilikay i14 TWS Touch Wireless Earphones Review: Can't Beat the Price!

Bilikay i14 TWS Touch Wireless Earphones Review: Can't Beat the Price!

Bilikay i14 TWS has some great features that can be seen as the complete replica of AirPods 2. However, i14 TWS Touch Wireless Earphone is not as expensive as the original AirPods 2 but gets neck to neck in terms of functionality and features for its price point. 

In this article, we will discuss everything that there is to know about the i14 TWS earphone and see if it is worth buying the AirPods clone device. 

Design of i14 TWS

The first thing to be talked about the AirPods clone is its design. And the i14 TWS did not disappoint me in this aspect. 

If someone had not used Apple AirPods before, they would find it difficult to differentiate between the two products, simply based on its design. The i14 TWS mimics the original AirPods in almost every conceivable way possible. 

The only difference that I could notice is that the i14 box is a bit longer as compared to original AirPods. Apart from that, it is right to say that they are two drops of water. 

The i14 has a similar lightweight dimension as compared to the AirPods, to provide a comfortable experience and fit for the users. 

Lightning Fast Connection 

The i14 TWS is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, meaning that it connects with any device extremely fast. I have used the earphones with different mobile devices, including my smartphone, tablet, and laptop. 

I neither had any transmission issue with any of the devices nor experienced any lag in the audio. 

Audio Experience of i14 TWS

The i14 TWS Touch Wireless Earphone has everything that it needs to offer an amazing audio experience. I am an audiophile who loves to hear a lot of music and songs with my earphones on. 

And the device did not disappoint me after all. It has a high-fidelity subwoofer that provides the device extra amount of stereo and bass, thus offering an excellent audio experience for any user. 

There is zero lag in transmission, with real-time audio delivery, making it a good opponent of Apple AirPods, not just in terms of design but in sound quality as well. I would recommend it for its audio quality. 

Excellent Battery Life

Unlike many other Bluetooth devices that are presently available in the market, i14 TWS has excellent battery life. The playback time that it provided me was around 3 hours, with a standby duration of 110 hours. 

The charging case of the earphone has a 400 mAh that can be completely charged within an hour and offers up to 10 recharges of the headset. 

Easy to Use

I bought the device because of the buttonless touch control that it has. And again, it is similar to that of the original Apple AirPods. It is an earphone that has no button on it. 

The controls are easy to understand and are all given in the user manual. You can navigate music playbacks, change the volume settings, and even start the voice assistant with simple touches. 

What more can I expect for a price point that it is available at? 

My Perfect Outdoor Companion

One of the main reasons that I like i14 TWS Touch Wireless Earphone that they can cater to all the needs of people who go to the gym daily, like me, and or for people who are involved in sports. 

I use the device daily when I go to the gym for my daily exercise routine. And to be honest, when I used them for my training session, I found them to be quite comfortable and easy to fit in my ears. 

In addition to this, they also offer resistance to sweat, which is certainly a thing to be looked for. Apart from this, they are also water-resistant and comes with an IPX6 rating. 

Final Thoughts

If you don't have a huge budget to buy Apple AirPods, then this pair of Bilikay i14 TWS Bluetooth headphones is the right thing for you. 

It has almost the same design, with high audio quality and is water-resistant. I would recommend Bilikay i14 TWS wireless earbuds using for your outdoor activities like workouts and commuting.

Bilikay i14 Touch Wireless Earphone



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