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Are Realme Buds Air Bluetooth Earbuds the Best AirPods Alternative at Under $60?

Are Realme Buds Air Bluetooth Earbuds the Best AirPods Alternative at Under $60?

Introduction to Realme & the Launch of Realme Buds Air

Realme is a Chinese Smartphone manufacturing company. It was first working as a sub-brand of OPPO electronics as OPPO Realme. However, they got separated, and Realme was founded in May 2018. This smartphone brand offers trendy design and strong performance. They have gained popularity for their powerful and stylish phones. 

Due to its outstanding sales number, Realme became the No.1 brand in mobile categories. The company's mission is to ensure that young people enjoy a happy life brought by the beauty of technology. The company also produces smartphone accessories. 

Apple's AirPods became the runaway hit being the wireless headphone with a complete wireless charging case. Many companies now have rolled out their Bluetooth earbuds and earphones. Realme has recently launched its much-hyped first true wireless earbuds named as Realme Buds Air. Using TWS technology, you can pair two audio devices via Bluetooth. 

TWS technology is being applied to earphones. Users can transit left and right channels separately. This Bluetooth earphone revolution saves you from the tyranny of tangled chords. It means you are using headsets compatible with phones or PCs etc. without attaching cables. You can enjoy your morning run or your gym session listening to your favorite songs without getting annoyed by the wires of an earphone.

Realme Buds Air vs AirPods: Specs

Realme Buds Air



R1 headphone Chip

W1 Apple chip


Super low latency

No so good

Smart in-ear detection



Touch control



Wireless charging



Sound quality

Dynamics bass  Boost

no artificial boosting of bass or enhancement of treble

Battery life on one charge

Battery life with charging case


§ AirPods (single charge): Up to 5 hours listening time,up to 2 hours talk time5

§ AirPods with Charging Case: 24 hours+ listening time,

§ up to 11 hours talk time

§ 15 minutes in the case equals 3 hours listening time or over an hour of talk time



Audio Sharing



Dual Microphone



Voice Assistance

Google Assistance



optical sensor

§ Dual optical sensors

§ Motion-detecting accelerometer

§ Speech-detecting accelerometer


Charging Case


Type C

§ Lightning connector


Bluetooth 5.0

GFP (Google Fast Pair Technology)

10 meters Effective Range


§ AirPods: Bluetooth 5

Enviornment Noise Cancelleation




Lightweigt of 4.2g

Comfortable full arc design


Light weight 4g

one-size-fits-all approach

Swaet and water resistance




Android/ Apple

Apple Products/Android




 Realme Buds Air vs AirPods: Comparison


AirPods use W1 chip, which allows easy pairing between headphones and Apple devices. They also manage a smooth connection between the two earphones and process the signal. AirPods work efficiently with built-in sensors such as optical sensors and accelerometers. It pauses the song when you take out the Airpod from the ear. 

Whereas Realme Buds Air uses a new generation R1 chip, which Bluetooth version 5.0. It manages to create a quick and stable connection between earbuds and the drive ensuring improved battery performance and smart controls. They are also equipped with an optical sensor automatically turns off or on the music when taking out the earbud or put them back.

Sound Quality:

Apple AirPods have neutral sonic balance and low-level dynamic shifts. There is no bass boosting or treble enhancement. Also, the AirPods don't have noise cancellation features, although AirPods Pro earbuds have. Whereas Realme Buds Air earbuds are equipped with an environmental noise cancellation feature to identify word and filter background noise. 

This device is equipped with a big bass 12mm s driver featuring dynamic bass boost without compromising on the original richness and fidelity of the sound. Dynamism and dimension have been added to bass for an immersive experience while listening to music or watching movies.


Realme Buds Air Bluetooth Earbuds are equipped with a real-time dual-channel transmitter. You can operate each earbud separately. The Realme Buds Air Bluetooth earbuds have a Gaming mode that reduces latency by 51% to ensure sync between visuals and sounds.

The latency in AirPods is highly appreciable, and it's almost none when playing a game, and the user might experience lags. There are sight delays as well. However, the next Apple AirPods have further decreased latency.

Battery & Charging:

The single music playback time on Realme Buds Air is 3 hours and 17 hours battery life. The Apple AirPods, however, beat Realme when it comes to the battery as AirPods single charge is Up to 5 hours listening time and up to 2 hours talk time

The battery life of AirPods with Charging Case is 24 hours+ listening time and up to 11 hours of talk time. Fifteen minutes in the case equals 3 hours listening time, or over an hour of talk time, The case of Realme Buds Air can be charged using USB Type-C and Qi wireless charging. Apple AirPods' case comes with a built-in battery and needs to be connected to lightning cable to get charged.


Apple AirPods weigh 4g, and Realme Buds Air earbuds weigh 4.2g. They both are light in weight hence feel nothing on the ear. Apple follows a one-size-fits-all approach

Realme Buds Air earbuds have also been tested on people's ears and come with adjusted radian of the earbud, and the angle between the stem and bud design compatible with auditory canal making extremely comfortable for ears.

Both types of earphones have no buttons and operate on touch functions. They are equipped with wear detection, which works well on both AirPods and Realme Buds Air. However, users cannot adjust the volume wearing Realme earphones.


The official Airpods cost you $159, whereas Realme Buds Air much cheaper and affordable at below$60, i.e., INR 3,999.
Other Considerations
AirPods are not sweat-resistant and water-resistant. However, the next-gen and air prods are sweat resistance at even higher prices. In comparison, Realme Buds Air earbuds are sweat-resistant and water-resistant. Both of the devices are enabled with voice assistance features. The switching and pairing connection in both AirPods and Realme Buds Air is effortless.

 Are Realme Buds Air TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Worth Buying?

From the above review, we conclude that Realme Buds Air Bluetooth earbuds resemble Apple AirPods and are available in three attractive colors. It is hard to distinguish between apple AirPods and Realme Buds Air. Although the price is a huge factor as Realme Buds Air earbuds are way cheaper, with many similar features like AirPods, including excellent connectivity, stability, and touch control.

 The battery and sound quality may not be as impressive as AirPods, but then it's not too bad, either. So are you ready to invest over two times more on AirPods? We leave this decision on you.

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