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X96 Air Smart Android 9.0 TV Box Under $36 with the Latest Amlogic S905X3 CPU + 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM Storage

X96 Air Smart Android 9.0 TV Box Under $36 with the Latest Amlogic S905X3 CPU + 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM Storage

Would you imagine life without the invention of TV boxes? Would you be so much obsessed with television as you are were it not been for these devices that allow one to stream movies and programs aired on televisions? 

I would not be a huge fanatic of television if there were no TV boxes, for I cannot stand the basic television programs that are available when I connect my television with a cable. 

What I mainly love about X96 products is that their technology change pretty fast to cater to its clients’ ever-changing needs. Therefore, I get the privilege of constantly upgrading from the old Android boxes. 

Among the first Android boxes that the company launched is the X96 mini, X96 Max and X96 H and with the fantastic characteristics they possess, one can tell that the brand’s new model (which is the X96 Air smart Android 9.0 TV box) is an improvement based on previous models.

Reasons to recommend X96 Air Android TV Box 

Still not convinced why you ought to invest in this television box? Here is a list of privileges offered by the X96 Air Smart Android 9.0 TV box. 

1.  Its operating system, which is Android 9.0, is convenient for use. 

Because this Android-related device possesses the newest operating system (OS) model, which is 9.0, its users can carry out operations that are effective and free from all forms of landing into authorized hands. 

Also, its usage of the latest Android model enables it to have more excellent compatibility with the newly formed software and applications leading to its user having an easy time when handling it. 

Its use of the latest OS that makes the Android box to possess a more convenient user interface for as it is seen in the technology world when the operating system keeps being modified to the latest version, the interface becomes user-friendly.

2. It adopts the latest chip in the market- Amlogic S905X3

Amlogic S905X3 features four ARM Cortex-A55 cores, which means a 15% to 20% uplift in performance but lower power consumption in comparison with the previous generation. 

It is only with this latest Android box that one gets the opportunity to enjoy the ultra-smooth operation of video playback for the device possesses a new SoC, which has up to 3200 MHz DDR4. Therefore, when operating with X96 Air Android at no point will you ever experience data loss. I find this feature amazing. 

What also makes the processor be a great deal is that it has been integrated with an additional AI processor that is responsible for voice recording. Therefore, one does not have to leave the site he or she is in if he wants to access certain information. 

It is worth noting that the processor’s voice remote is incorporated with a Google Assistant to aid in searching for information that is needed, and this feature fascinates me to the core. 

Its multiple storage schemes enable the user to store relatively many applications as compared to the previous models, and I think that ditching the previously used chips for this one is the right way to go. 

3. Ultra-low prices of 4GB RAM (Random access memory) +32 GB ROM (Random only memory) storage

When using the X96 Air Android box, thanks to the 4GB RAM, and 32 GB ROM, you won’t experience any loss of memory or crash, which is the main cause of the menace. 

The operation of the TV box is also ultra-fast due to these features. It is such a great opportunity to get all these fantastic specifications at a pocket-friendly price of $44.99 or a coupon price of $35.99. 


If I were you, I would rush to get the X96 Air TV box, for it has a great package at a relatively lower price. 

Where else would someone get other than such a great offer of X96 Air Smart Android 9.0 TV box with the latest Amlogic S905X3 CPU + 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM Storage at under $36? 

Hurry up when the stock still lasts!

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