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Strong Suction & Small Size: CoClean Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Strong Suction & Small Size: CoClean Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Ever since I have a kid, the passenger seats in my car are always messy. I used Dyson V6 for the cleaning routine. The vacuum cleaner is too big that I could only put it in the trunk. 

Every time I need to clean the interior, I have to open the truck, which was inconvenient. What’s worse, I often forgot to charge it or left it at home. 

Since I didn’t want to burn a hole in my pocket, I chose CoClean, because of its small size, powerful suction, and more importantly, the low cost. It comes with a car charger for getting more juice conveniently. By the way, you can also choose a power adapter for home use. 

After using the portable car vacuum cleaner for a while, I am satisfied with it, so I would like to recommend the product to you.


On the simple white package is the rendering of the product. 

The product has won the 2019 German IF Design Award. 

The CoClean Car Vacuum Cleaner is small, portable, powerful. It features the cordless design and quick charge.

After unboxing, you can find a diagram which explains the function of each part. On the two sides are a 2-in-1 nozzle and a car charger.

The product is 29.8cm high, 7cm in diameter, as big as a vacuum-insulated water bottle. It only weighs 560g. You can put it in the storage box in the front, both sides of the door, or in a water bottle holder. After parking, you can take it out to clean the car. 

After fully charged, it can work for 15 minutes continuously. The vacuum cleaner has a 2000mAh built-in battery which supports quick charge. It only takes 1.5 hours to finish charging. The adjustable 2-in-1 nozzle is easy to use, for dealing with any narrow gaps in the car efficiently.  

At the front of the vacuum cleaner is a lid. Open it, and you will find a black nozzle, which is a 100ml dust collector. The dust collector is big enough for the impurities in the car.

In the dust collector, there is a filtration system which consists of double HEPA H11 filters, to prevent secondary pollution. 

The two HEPA H11 filters can effectively trap in the dust as tiny as 0.3 micron. The filter should be replaced regularly, but the maintenance cost is low.

The primary filter is blue and washable. You can clean it whenever necessary.

User Experience 

The main reason why I bought the vacuum cleaner is that it is small. Look, it is nearly as big as a can of coke. Another reason is that it can be charged by using a car charger.

The O-shaped handle feels great in hand. Although it is not big enough, the shell has a texture similar to leather, increasing the friction. 

The charging interface is on the bottom. There is also a light for using the vacuum cleaner in the dark.

With the vacuum cleaner, cleaning the seats, narrow gaps, carpets and so on is a piece of a cake. The cleaning efficiency is satisfying. 

As for the gearbox, the area between the two seats in the front, the built-up dust can be tackled with ease by using the soft brush. 

Although the dust collector is not big enough, it meets the demands of cleaning the car interior in most cases.

Now, I can clear away the dust on the air vent at the rear of the car. 

With the nozzle, the small snack crumbs, tiny particles can all be taken in without any difficulty. 

Another dirty place is the carpet, on which there is a lot of dust. Look, by using the brush, it is clean now.


The noise in the car is already over 70 dB. After turning on the vacuum cleaner, I put my phone 3 - 5cm away, and the sound is up to 95dB. The noise level is acceptable, as the vacuum cleaner is within arm’s reach from the ear.


Because CoClean car vacuum cleaner comes with a car charger, you can charge it in the car. Since many cars have a cigarette lighter in the trunk, it can be charged in the trunk, too.


In general, as for me, the portable car vacuum cleaner under $65 is fantastic. The small size and powerful suction are its competitive advantages over household vacuum cleaners. Moreover, it supports quick charge, car charger, and power adapter, making charging more convenient. 

Of course, it would be better if it comes with a USB power adapter. Although the white vacuum cleaner gets dirty quickly, it is easy to clean. 

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