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Small Assistants For Home Security: Xiaomi Smart Gateway, Door & Window Sensor

Small Assistants For Home Security: Xiaomi Smart Gateway, Door & Window Sensor

I. Foreword 

Ever since I got to know Xiaomi smart home products, I become more and more interested in them.

I bought a Xiaomi cooker at the beginning, a ceiling light, a table lamp, and an air purifier later. Whenever I need household items, I browse the Xiaomi official website to see if something meets my needs.

The two reasons why I choose Xiaomi smart home products are: first, the attractive appearance, which is known to all; secondly. The intelligent linkage between products from Xiaomi’s ecosystem. Therefore, Xiaomi home products are appealing to me, and I keep buying the new arrivals. I might end up living in a Mi Home. 

Because nobody would be at home during summer vacation, I needed to install a simple "security system." I used a 360-degree gimbal camera at home, which can rotate 360 degrees, but I am in lack of a security device on the door. 

I weighed between two alternative plans at first. The first one was to install a smart peephole, and the other one was to install the door and window sensor, which couldn’t monitor what was happening. After thinking twice, I chose the second plan. (Door and window sensors can’t work without a gateway.)

II. Unboxing

I bought them from Gearbest because I couldn’t get them elsewhere at a lower price.

1. The packaging box corresponds with Xiaomi’s style, which is in white with the logo of Mi Home.

2. Firstly, let’s look at the gateway is characterized by the cylindrical design. The top is the speaker, the middle is the light strip, and the bottom is the plug.

3. The diameter of the gateway is 8cm, and its height is 3.7cm. It is very exquisite and rather small.

4. The user manual comes with a card ejector needle for connecting to the sensor.

5. Look at the door and window sensor, which consists of two small parts. The adhesive tape is included in the box, facilitating sticking the sensor onto a door/window. 

During setup, you should attach the adhesive tape to the back of the sensor.

III. Experience

1. Add devices

Firstly, you need to add the gateway to the Mijia APP before using it. Choose to “add devices” directly in the App interface. Follow the instruction step by step.

After adding the gateway, you can connect the sensor to the gateway. At this time, you need to approach the sensor to the gateway and press the small holes in the sensor with the card ejector needle, then, you will add it successfully.

2. Installation of the sensor

You can place the gateway to wherever you like. I put it in the living room because the gateway boasts functions of radio, alarm, doorbell, and night lights. Its position is up to your needs.

The door & window sensor is mounted on the border of the door. Similarly, if you want to monitor the window, you can directly install it on the window border. During installation, don’t set these two parts far away from each other. Otherwise, the sensor won’t work.

3. User experience

After you add a sensor to the gateway, you can set it up accordingly.

First, the settings of the gateway mainly offer three options, including "gateway," "smart," and "device."

① The page of "Gateway" mainly displays information associated with devices that are connected to the gateway, for example, whether doors and windows are closed or not. The upper part is the shortcut of the alarm, which can be directly turned on or turn off. 

Another page is about the colorful light, including colors and brightness. The colorful lamp looks fantastic.

② On the page of "Smart," you can configure various functions, including alert, sensor night light, timers of colorful light, snooze, doorbell. On the bottom, you can find "Add Smart Devices" and set up the appropriate environment, and in “Smart Log” are records of the statuses of the sensors, for example, when the doors and windows were opened.

But I don't turn on the alarm siren, because the sound is so harsh that I prefer being reminded by the push notification.

Alarm lights can also be set to blink.

In this way, the 360 gimbal camera at the door will also detect the movement, begin shooting the video, and inform me in the end,

4. Other Features

In addition to security features, this gateway can also be used as a night light. But it needs to coordinate with a light sensor. Otherwise, this function is out of the question.

It is can also serve as a network radio. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Xiao Ai Speaker, so I haven’t tried this function. The alarm function is also useful, and you can make your alarm settings in the App.

Besides, the gateway can function as a doorbell with a PIR sensor. As soon as someone is at the door, the doorbell will ring by itself.

5. Summary 

If you are an experienced user of smart home products, Xiaomi gateway is worth buying. With the corresponding sensors and other smart devices, the gateway will fundamentally change your life.

Xiaomi Smart Door Windows Sensor



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