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A Proven Way to Turn an iPhone X/XS/XS Max into an iPhone 11 Pro Max

A Proven Way to Turn an iPhone X/XS/XS Max into an iPhone 11 Pro Max

Hey, guys! I am here again to bring a piece of exciting news to you! Do you know that you can turn your iPhone X, XS, or XS Max into an iPhone 11 Pro Max? 

It can’t be easier! Look at this trick! 

Yes, it’s a protective sticker for the camera module of your iPhone X/XS/XS Max! With it, your old iPhone will look the same as the new iPhone 11 Pro Max from the back. 

Your friends and colleagues may be surprised when you hold your iPhone. “Oh! When did you buy the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max?”

Then, you can say proudly that, “Well, to be honest, I don’t think the price is high!” 

How’s that possible? This is how your iPhone will like.

The connection is seamless, and the adhesiveness of the sticker is strong enough. However, no traces will be left when it is peeled off.

Additionally, the protector won’t affect the regular use of the rear camera. You can take clear photos as usual. 

More importantly, the camera protective sticker features meticulous workmanship with high-precision parts, including the HD lens, a fake camera, a fake flashlight, metal rings, an artificial noise-canceling hole, anti-scratch PVC layer, aluminum alloy frame, and a double-sided sticker. 

Be calm! It’s not just a perfect protector for the camera module, but it can also improve the look for your old iPhone. 

The sticker is only at $2.48, and you can order one for your iPhone X, XS, or XS Max now on Gearbest!

Hurry up. Just get one before everyone knows the trick! 

Seconds Change Camera Protector Cover Film Stick for iPhone X /XS/XS Max



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