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Snore Circle Smart Anti-Snoring Device: 200 Thousand People's Choice To Stop Snoring In 1 Second

Snore Circle Smart Anti-Snoring Device: 200 Thousand People's Choice To Stop Snoring In 1 Second

App tracking and analysis for great results. Instant detection and intervention (in 1 second). 36 levels of vibration. 10g in weight and comfortable fit

200 Thousand People's Choice, 1 Second to Stop Snoring!

There are two kinds of annoying noise in the world: one is the sound when nails scratch across the blackboard, the other is the snore in the dead of night.

People are mad at them. 

Snoring is not only disturbing, but it might also result from the disease.

When breathing normally, one inhales air into the trachea through the throat, from the mouth and nose.

Snoring happens because the airflow can't move smoothly through one or more places above, leading to the vibration of the tissue. 

In short, people who snore have difficulty in breathing.

I snore all year round due to rhinitis, and the problem becomes worse as the season changes.

Apart from rhinitis, nasal congestion, most people snore because of too much floppy tissue during sleep.

The floppier the tissue is, the greater the resistance and the more obvious the snoring sound will be.

If someone complains that your snoring sound is too loud, and you often wake up at midnight out of breath, you are likely suffering from sleep apnea syndrome.

Snoring affects sleep quality, results in chronic anoxia, and even causes damages to vessels, inflammation, etc., leading to a series of cardiovascular diseases in the end.

What's worse, those who snore take the risk of sudden death when asleep.

Nobody wants to run into a risk, neither do I. I was looking for anti-snoring devices and tried quite a few of them, however, they seemed imperfect.

My problem wasn't solved until I met Snore Circle Smart Anti-snoring Muscle Stimulator

√ 10g in weight and comfortable fit

√ Instant detection and intervention (in 1 second)

√ 36 levels of vibration

√ App tracking and analysis for great results

So small that you might ignore its existence

There are a lot of anti-snoring devices on the market, including bracelets, pillows, earrings, nose clips, and much more.

However, they have the same fatal flaw, i.e., the non-negligible existence.

They are too heavy, big, hard, tight, or else.

Since snoring means bad sleep, your sleep quality will be even worse, in addition to all kinds of discomfort and restraint.

It is not the case if you use Snore Circle.

It is small.

It is as big as an AirPods, a magical "Anti-snoring Bean.”

It isn't heavy, either.

Its weight is only 10g, close to that of a quail egg.

After attaching it under the chin, you lie down and fall into asleep, unaware of its existence

The provided patch attaches firmly to your chin and stays immobile however you move your head. 

Even if you always roll over, you don't need to worry that the device might get off.

Instant intervention after 1-second detection

It's light and comfortable to use.

Many anti-snoring devices are not desirable - they work so loudly that the user wakes up.

In comparison, the Snore Circle Anti-snoring Muscle Stimulator is much gentler.

It uses bone conduction and sound recognition technology to tell the snoring sound; then, it produces micro-vibration so that throat muscles will shrink with the physical intervention.

As the muscles shrink, the airway is open for smooth breath. Thus, the snoring sound is gone naturally.

The intervention effect can be varied from weak to strong, minimizing the impact on sleep.

Without snoring, you can sleep well.

Enjoy sleeping peacefully all night, together with your beloved one.

Keep track of your improvement easily

How to check the improvement if you sleep alone?

You can use the "Sleeplus" App (for iOS and Android).

The App can record the duration, decibel, snoring times, level, times of successful intervention, success rate.

After using one or two weeks, you can see the significant difference in snoring data.

Know your improvement easily!

Additionally, the App can analyze your sleeping posture, duration, and quality.

The measurements and records are more accurate than ordinary Apps. Moreover, it is easier to use than a smart fitness tracker.

The device is the combination of snore stopper and sleep monitor, which is excellent!

With the app, you can also set the sensitivity, vibration intensity, and delay of intervention for the anti-snoring muscle stimulator.

During pairing, the system will let you experience the anti-snoring level first. Thirty-six levels are available for you to choose. If you feel uncomfortable, go to the Settings to adjust the level.

The design accords with users' habits.

You have to pair the device with your phone for the first time. Later, the device will automatically connect to your phone, so the only thing that you need to do is to synchronize the data with your phone.

According to my test, the synchronization is efficient - it takes less than 1 minute.

It is convenient to sync because it is 100% complete before I get washed up.

When you use it for the first time, press and hold the power button to start pairing.

Considering snorers' poor sleep quality, the designer of the App has added the sleep aid function.

Up to 6 sounds help you relax and sleep fast, such as the sound of the stream, insect, rain, etc.

This design is thoughtful!

Ready to use after power-up

It is easy to use this anti-snoring device.

Only three steps are needed:

1. Attach the magnetic side of the patch to the anti-snoring device;

2. Peel off the protective film and attach the gel layer to the chin;

3. Power up and enjoy your sleep.

The product comes with 10 pieces of magnetic patch covered with skin-friendly gel, which will neither get off easily nor lead to allergy and sticky residue.

(Tip: The patch is a consumable. To get the best experience, you should replace it before you use it every time.)

Convenient wireless charging

On a full charge, the battery can last for about 15 hours.

It is long enough for sleeping in at weekends.

It takes about 2 hours to charge fully, so you can get more juice in time in case you forget to charge it before going out.

The 5th generation anti-snoring device features the upgrade of wireless charging.

Upon click, the snore stopper can be fixed well and start charging. It is more stylish than any other snore stopper.

The charger is not too big, but slightly wider than the anti-snoring device.

Lightweight and portable, it doesn't take up much space in the trunk or bag. It can be taken on a business trip or put in the office for a nap.

This device is suitable for various occasions. It is so practical!

What do others think of it?

Before recommending to you, I also asked one of my friends, a chronic snorer to test the product.

Below is his verdict based on one week's experience:

Due to subconsciousness, I can't help reminding myself of the device under my chin and feeling wired. However, after I get tired, I feel nothing at all and fall into asleep in no time.

From 0:30 to 8:00 a.m., I have never been woken up by the micro-vibration. The next day, I also forget its existence until I am about to wash up in the bathroom, looking in the mirror. 

After using it for a week, I get up in higher spirits every day. My girlfriend is amazed that I wake her up less frequently at midnight. The anti-snoring device is quite useful!

Like my friends, many people have given positive feedback on Snore Circle:

"No discomfort," "More energetic than ever," "For a sound sleep," and so forth.

In order to prevent snoring and improve your sleep quality, I have requested a discount from the Gearbest official to make the product more affordable for you.

Offer: Buy now, enter the exclusive coupon code when ordering, you can get another $10.

Coupon code:


In a word, you won’t need to spend $99 on 1 Snore Circle anti-snoring device + 10 patches.

now you can get 1 Snore Circle anti-snoring device + 30 patches for just $69!

Promotion: 2019.07.12 - 2019.07.30

If you and people around you are troubled by snoring, why not try this product?

Snore Circle Smart Anti-Snoring Muscle Stimulator Snore Stopper



Conductive Strips Pack of 30



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