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Incredible CoreXY Printer Under $400, Eazmaker XY Cube Prints Faster and Stabler

Incredible CoreXY Printer Under $400, Eazmaker XY Cube Prints Faster and Stabler

As a rising brand of 3D printers, Eazmaker is gradually known to some of us.

I'm always curious about many brand names, for example, why some brands are called as Apple, Xiaomi, Alfawise, Makerbot, or iRobot. I thought the brand name is on behalf of a company's goal and vision.

Recently I learned from the seller, Eazmaker is true to its name, Easy Maker, which is aimed to provide an easy-to-make solution to 3D printing makers. We could know that clearly from its products, such as 3D printers, 3D printing scanner, and other accessories.

Let's have a look at the Eazmaker XY Cube 3D Printer, which leaves the Creality3D Ender 5 and Alfawise U20 behind in the new round of the competition.

 What makes Eazmaker XY Cube stand out:

- Stable motion: Frame all sheet metal with a high precision

- Fast print speed: Stable CoreXY movement with linear rails

- Larger display: 3.5-inch color LCD with simple screen touch control

- Smoother extrusion: Remote Titan extruder feeding with better retraction calibration

 Who it's intended for:

It is for folks or newbies looking to build designs in 3D printing with an astonishingly excellent yet cost-effective 3D printer.

 Why you should buy Eazmaker XY Cube printer:

Because Eazmaker XY Cube 3D printer uses linear rail for both X, Y, Z axes. With 0.01mmm XY-axis positioning accuracy and 0.004mm Z-axis positioning accuracy, the linear rails are very strict, but well installed to provide a more precise and faster movement. 

On top of that, the printer uses a full sheet-metal plate cut with precision, so this ensures a stable CoreXY movement. Most importantly, it will be effortless to build correctly. 

Some of you may know, most of the best CoreXY-style printers over $1000 out there also use this type of metal plate to secure the Y-axis. 

However, they use linear rails on both the X and Y axis, to avoid printed parts and boost the print speed.

CoreXY-style printer VS. i3-style Printer:

More and more professional FDM 3D printers tend to follow the CoreXY 3D printer design, and there seems to be a good reason for that.

As we know, with i3-style printers, the print bed gets hurled back and forth, which tends to cause excess vibration and results in artifacts. Thus, it's also difficult to place on some workbenches efficiently and even harder to enclose correctly.

However, when it comes to the CoreXY Printer, you don't have to worry about the issues mentioned above. The tool head moves horizontally in both the X and Y directions, allowing it to access the entire build plate without extra space needed. Meanwhile, it is much easier to enclose and place on shelves.

Below is a comparison table between Eazmaker XY Cube and Creality3D Ender 5, you can see the outstanding advantages of Eazmaker XY Cube.

I would highly recommend this Eazmaker XY Cube 3D printer to those who are looking for a CoreXY printer. It's more compact and easier to build.

And, if the assembly is done correctly, this CoreXY-style Eazmaker XY Cube printer will provide even better print quality for your building works.

Yes, a CoreXY-style printer may cost more than the i3-style printer, but it worth every penny.

Eazmaker XY Cube 3D printer has an incredibly cost-effective price under $400, so it is impossible to find CoreXY printers better than it at the same price range.

Eazmaker XY Cube Safe Stable High-precision 3D Printer



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