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Top5 Vapes Worth Checking Out on Gearbest.

Top5 Vapes Worth Checking Out on Gearbest.

Vaping is a better and safer alternative to conventional smoking. Vape pens are the modernized and more comfortable way means of vaping today. What is Vaping? What is a Vape pen? Answer these questions, and more will be discussed in this article. Thanks to our expert picks, five top Vape Pens in the market has been listed out for you to ease your choice making of what is best for you. 

What is Vaping?

Vaping is heating marijuana flower, or an extract of it is heated to a temperature between 350℉ to 400℉. At this temperature range is where the marijuana turns into vapor without burning it and is inhaled as a stimulant.

What is a Vape Pen?

Vape pens, also known as hash oil pens, are e-cigarette designed to vape cannabis distillate or oils. They basically have four compartments: the batter: the battery, button, the tank/cartridge, atomizer (where the heat is produced), and the mouthpiece. Vape pens have a cost range between $15 and $200. Recharging the battery and refilling the tank is maintenance needed.

Over time, the vaping industry has advanced, and vape pens are now produced based on an industry-standard of 510 threading. The 510 threading standard allows you to interchange cartridges and battery. Also, there are now disposable vape pens with no maintenance required. Today, the vape batteries now come in different varieties, with or without a button, with a cylindrical shape or rectangular shape and a whole lot of features.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Vape Pen

The Vaping industry now has more brands producing Vape Pens, each with a promising experience of their product(s). The hassle of making a choice of which Vape Pen to buy is undeniable. We have put in the work for you. Here are important checklists to ease the whole process for you:

-The number of hits from a filled Tank/Cartridge: 100hits is the least a pen with a filled tank should give. The number can go as high as its double. The measurement of hits varies, which is dependent on it filled with wax or oil. Ensure the inquire of the proportional value of the doses.

-Request to test the pen before leaving: When you are making a purchase from a physical store, request to use the pen to ensure quality before leaving the store. This way, you’re sure of walking home with a working Vape pen. No fret if you are making a purchase from a virtual store. What is the return policy of the store, and do they offer a guaranty for the pen? When these questions are asked, you’ll get the green light to buy the Vape Pen or the red light to act otherwise.

-Research: It is important to do your homework. Ask friends and family about their experience of the vape pen, check for more information on google about it. This is equally important.

Five Top Pick For You

We now have more brands producing Vape Pens, and more brands are still going to flood the industry. It has now become an overwhelming process for buyers to make a decision of a Vape Pen. Here are our top five expert picks of Vape Pen to buy:

1. Antibacterial Mesh Pod Kit Uppen By UPENDS 

Uppen is the first of its kind with antibacterial features, and it has an exquisite pen style. The whole structure comes in potable with a refilling pod that is held in place with a magnetic mechanism. Uppen has a tactile feel when held. The ergonomic design also makes it comfortable to hold and solves the issue of spitting and popping. Uppen has the latest flax-based ETCHIP coil. 

Uppen has a touch of 18K Gold clip, which project luxury. The inspiration from Clarinet ergonomic design shape led to producing a smooth and sleek mouthpiece. There is a battery indicator to indicate the charge level of the Vape Pen.

Uppen Vape pen is a combination of the latest technology and discreet design that exudes elegance and luxury that complement your individual personality. It sells for $29.99.

Antibacterial Mesh Pod Kit Uppen By UPENDS




Uwell Nunchaku is a Vape Mod that is designed with the latest E-cigarette control panel of Uwell’s independent R&D, which makes the tube a powerful mech mod and a safe box mod. It has an 80W battery output thanks to its single 18650 high drain battery. With a consideration safety measure for beginners and its advanced users, TC mode (Ni, SS) and its bypass mode help limit accidents considerably. Uwell Nunchaku 80W is designed as a portable Vape Mod that allows for a mech-like mod vaping experience on the go with ease and safety measures in place and goes for $26.59.




3. SMOK RPM40 Vape Kit

SMOK RPM40 Pod Kit has a 1500mAH built-in battery with a max output of 40W, a large one among its kind. Yet it has a lightweight and a portable design that make it easy to take on a go. You are open to different design patterns and colors. A fire speed of 0.001s prevents you from the delay experience when trying to vape. It has a 0.96inch screen display showing you important details.

SMOK RPM40 Pod Kit gives you a continuous smooth vaping experience on the go and goes for $26.89.

SMOK RPM40 Vape Kit 1500mAh Battery 4.3ml RPM Nord Pod with RPM Mesh 0.4ohm Nord DC Coil



4. Original SMOK AL85 KIT 85W TC Vape Mod 

SMOK AL85 kit has an outstanding 18650mAH battery with a max output of 85W. It has a charming trigger fire bar. SMOK AL85 kit has an Aliensque chip that gives the function of Hard- normal and soft settings. These calibration settings give you gradual ramp-up of power when on soft, and while on the hard mode, you get an instant zap of the coil with a higher wattage when the trigger is fired. It has a screen to display important information like the battery level. SMOK AL85 Kit is a Vape Mod that fits well in hand and goes for $18.00.

Original SMOK AL85 KIT 85W TC Vape Mod For 510 Atomzier Tank Electronic Cigarette Box Mod



5. UWELL Nunchaku 2 Tank Self-cleaning 5ML UN2 Meshed Coil suit

UWELL Nunchaku 2 Starter Kit has an ergonomic design and an excellent craftmanship effort that gives it an exquisite and polished finishing and for battery replacement with a number of battery kinds. It is compatible with 18650mAH, 20700mAH, and 21700mAH batteries giving users a choice that suits their needs. UWELL Nunchaku 2 Starter Kit has a 6-Axis MEMS sensor that’s is an advancement of the conventional +/- buttons. It comes with a 5ml capacity for juice. UWELL Nunchaku 2 Starter Kit has a self-cleaning technology and a Pro-FOCS Flavour testing technology. UWELL Nunchaku 2 Starter Kit is an advancement of its predecessor that gives you more experience with its exquisite, portable design and goes for $26.98.

UWELL Nunchaku 2 Tank Self-cleaning 5ML UN2 Meshed Coil suit for Nunchaku 2 Mod E-cigarette




If you are more considerate about your budget and you want to get the most from what you pay, go for UWELL Nunchaku 2 Starter Kit. Are you a man of class who likes to exude luxury by his look and yet wants to have the vaping experience on the go? If you answered yes, then antibacterial mesh pod kit Uppen by UPENDS is your best buy.

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